From private mail, names removed.

> Remember Hanzel and Gretal?  They left a trail of bread crumbs to find 
> their way out of the woods and the birds ate them.  You LIKE being 
> lost?  I hate it.

      Indication: You hate it now, but at one time waking up was too easy
and you hated being found.

      To replicate the choices to not know, you will need to find the
aesthetics of being lost and the joy to success.

      You may considered there were 'unintended consequences' they too need 
to run out.

      Run the following staircase:

      Beauty of being found
      Ugly   of being found
      Beauty of being lost
      Ugly   of being lost

> Homer, am I doomed to stupidity?

      Stupidity is unknowness of your own causitive postulates and

      Only as long as stupidity remains a smart solution for you, will it
stick around.

      Recover the intelligence to being stupid, and you will regain
ability to be stupid or smart at will.

     Run the,

     Beauty of being smart
     Ugly   of being smart
     Beauty of being stupid
     Ugly   of being stupid

     That's a standard 'staircase' that we all walk down.

     Run it and the one above on found and lost as:

     Spot NO   beauty of being smart (pretended no)
     Spot SOME beauty of being smart

     Spot NO   ugly of being smart
     Spot SOME ugly of being smart

     Spot NO   beauty of being stupid
     Spot SOME beauty of being stupid

     Spot NO   ugly of being stupid
     Spot SOME ugly of being stupid.

     If any line makes no sense or doesn't run, just go to the next one,
run them around and around, can be soloed in session or in the background
of life.  Unlimited processes, both of them.


Sat Jan 30 15:41:19 EST 2010