For Urq, who asked...

     This is ADORE's view, adore.com, not necessarily mine although it
gave me a viewpoint of comparable magnitude from which to dig myself out
of my hatred for women in 1985 when Adore was first born from that
seething cauldron.

     As in all things that Adore says, you must remember that Adore is a
baby (child) phase religion, a baby who had mother as most of its
problems to solve in life, who was a psychotic nut case of magnitude.

     Please remember in ALL of this, that GMWC has very little to do
with human bodies, except to the degree that female phase beings are
usually better off in and will chose if possible female bodies, and male
phase beings are better off in and will chose if possible male bodies.
     Phase and body sex can and does get out of sync with each other.

     Thus female bodies can have serious male phase beings in them, and
male bodies can have female phase beings in them.

     Also each being will have many phases in many different arenas, but
they will have one or a few major phases for their major life goals that
they consider take precedent over all other of their goals.

     They will do better if their major life phase matches the sex of
the body, and will do worse if the two are badly mismatched.

     Also remember that PHASES are grouped into different GRADES.  
     Thus you can have a man in the 4th grade and a woman in the 10th.

     It is also to be noted that just because a being is born into a
family, the being's GRADE may not be the same grade as the rest of the
family, a very bright and advanced daughter may be born to a God
forsakenly stupid and low grade mother and father.

     Thus in auditing a preclear, you have them spot what phase they are
in for which goal, and which grade they are in relative to others, and
then do it for all significant people in their lives.

     Normally when more advanced beings help less advanced beings the
lower being moves up a rung, and the higher being moves up a rung too
and so everyone advances along and maintains their position relative to
each other.  
     Third graders are tutored by and eventually become fourth graders,
and fourth graders become fifth graders etc.

     Co-pilots are tutored by Pilots and eventually become pilots

     In the case of the human condition, there are a number of
arbitraries that must be dealt with.

     The woman is being asked to do something extraordinary.  
     In the case of a son, she is required to raise and train a child
phase being that will one day surpass her and become a male phase being.

     Thus the woman is being asked to not only accept and tolerate
possibly more advanced beings than her, but to CREATE, train, usher in,
and make sure they become more advanced than her.

     When the woman is able to do this without jealousy or resentment,
and is able to fully operate in the male all of it's male phase
abilities, then she is ready to become a male phase being herself in
that same grade.

     Being the mother of a male is part of passing the test of being a
     Being the mother of a female is also important, but doesn't by
itself pass the test.

     It can be galling when a male or god phase being is stuck in a
female body, others around them will tend to treat them as a woman phase
being which will act as a wrong indication.

     Thus body sex can be damning and counter productive to the phase of
the being.

     One has to ask what they are doing in that gallery, i.e.  being in
a body that is physically out of sync with their spirit, and get it

     During times of war, when millions of male bodies are killed,
spirits come back to find to their horror that only female bodies are
     The contention for bodies is very great.

     Just as it is generally inappropriate for men to wear women's
clothing and women to wear children's clothing, just so is it
inappropriate for male phase beings to take on female bodies.

     Such mismatches are bad for the body and its goals, and the
male phase being who is squashed by the female bodies spiritual,
mental, emotional and physical limitations or tendencies.

     That said a very advanced female body can often handled the duties
and rights of a male or higher phased being.

     Because there are no god bodies, the male thinks it is a god, and
thus never matures out of the arrogance and conceit that is cured by
raising a god phase being more advanced than oneself.

     Children grow up to be women, but women never grow up to be men,
and men never grow up to be gods, and gods do not grow up to be children
at the next grade up, so the cycle of evolution up through the grades is
not accomplished smoothly when stuck in a human body.

     Particularly when one thinks one is *MORTAL* and has only one body
and that's it bud.

     Once one sees that we are eternal beings, that we have had many
bodies and will have many more, we can start to choose bodies that fit
our phase in life more appropriately.  
     The child and female phase beings will probably be happiest in
female bodies, and the male phase being will be happiest in male bodies.
God phase beings can probably be happy in anything.

     In truth doing away with human bodies completely will really free
up the being to engage in all 4 phases properly.


     Someone asked me "What's it with Adore and women Homer?"

     Adore is based on a few simple catechisms that go as follows.

     There is Child, Woman, Man and God, they represent the 4 phases of
development in any one grade, of any being trying to gain mastery over
any area or endeavor in that grade or sphere of control (game playing).

