As I commented, that posting is way steep, not for human

Thaddeus Slamp  wrote:
>> If we say birth is near the 1st hello and death the last goodbye, then here
>> again, you contradict Hubbard who states in 1 of the 2d lectures that he
>> concluded that death is much more abberative than birth.  

     Aberration to a body is not aberration to a thetan getting involved
in a body.

     And it isn't BIRTH, it is CONCEPTION.

     Conception and death balance.  Birth is irrelevant.

     These are body things, but you will find much more body charge on
conception than birth.  There is also thetan charge, but prenatal
body/thetan charge is far worse, including conception if the thetan was
around for it.  Often the thetan is blanketing the parents making them
screw, and so there is a continuous story there to be told.

     The important item to run however is the ASSUMPTION and the CONTROL
TRANSFER which is a complex multi event, finally resulting in permanent
sleep in the body.

     When a being exteriorizes, one has to run INTERIORIZATION, which is
the earlier charge to exteriorizing.

     "Whoa what was I doing in THAT?!"
     The earlier charge to a last goodbye is the first hello, as it
violates his personal sovereignty.

     "Whoa, where did YOU come from?!  Wanna go to dinner, gorgeous?"

     You can't run out the charge on death without running out the
charge on conception, you can't run out the charge on losing a body
without running out the charge on assuming a body, and you can't run out
goodbyes without running out the charge on hellos.

     One way or another, running out all last goodbyes and first hellos
will exteriorize a being from space and time, if he can stand the crying
and laughing.

     Most can't, they are afraid of deep water.

Wed Jan 20 14:10:12 EST 2010