The meatball screams for proof that OT powers exist.

      "Prove you have OT powers, move the marble on the table!"

      OK, not unreasonable, just stupid if anyone does it, but it should
be doable by anyone who has such powers.

      But I wouldn't hold my breath, because I doubt few have those
powers in present time that are with us, and those that do aren't open
for a circus show or they would have demonstrated by now.

      Now what the meatball means by proof is actually evidence, he wants
to see some evidence that OT powers either exist or are possible.

      But OT powers do not fit within the causal construct of the
meatball world view.

     If what modern science says about the nature of matter, energy
space and time are true, then there is just no way that a little
process in your brain called consciousness is ever going to move
that marble or do anything else paranormal.

      It just isn't in the causal cards.

      The meatballs know this, and thus they wonder how anyone could
possibly doubt it.

      The meatballs however are stuck in a world view, that space and
time exist, that consciousness is a process in the brain etc.

      They don't understand there are TWO world views, always have been
and always will be.

     They haven't studied the OTHER world view, or they would know
that the other world view allows for OT powers.

      Hell even I as a 13 year old knew the world might be a dream and I
could never prove it one way or another.

      So let's stop being AssSouls and start looking at the GodSoul
side of things, maybe some things will become clear again.

      In the meatball world view the universe created beings with

      In the dreamball world view beings with consciousness created
virtual universes as a 3D hologram (dreams).

      Now some meatballs are not only honest but intelligent, they know
what 'virtual' means, they know what hologram means, and they understand
holodecks, so if you tell them 'Life is a holodeck', they will
understand what you are saying.

      They may think you wrong, and they thus may think you crazy for not
seeing that you are wrong, but it is in fact them that need to take a


      It is easy to be a meatball, any 3rd grader can do that, but to be
a dreamball takes a master mind, a GodSoul in fact, that can see through
all the crap to the possibilities of something else.

      The two theories wouldn't have existed side by side since the
beginning of time if they didn't both play a pivotal role in the outcome
of the universe.

      The dream ball theory is pretty weird, it might seem reasonable to
claim that the world is a dream, but its getting near the edge to say
that the dreamer must never know he is dreaming lest he wake up.

      Thus the meatball theory of existence is the WAY that the dreamer
makes sure he stays asleep.  The meatballs ignorance of his dreamer
is fair chosen, and so who is to argue with a God that wants to be

      Which is crazier, a human that thinks it is a God, or a God that
thinks it is human?

      It is the flip flop between the dreamer being the Orientation Point
and creating the Symbol (the universe), and the dreamer being the Symbol
and running away forever from the Orientation Point (creator).

      That is Scn technospeak, if you don't get it, let it go.

      The orientation point is the creator of the symbol.  The symbol is
any object you think exists in space and time.  Symbols have mass
meaning and mobility.

      The orientation point does not have mass, meaning or mobility,
because it operates from eternity outside of space and time, the static
source in other words.

      The static has no motion, but is none the less the source of
illusions of motion and kinetics in the mind of the being casting a new

      The being or a group of beings, start off as orientation point, and
create a universe of space and time and objects all of which are
symbols.  Then they all flip into being the symbols they made, and
consider that the universe is the orientation point.

      Thus makers become the made.

      And the made becomes the maker.

     In the dreamer's eyes.

     The dreamer knows that consciousness created the universe, but as
the dreamer he wants to pretend that the universe created him, so he can
go out into the great unknown and get shot up trying to figure out what
is going on, save the damsel in distress, etc.

     This world presently is so miserable just about everyone wants to
wake up, so it might seem odd that the dreamer set it up long ago to
make it so hard to wake up.

     Why?  Because he couldn't have gotten here without it, waking up
means end of universe, that's no game and no fun.

     It's not that being a God who can create and thus have in the mere
conception of things, isn't fun, its that chase is funner.

     Chase puts space and time between conception and having, and
introduces the idea of possibility of failure of getting, and thus
anger, fear, sorrow and apathy.  That's havingness to a GodSoul that has
infinite unimpingable peace as snoozing static source.

     It can't get lost, it can't get damaged or hurt for real, so why
not enter the movie theater of life and see what it can offer from joy
to terror to illusions of death forever.