     Adore makes a big deal out of the Master, Peer and Apprehentice
relationship.  Notice this is not the Master and Slave relationship,
same word, different universe.

     Each phase is an Apprehentice to the next phase up which is the
Master to the next phase earlier.  It is very much a teaching learning

     CHILD PHASE - Mastery of Total Irresponsibility.

     When one first enters a grade, a sphere of action and control, one is 
in the child phase which operates and learns through mimicry of those more 

     It takes a lot of skill to be a newbie in an area, one has to know
that there is something to learn, that one does not know, and that
others do know.


     People who walk into a bigger sphere of control and think there is
nothing there to learn, or that they already know it all, or that no one
else knows anything either, are usually a very big problem to
     They are irresponsible but don't know it.

     They may have 'mastered' irresponsibility after a sense, but they
have not mastered RESPONSIBILITY for irresponsibility.

     Responsibility here is defined as being able to take responsibility
OVER an existing scene and skillfully add your cause into it.  
     It is not being defined as being responsible FOR the scene which of
course at a top level everyone is responsible for everything, but at a
bottom level, the child is responsible for nothing.

     The child's job is to TAKE responsibility over things already going
on, and add his cause into the scene in order to better it.

     Thus it takes work to become a master at being a child phase being
in a new area of control.  
     If one can not seat oneself expertly in the seat of being a newbie,
then one will make more of a mess than they are worth, and will probably
be kicked out of that sphere of control by the others who have matured
enough to actually be able to study, learn and teach and thus do
something there.

     Thus the child phase being is seeking mastery of total
irresponsibility, knowing one does not know, that others know, that
there is something to learn, and how to start gaining ability to take
and operate successfully personal responsibility, skill and mastery on a
gradient scale.

     Being able to be an expert child in a new area is a mandatory
ability to gain if one is to succeed in life.

     Their primary job is learning how to master their BODIES, or the
physical plane of existence, and develop a good sense of fair trade.

     Adore makes a big deal about duties and rights, which are the basic
give and take of fair exchange.  The basic catechism goes

     "For every right there is a duty.  
      For every duty there is a right.

     Rights are fair chosen exchange for fair chosen duties.

     You CHOOSE and are responsible for both.

     You have a right to have duties, and
     You have a duty to have rights.

     No one ever told it to you that way before.

     Justice is a fair chosen operating balance of duties and rights."

     If you want rights, insist upon duties.
     If you have duties, insist upon rights.
     The wise person can find the proper operating balance of duties and
rights for themselves and for others.

     The Fundamental Duty is Honor.
     The Fundamental Right is Dignity.

     Honor is the ability to make, keep and trade fair chosen promises.
     Basic promise is to Adore Operation.
     Promise is always to Adore Operation.

     Dignity is being the Sole Operator of yourself.

     Reputation is for those who Excel in this field.

     In Excelsis Deo."

     When child phase beings master this, it is time for them to move on
to being woman phase beings.

     Because child phase beings are also trying to attain mastery of
total irresponsibility, when they fail in this endeavor, they tend to be


     After a being has attained mastery of the child phase, they move
onto the woman phase which operates and learns by harmonizing with those
more advanced than her, and helping those less advanced master the child
phase and become woman phase beings themselves.

     The primary ability of the woman phase being is defense of the
child phase beings under her care and support of the higher phase beings
that care for her.

     "The purpose of the mother is to invent dangerous games for the
child".  - Adore

     It is her job to prepare the child for its own woman phase and to
pass on the male phase child at the right time to accomplished male
phase beings for real world trials of their abilities.

     The primary job of the woman phase being is learning how to master
their HEARTS, or the emotional plane of existence and develop a good
sense of ART.  When they master this, it is time for them to move onto
being male phase beings.
     Part of their trial by fire however is raising a male phase being
through childhood into manhood without deprecating his male phase
abilities through jealousy or resentment.  
     A female is not a better or more improved male.

     The ability to create something bigger, better and greater than
oneself indicates a mastery of granting of beingness which solves all
     How can one be jealous of one's own creation?

     Because woman phase beings are also trying to master defense, when
they fail in this endeavor, they become defensive!


     After a being has attained mastery of the woman phase, they move
onto the man phase which operates and learns by counterpoint with others
of his own kind, and helping those less advanced master the child and
woman phases and become man phase beings themselves.  
     He also supports and learns from the god phase beings above him.

     The woman phase being learns and operates through harmonizing, that
means picking a melody line already going on, and adding to it in a way
that enhances it.  A harmony line can not stand alone, it needs and gets
its worth from a melody line that it enhances.

