>Homer Wilson Smith
>>      Where ever you find drama you will find aberration, and where ever
>> you find aberration you will find drama.
>>      Dramatization, as in dramatizing out of valence, only happens
>> once the being has LOST FOR GOOD as himself, and is taking on the
>> winning valence out of a need to WIN FOR GOOD.

>I sort of suspect that what you are really talking here is the DANGEROUS
>ENVIRONMENT, that this is what you essentially mean by drama.  And truly,
>the thetan is already screwed when he feels the environment is dangerous.

     Yes, but danger has to be defined as threat of PERMANENT LOSS,
other wise it is just more "Yawn, this too shall pass."

>And a nice winning valence can be a good "solution" (hah!) to a dangerous
>environment, that's for sure.

     "There is nothing more dangerous than a safe solution." - Adore

>>      They were trying to win for good, and you lost for good, so you
>> stick yourself with that winning valence FOR GOOD, you see?

>The key phrase here is "you stick yourself...."   And, how?  By a

     Yes, but more specifically by DONNING it with justification, the
justification makes is right and NECESSARY to don the valence, the
action of donning is a separate action.

     The justification is the Service Fac computation.

>Personally, I'm not that sure this issue is THAT serious.  I sort of feel
>much of it would resolve on a simple therapy of helping the thetan feel
>(again) dangerous to the environment - more cause.  Even just something
>simple like "What could you do...?" might crack it.

    Again, one has to ask how you define dangerous.

     Every thetan wants to be *DANGEROUS* to his enemies and
opponents, he wants to destroy them FOREVER, send them to hell
FOREVER, teach them a lesson they will NEVER forget etc.

     Then he regrets this stuff FOREVER and becomes undangerous

     Thus auditing the forevers in all this is very lucrative because
it leads right into his basic motivator/overt/regret chain which he
has been stick with 'forever' and would continue to be stuck with
forever, except the while is running out of time, and so he's going
clear whether he wants to or not!  :)

     Eventually people who are in hell forever begin to realize that
the only way to remain in hell forever is to be wishing someone or
something else in hell forever, and once they give that up, they pop

     The day you can let anyone and anything else be saved, you are


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