     Yum, fun, you see?

     We go to movies to terrorize the hell out of ourselves, this
universe is such a form of entertainment.  But for some it is getting
old, and its time for the movie to end, at least the terror of it.

     Just because one goes lucid in a dream, meaning he now knows he is
dreaming, doesn't mean he has to quite wake up yet.  He can still get
hurt, burnt, nailed to a cross, but nothing is FOREVER any more, because
he knows the dream will end, that eternity is pure unformed beauty and
laughter, and it will all be worthwhile again.

     The dreamer CHOSE to come into the dream, the place he chose to
come in from is simply out of sight!

     That is why he was willing to leave it behind for a while.

     So when we come to problems of evidence, the dreamer understands
full well that if the meatballs are right (which they aren't), he will
never move the marble.

     The only one who can move the marble is the guy who can put it
there in the first place.  The guy who can MAKE a dream that anyone can
see, can move it around.

     So OT powers become kind of boring at that point, a let down,
because if you are going to invest your entire existence in NOT being
able to move the marble so you could have fun kicking it around with
your thumbs, why would you go and undo all that unless you wanted to
create a new kind of universe with new kinds of marbles.


     The primary ability of an OT VIII is the ability to become a worm
on a stump.

     Every universe is an OT designer job.

     It takes OT power to not have OT power, and that is one of the
great secrets of this universe.  If you want OT powers, you probably
won't get them because your motivation is backwards, human like rather
than God like.

     A God wants to not have OT powers so he can design and play a game,
the AssSoul wants OT powers so he can win the game.

     Do you see how stupid and wrong headed that is?

     If the game is too tough, you end the game, you don't cheat.

     Ending the game, calling "Yo Portal!", is fair, you get back your
Godhood and the game ends.  You are then free to design a better game or
a tougher game, or a more interesting game or an easier game.  But then
you aren't OT any more once you are back in the new game, EVEN IF, IN

     So if OT power is what you seek, seek it with God motivation to
improve the game, not human motivation to win.


     Be the author not the character.  If you give control over the
story to the character, he will ruin it every time.

     Now demonstrating OT powers to a meatball is not very good for
them, because they see you have them, but they KNOW they can't have

     What is that going to get you and your loved ones?

     The meatball might expect that if you can move the marble, you
could also transfer to him that power or the knowledge of how to do it

     BUT THAT IS UP TO THE MEATBALL, and he can promise you until
kingdom comes how cooperative and attentive he will be to learn these
powers, but you know if he needed proof to start the ball rolling, there
is just no way he is going to be a good student, and your relationship
with him will come a cropper.

     Now actually there are only two things a meatball has to do to
start on the path.

     1.) He has to WANT to wake up.  He has to WANT to have been fully
responsible for his condition, he has to admit that he WANTED to come
into dream time and USED meatballism to stay here.  He doesn't even have
to admit that all that actually happened, only that it is an appealing
idea and he wishes that it happened that way.

     And he has to admit that being a God become Soul for a while is
better than being an incipient carrion dweller for real, only to die
forever down the road.

     Nightmare actualities are desirable only if they are virtual
realities, dreams, that last only for a while.


     2.) He has to study what he considers evidence for the meatball
theory.  They all give you the same bullshit, they pound a fist on a
table showing how real it is, they tweak your nose to prove to you they
exist, etc, apparently these guys never dream.

     Nor can they think a straight line on the matter.

     Once he sees all his evidence for duality between spirit and MEST
is bogus, he can start to look at the world through the possiblity that
everything he sees is a hologram, on the holodeck of the cosmic all.

     He can practice 'space walking', which means walking down the
street and considering that he is still, but he is rerendering the
universe around him to make it look like he is moving.

     When he gets good at mocking up the orientation point, and symbol
again, he can flip back into orientation point, and find out what power
he has over the symbol.  He is making the symbol, even while being the

     When the static as orientation point incarnates into a symbol, it
or someone has created, the static takes some of itself with it, so even
for a meatball, at the core of his consciousness is a spaceless timeless
place that he can look for and find.

      When the being touches that static, either while incarnated or
exterior to creation, he has the power again to put things there and
thus to change them.

      Then he has all the evidence he will ever need.


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