     Co-Pilots don't generally fly alone except in emergencies.

     The man phase being learns and operates through counterpoint, that
means composing a new melody line of his own which can stand on its own,
which nonetheless inter weaves properly with all the other melody lines
going on at the same time created by other male phase beings.

     The child phase being is dependent for survival on the woman phase
being, more than the woman phase being is dependent on the child phase

     Just so the child phase + woman phase GROUP is more dependent on
the male phase being, than the male phase being is dependent on them.

     Provision is a harsh task master.

     One of the major differences between a woman and male phase beings
is how they handle danger.
     The woman phase being with child, will protect against danger by
shoring up the defenses and trying to avoid the danger, to put herself
and her children out of reach of the danger.

     The male phase being will GO OUT and seek danger to find it before
it finds him, and risk himself destroying the danger before it has a
chance to come and test the defenses of the woman with child.

     The male phase being works on offense, the woman phase being works
on defense.

     Since the best defense is community, the woman with child tends to
operate best with close in groups.  
     The male phase being on the other hand, needs to be able to work
alone, be very fast on his feet, and be able to think clearly when on
the verge of death.

     The ability to invent and design solutions to danger in times of
great threat, stress or pressure is the hall mark of the male phase
     He works from his mind, not from his heart, or body.

     The ability to endure the failure of men to provide is the hallmark
of the woman phase being.

     Thus woman can endure hard times better than the man, and the man
can think more clearly in times of immediate danger than the woman can.

     It should also be noted that because the number of men and women in
a community is normally the same, as the women gather together to form a
defense, their concentration goes up relative to the men who have to go
out and spread themselves thin across a widening sphere of control.

     Thus men need to be able to act alone, and women need to be able to
act and get along together no matter their differences.

     One presumes that a true male phase being has passed his woman
phase trials and thus is already able to act well as a team.  
     The woman phase being is still trying to master team work.

     Adore uses the example of a community of beings being threatened by
a man eating lion that lives in a near by cave.

     The women operating on defense, will build walls, put up guards,
and surround themselves at the frontier with male phase beings.

     She WON'T go to the cave with her child in a papoose and try to
kill or remove the lion to a safer place.

     The male phase beings will, and will do so PREEMPTIVELY even if the
lion is not yet a threat.

     The woman phase being can tell their children not to go bother the
lions, and the male phase being can tell the same to the woman with
child, but no one can tell the male to hide and leave the lions alone.

     The dependency between child and woman is more immediate than the
dependency between the woman with child and man.  The woman will not let
the child out of her sight, the male will and must leave the child+woman
and the whole community at times.  
     But they are left in a compound of protection and defense.

     In some animals such as the cheetah, this is completely reversed,
the male body has little to do with the protection of the child, and the
female body hides the child away while she goes out and hunts.

     Bodies and phase in this case are full time out of sync naturally.

     In other animals, such as the penguin, the failure of the male to
bring back food is a life and death matter for the female, who can not
leave the child, and must find another male forth with or both die.

     The primary job of a male phase being is learning how to master
their MINDS, or the mental plane of existence and develop a good sense
     Notice in this society of 5 grade males, higher grade females
can easily compete in the fields of science and discovery.

     However her lower grade male compatriots will probably try to shut
her down and put her out.

     When the male phase being masters MIND, it is time for them to move
onto being god phase beings.

     Because it is the male phase being's job to master offense, when
they fail at this endeavor, they become offensive!

     GOD PHASE - Master of Total Responsibility

     After a being has attained mastery of the man phase, they move onto
the god phase which operates and learns by 'new beat', and helping those
less advanced master the child, woman and man phases and become god
phase beings themselves.

     The God phase being works on being able to master both sides of the
games he was just playing, and be able to design the game all over again
from the bottom to the top, and begin to design new games for himself
and others to play.

     This is the New Beat.  
     He is not mimicking others, he is not harmonizing with others, and
he is not writing melodies that counterpoint with others, he is learning
how to do something NEW, into which others may join including himself.

     It's lonely as hell being a God phase being.

     When he masters this ability, there is nothing left for him in the
game he is in, and it is time for him to move into the child phase of
the next level or grade up.  
     He has graduated from 4th grade to 5th grade.

     The primary job of a god phase being is learning how to master
their SOULS, or the causal plane of existence and develop a good sense
of CREATION.  When they master this, it is time for them to move onto
being child phase beings at the next level up.

