Ever run into someone who is always saying 'No one knows...'

     Or 'No one has ever demonstrated...'

     They have no clue whether someone somewhere knows or has known, now
do they?  Truth is no one knows whether no one knows, so why are they
spouting lies?

     The no one knows case is suffering from a simple dianetic engram
that contains 'NO ONE KNOWS' in it, probably mama or papa hoping that no
one knows.

     The problem is, that with this phrase in full restimulation, the
preclear finds it impossible to attain a certainty on anything, they
have what Hubbard and Electra both called an open mind, not a mind free
to think what it wants, but a mind that is utterly incapable of making a
decision whether something is true or not, because then someone would

     Worse it is almost impossible to run the engram, because the engram
says no one knows.  So when the preclear, in session, gets somewhere
near the engram on the time track, he will say something like "I can't
find it, you know I don't know, no one really knows what an engram is,
or what is in them, and no one knows what to do about them, maybe they
are best forgotten, no one really knows, just as well, no one knows, you

     Well a good auditor will just throw them back into session by
running the phrases the preclear is giving you, but if you are in a bad
mood that day or they are not paying you to audit them, and you wish to
cause them more pain, you might try the following.

     A certainty is defined as a perfect certainty, one that can not be

     You might want to try to get a preclear to give an example of a
perfect certainty and if he gives you one, you can check it out by
asking him if he would be willing to bet his eternity in hell on it.

     If he says yes, ask him if he would be willing to bet everyone
else's eternity in hell on it.  If again he says yes, he is probably
worthy of your time with the following process.

     You gotta be careful with the above, and use your own good sense.
Some pc is bound to answer 'Why yes, I am perfectly certain Goober is
Lord, and yes I would bet my eternity in hell on it!'


      Spot NO   perfect certainty     (NO means pretended no.)
      Spot SOME perfect certainty

      Spot NO   perfect uncertainty
      Spot SOME perfect uncertainty

     A perfect uncertainty is an uncertainty the preclear is perfectly
certain he is uncertain of!  Can't be wrong.

     And remember when spotting a NO ITEM you do NOT spot the *ITEM*,
you spot the *NO* on top of the item, even if you think there is no ITEM
there and no NO either!

     If there is NO on top of an ITEM, how would you know anyhow, eh?

     So just pretend there is both NO and ITEM under it, and run the NO,
not the ITEM!

     For a lighter approach but not as complete you could run simply,

     Spot a perfect certainty.

     Spot a perfect uncertainty.

     With a 'no one knows case' this will go something like this.

     Auditor: Spot a perfect certainty.

     PC: There ARE no perfect certainties!

     Auditor: Thank you, spot a perfect certainty.

     PC: Uh, well, oh ok, yeah, I AM PERFECTLY CERTAIN OF THAT!

     At this time, the Auditor might want to Q&A to:

     Auditor: Thank you, spot a broken mind.

     PC: Huh?

     You know you can spot someone on the tone scale lightning quick
simply by asking them for some perfect certainties and see what happens.

     If you can't spot a perfect certainty yourself, then run spot a
broken mind instead until you can spot that you are certain you are
uncertain.  :)

     E/P is aware of self and consciousness with perfect certainty and
no longer hiding behind a broken mind.


Sat Nov 29 01:31:22 EST 2014