>What are the "homer" or "adore" types called?

      Homer and Adore are fundamentalist orthodox dreamball.

      The view:

      Matter, Energy, Space and Time, (MEST) is a hallucination in the 
mind of God which is zero dimensional.  We, the High US, ARE God 
incarnation, God being a multi I-am being and the AllThatIs.

      Hubbard said 'Space is a viewPOINT of dimension', by which he meant
the viewpoint takes up no space, but is a viewpoint that can see
illusions of space and time.

      The joke is that if space and time did exist, the proof says that a
machine made of space and time and parts could never see or know that
space or time existed for sure as a machine can't be certain of anything

      "A machine that learns only by being an effect of things, can never
prove there is cause."

      Thus only a spaceless timeless thing could see illusions of space
and time with certainty and could see itself seeing with certainty.

      Awareness of personal agency is certainty of cause which the proof
says couldn't happen if we were space time gizmos (brains).

      The proof, like special relativity, is kind of counter intuitive.

      Basically the only way to see something separate from you is to see 
a representation of it that is not separate from you.  You never see the 
star, only your conscious rendition of the star.  Since you CAN see your 
conscious rendition, colors etc, you and that rendition must be one and 
same object, for any twoness between observer and observed forces the 
observer to look at a secondary representation of the observed, namely the 
rendition, which doesn't give certainty of the rendered.

      If one is limited to looking at rendereds via renditions, and
looking at B never gives certainty of A, one can never directly see or be
certain of rendereds.  That we can be certain of conscious renditions
however, indicates that they are self rendering,  other wise called,
self luminous, a phenomenon that can not exist in a multidimensional
universe of space, time and parts interacting via cause and effect
across a space time distance.

      The proof says, if it is out there you couldn't see it, thus if you
can see it, it isn't out there.

      Thus 'out thereness' is an illusion.

      He also said '(While standing around an object), everyone thinks
they are seeing the same object from different points (in space), when
in fact they are seeing different objects (their own renditions) from
the same point (the 0D static, where we all are).

      The mechanism that allows us to co share dreams, like the physical
universe, happens between us directly, and not through the dream, as no
cause at all travels through the dream.

      There are two causes that travel TO the dream and back to us, the 
cause that travels from self to the dream image which allows us to make 
it, and the cause that travels from the dream image to ourselves which 
allows us to see it and verify that it was made.

      Creation and verification, outflow and inflow.

      There is no CROSS cause between dream images, nor between dreams
among different people.  The static controls the kinetic directly, and
all channels of communication between beings are channels in the static

      The purpose of true cause is to create illusions of other cause in 
the dream, but such 'casted cause' remains an illusion only.

      The dreamer likes to believe that the ball bounces off the wall
because of actual cause between the ball and wall, when in fact the
static is acting as a third party causing both to move as if they caused
each other to move.

      Electrons repel each other for the same reason.

      The quantum guys are just catching up to this with vague notions of 
a non local universe, meaning it has no space and time, where in cause 
actually works, and the physical universe is a rendition of the outcome.

      Most of them however still think that consciousness is a process in
the brain, meatball, rather than that consciousness is all that exists
and brains are dreams, dreamball.

      The non local universe is the static, and the 'kinetic' universe
is a graphics display rendition of the static.


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