     Because it is also the God phase being's job to master total
responsibility, when they fail at this endeavor, they become
'responsible' and try to control everything!

     Because Adore is a baby phase religion, it didn't have much problem
with children, men or gods, it was most aware of women, and that was
where most of its problem lay.  
     Thus the above was designed to handle the problem it had with
women, and is colored by it.


     Trying to apply the God, Man, Woman and Child principles to humans
on earth is complicated by the fact that they have bodies that mimic
imperfectly the first three phases.

     Just because someone is in a male body, doesn't mean they are a
male phase being in the primary games of their lives.

     A being may also be playing many different games in life, and be in
different phases in each one.

     Bodies are not necessarily handed out and chosen in a way that is
compatible with the true phase a being is in.

     They *SHOULD* be, but beings tend to decay down the tone scale,
sometimes wandering randomly from male to female across many lives.  
     One might call this spiritual tumbleweeding.

     Also spirits have so many overts as men on women and as women on
men, that for many the primary consideration on what kind of body to
take is where the spirit feels safest.

     If as a man he has harmed women he will find safety AS a woman.

     If as a woman he has harmed men, he will find safety as AS a man in
the next grade down.
     This is downward sledding into oblivion.

     Also male bodies don't get to grow up to be God bodies, and female
bodies don't get to grow up to be male bodies.

     This is an *ENORMOUS* ARC break to both women and men.  
     It is worse for women however because she has someone lording it
over her that DOES have the qualities she seeks, thus jealousy and
resentment play an important role in her life, even an over arching role.

     The male on the other hand wants to be a god, but doesn't believe
in gods, so he acts like a god anyhow with no one to keep him in line,
and no one to learn from.

     The arrogance of men is the hall mark of failed men.

     The vanity (in vain ness) of women is the hall mark of failed


     The God, Man, Woman and Child sequence is a circle, once one
graduates out the top at the God phase level, they then become the child
phase being at the next level of game up.  
     That corresponds with mastering a certain area of life, and then
moving into the next bigger sphere of control where one is a newbie

     At first you learn to fly paper airplanes, then you learn to fly
Cessnas, then you learn to fly 747's.

     A 'Grade' then consists of 4 sections of accomplishment, child,
woman, man and god.  
     In any one grade, one starts as child, and works up to god, and
then graduates up to the next grade.

     The child learns through mimickry, and seeks mastery of total

     The woman learns through harmonizing, and seeks mastery of defense.

     The man learns through counterpoint, and seeks mastery of offense.

     The god learns through new beat, and seeks mastery of total

     Thus two beings can be in the same grade, but one can be a woman
phase being and the other a male phase being.

     And they get married and together have a child.

     In this situation, Adore would suggest that the proper relationship
between the woman and the man is one of Apprehentice and Master.
     Or Co-Pilot and Pilot.

                      "So listen now closely Women,
                      your Family is a Star Ship.
          A Ship of Stars, Star Captains and Star Capability.
                           You are Co-pilot.
                    Choose your Pilots wisely then,
                   Your Children will be Pilots too.
                 Star Drive is Operating Deliveryhood."
                            From ADORE.com

     Same for child and woman and man and god within the same Grade.

     Each is apprehentice to master, co-pilot to pilot.

     Some times people marry across grades.
     A woman phase being will marry a male phase being in a lower grade,
this can lead to lots of trouble and heart ache.

     The man may not admit the woman is more advanced, he as a second
grader may not like being taught math by a female 3rd grader.

     The woman may NEED the man to be in a lower grade to prove that
'men and women are equal', or worse 'a woman can do anything a man can
do only better'.  
     With that man of course she is right.  
     A 2nd grade male can rarely best a 3rd grade female, except by
force alone, but he might pull off seeming equal, and will usually show
up being inferior, even if stronger.
     Such a woman, as a 3rd grade female, won't mind being taught math
by a 3rd grade male because males in the same grade as the woman are by
definition more advanced.

     All kinds of mis relationship can take place when grades are not

     In the above case the being needs a serious orientation to who and
what they are, and where they are and why.

     Normally sane individuals enjoy learning from those more advanced
than they are, and teaching those less advanced.  
     An ability to spot oneself accurately in the ladder of advancement
is critical to this process and enjoyment.

     If you are having marital troubles, try to determine which goal and
phase each partner is in, regardless of their physical body, and then
determine which grade they are in relative to each other, and you will
see the source of many of the problems.

