You have to ask if anyone could ever possibly have a vested
interest in clearing not working.

      What is clearing?

      It is a body of technology (presumably with some workability) that
removes from the mind the pain and the postulates a being made during
times of heavy failure.

      This includes his goals, the things he has done which he regreted
and refused to regret, and things that were done to him, and things
others have done to others.

      More important are the things he has done to himself.

      The being blocks pain by blocking memory USING other memories of
being unconscious to do so.  Take time A when a being was out cold, even
if only for a microsecond, and overlay it on time B which the being
wishes didn't happen.  Thus B becomes unavailable, and pretty soon the
being has a clouded track, and a body full of pain and symptoms and
diseases he can't account for, some of which he doesn't want to get rid

      The being has become vested in remaining sick, unable, limited, or
accident prone.

      Now there are lots of things we wish hadn't happened, that we wish
we hadn't caused, and we wish other's hadn't caused.

      Lots of shame, blame and regret to go around for everyone.

      The efforts to get and refuse to give apologies alone could pull
the Earth out of orbit.

      But why wouldn't someone ever want to 'get better'?

      Why wouldn't someone ever want forgiveness?

      If only from self?

      What is the danger to being new again with a clean slate, never
done wrong, never been wronged?

      Cocaine does that to a person for a short while, makes them feel

      If people seek that on drugs, why wouldn't they ever seek it for

      If someone has a vested interest against you or someone else
getting better, getting your memory back, recognizing who and what you
are and have been, then they will not present an accurate counter attack
when you try to to do dharma battle with them.

      An honest unbiased person will objectively look at all the facts
and claims, and proceed with the assumption that all this nonsense may
be true or may be false, and try to clean it up to a final conclusion.

      A vested person however has a conflict of interest with getting
better.  He is just sure that if he got better, he would get worse.

      A vested person will take ANYTHING and immediately try to find what
is wrong with it, without any effort to find what might be right about
it.  And the vested person will never make the effort to correct or dig
deeper in such a way that the item in query turns out true.

      Perhaps Ron said something wrong, is there a way we could
correct it so it passes rigorous muster?

      The vested person will shrink from such efforts.

      Arguing against vested people is a waste of time.

      You can't win, and you will only make yourself sick, because
PTSness results from trying to prove the SP wrong.

      PTS means Potential Trouble Source, and it means someone who is
under the influence of suppressive influences and thus roller coasters
in life from blame, anger, fear, regret, shame, sorrow and apathy.

      An SP is a suppressive person or parent who can not afford to admit
they are wrong when they are, and who can not afford to have other's get
better, be forgiven, become strong again insides themselves, and get on
with the life with no regrets.

      The SP KNOWS he may be wrong, but can't afford to find out if he
is, let alone admit it if he does.  So the SP lives in hidden wonder.

      The vested person pretends to be a honest inquirer, but his main
intent is to find out how many know he is vested.

      Every time you argue with a vested person, you miss their withhold
of vestment, and that just makes them more venomous and covert.

      And they don't get sick, YOU DO, because they always win no
matter what.


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