     One way to do this is to hash out the Pilot / Co-Pilot problem, for
times of emergency when agreement can not be reached.  
     Whose orders are obeyed?

     You can't have two pilots.  
     Low grade women phase beings hate this, men generally understand

     Once people see and admit to where they are at, they can begin to
relate to each other properly, even if a 5th grade woman is married to a
2nd grade male.  
     The male would be honored, as long as the woman doesn't use her
higher grade to avoid relating to her own grade properly, and the male
isn't jealous of those higher grade relationships.

     However more often the 5th grade female seeks a 2nd grade male as a
surrogate son, and the male allows it to happen as a surrogate mother.

     Likewise a 2nd grade female will seek a 5th grade male as a
surrogate father, and the male allows it to happen as a surrogate
     Adore says that for two beings to have an optimal marriage, one
should be a woman phase being and the other a male phase being, and both
should be in the same grade.


     Thus even in gay relationships, one being will be femmeish, and one
will be maleish, and the relationship can be very happy, as long as
their grades are the same and they agree with each other.

     In this optimum arrangement, the child is the passenger, the mother
is the co pilot, the father is the pilot, and god is Mission Control.


     The overts of a woman phase being can result from two sources.

     First is a failure to learn the lessons of the child phase being.
They get kicked upstairs into first grade so to speak when they haven't
mastered kindergarten.

     Second is a failure to recognize their proper relationship to the
higher phase beings IN THE SAME GRADE, men in particular.

     The first overt of the woman phase being is a failure to properly
master fair chosen duties and rights as a child phase being.

     They want to have rights, but don't want to have duties.

     For example, they want the right to vote, but don't want the duty
of being drafted.  So they vote into power people who continue to draft
only men.

     As an aside, the only way to get equal rights in this world, is in
fact to demand equal duties.

     You will find that those who are trying to deny the woman equal
rights are also adamant about denying them equal duties, so women CAN'T be
in the army even if they wanted to etc.

     Anyone trying to deny you duties, is actually trying to deny you

     That is slowly beginning to change for women and gays, but until
any group demands and gets equal duties, they will never get equal

     Sometimes, as in the case of the blacks, they get equal duties, and
STILL don't get equal rights.  
     But at least they have a case to stand on.

     The second overt of a woman phase being is a failure to operate the
abilities in male phase beings that woman phase beings don't yet have or
are not skilled at but which they need to have the male operate for the
woman+child to survive.

     The same overts apply for children and men.

     The child refuses to operate in the mother the abilities the mother
has that the child needs and is dependent upon.

     The woman refuses to operate in the man the abilities the man has
that the woman needs and is dependent upon.

     The man refuses to operate in the god the abilities the god has
that the man needs and is dependent upon.

     The god refuses to operate in the child at the next level up, the
abilities the child has that the god needs and is dependent upon.

     A 4th grade child can kick a 3rd grade god's butt, the god needs to
pay attention to his and other's dependencies and abilities just like
anyone else.

     Failures to correct these basic overt acts lead to falling back
down into lower grades, usually thinking one has gone up.

     Adore was mostly designed around the problem of MORTAL WOMEN, women
who think they live but once and that's it.  
     Adore considers that most mortal women, if given the choice for
only one lifetime, would have chosen to be men, and in fact are very
jealous of men for their freedoms and abilities, and having no one
lording it over them the way women do.

     The mortal woman detests her breasts, and detests that what will
come out of her body is a male son who will one day become and have what
the mother could never be or have.

     She thinks "the closest I will ever get to being a male,
is to have a male son."

     Boy does she hate that.

     And anyone who points it out to her.

     Put any female into session and ask them "OK what did you feel
about getting your tits when you were 12?"

     You will find a horror bordering on eternal damnation and also
underlying cause of much breast cancer.

     "Spot some no sympathy for your breasts."
     "Spot some    sympathy for your breasts."

     The result of this mortal jealousy is a violent make wrong and put
down of the male and its abilities.

     "Woman can do anything a man can do only better."

     Such a woman wants to believe that men are equal to women in all
respects, that men don't have A WHOLE WARDROBE of abilities that women
do not, or they want to believe that men are actually inferior to women
and that women are better than men.

     "The idea that men have something wrong with them that women don't
is something women have wrong with them that men don't." - Adore

     Thus women criticize what they are jealous of, and make sure their
male sons never develop those abilities that the woman does not have,
and does not want to admit exists, or admit that she needs to have the
male operate them for her own survival.

     While the low grade woman is thinking

     "The only thing men got that I don't is physical strength."

     the truth is everyone has 4 planes of existence.

     they are Body, Heart, Mind and Soul

     The man with more strength has higher amounts of ability in the
heart, mind and soul departments to help manage the physical power,
although if brought up by a low grade mother, probably won't be using
them constructively.

     A male is like a motor, it can do work, and if you run the motor
without putting a load on it, it will burn out or break.
     Just so men, and their abilities, NEED to have a load put on their
abilities, or else they begin to die inside.

     The overt of the woman then is to deny the existence of these
abilities in men, and her need for them to be operated, and a refusal to
operate them in men.

     Most of the abilities that men have are designed to help the
survival of the woman+child and to counterpoint with other men.
     When women refuse to operate those abilities in their men, the men
go into atrophy and psychosis.

     Men take their marching orders FROM women, it is WOMAN who tells
men how to operate those abilities to provide what the woman and child
     Just as the passengers tell the pilot where to fly.  
     Without those operating orders, men start to march to the beat of a
different drum, war.

     Most mortal women will ask what abilities we are talking about, the
only thing they see men doing is making war and killing women!  
     They find this horrifying in the extreme.

     Adore says, men fight war with each other, because men hate their
mothers, they need to assert their superiority, because their ascendancy
out of the woman phase is being denied and anti operated by the woman.
They can't kill their mothers, so they kill each other instead.

     "Every monster is some mother's son.
      Any mother can turn her son into a monster.
      Men are monsters, how do women do it?
      I mean to have something come out of your cunt, and
      Not know whether it is going to rape, kill or suck blood,
      Must be really something else." - Adore

     Well the way they do it is by emasculating the man, making them
equal to or less than a woman, which results in a psychopathic man that
will dramatize on wrong targets for the rest of time.

     Adore holds woman accountable for the outcome of her men, because
these failures are created during the child phase of the man, when women
had control and authority over them.

     Failure grade women on the other hand feel they have nothing to do
with how men operate and can't for the life of them figure out how women
are clearly superior to men, but men nonetheless dominate through brute
force of will.

     And intelligence :)

     If all women went on strike tomorrow what would happen to the

     If all men went on strike tomorrow, what would happen to the world?

     You can spot the failure grade woman or man easily by their fast
and glib answers to the question.

     There is NOTHING more dangerous than a man raised by a jealous
mother to not out rank her when he grows up.

     A man without marching orders will formulate orders of his own.

     Mostly to exterminate women.

     A third failure of women comes from her failure to master total
irresponsibility as a child.  This results in real irresponsibility as a

     She cries 'but men keep us down'.  It is true, the issuance of
their wombs IS excreable, and it is the ultimate irony that women breed
their own slave masters.

     Ain't Justice Sweet?

     There is a benefit in it to women, an advantage to being kept down,
which is why women allow it to continue and in fact covertly inculcate
it into their sons, so it is sure to continue.

     Once women find what that benefit is, the irresponsibility for
condition will blow, and women will be come free to raise decent men
that they can count upon to be leaders of women and their children, to
provide the safe space they need to raise their children, rather than
fight intergalactic wars amongst themselves just to kill off their own

     A fourth overt of the woman is not to raise her son to out rank her
one day.  
     She tries to be boss until the grave.  
     It doesn't make sense for a male phase being to take orders from a
female phase being, its just nuts and is bound to crash the plane.

     We need to clarify this.  
     Men get their vision statement from the woman.

     Men issue their own mission statement.

     The male gets GENERAL orders from the woman, not specific orders.
     The woman tells the male 'build a school',
not how to build it, that's the vision statement.

     The men then goes about doing it.
     And sometimes if the woman is nuts, even the general orders are

     The male phase being is pilot, the female phase being is co pilot,
the child phase being is the passenger.

     The mother should raise her son with the direct expectation of
handing over power to him one day.  
     Her whole time with him should be spent making sure that he is fit
for that moment when it comes.

     Although the male phase being does not take specific orders from
the woman phase being, the male phase being GETS HIS PURPOSE and thus
GENERAL orders from the child + woman group.

     Child cries, woman interprets, man gets to work.

     So if the woman fails to operate the male phase being's abilities
towards those purposes, the male will turn against her, overtly or
covertly, and the result will be personal or interplanetary destruction.

     Don't let the sex of a being's present body on Earth confuse you to
the true phases and grades that any particular being is in.
     That is low phase, low grade behavior.

     "No such thing as phases and grades!"


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