All that just to get to this.

     We know the being is engaged in a multi tiered game, that range
from himself to The Infinite, the AllThatIs.

     Those tiers are the 8 dynamics of Scientology.

     A dynamic is an arena of creative activity which engages our energy
in freedoms, barriers, and purposes, providing a cosmic game of chase
for a better world.

     Along the way we have come across what is probably the single most
powerful and important process a person can know that works across all 8
dynamics, sometimes, all at once.


     We call this the OT power protocol rundown, because it leads the
way home to any power or ability (same thing) that the being could wish
for or imagine, as long as he subserves that ability to a protocol of
proper use.

     In other words power and protocol go together.

     Without power there is no need for protocol.

     Without protocol there is no ability to have power.

     The protocol enables the power.

     The power will not fire if the protocol is not in place.

     In particular, unexpected consequences tend to shake our sense of
responsibility, we know that we threw the switch expecting the light to
come on, but what actually happened next...

     Bye bye our sense of responsibility and willingness to have power
and the freedom to use it.

     This leads to our down fall as a being, we operate pride going out
and we get shame back.

     This is the Cross of Pride and Shame, and results in crucifixion in
the body, a safe solution to make sure THAT never happens again,
whatever 'that' might be.

     With multiple layers of detested immortalities buried behind him,
the mortal meatball has some fun waiting ahead for him in auditing.

     This pride going out and shame coming back is THE cycle of failure
on any ability or power that we might have once had, and running it out
is the only way to recover our true operating status, as rightful riders
of Pegasus with Wings of Pride.

     Throughout this paper the words power and ability are used
interchangeably, they mean the same thing.

     One way to run the Cross is with the OT Power Protocol process.

     1.) What ability would you like to have or be better at?

     2.) What could you do with that ability?

     3.) What would the consequences be of doing that?  (good or bad)

     4.) FEEL how you would feel if that happened.

     The last line is a critical line, he has to mock it all up in 3D in
order to feel anything about it.

     The end result is the being can feel anything, from ultimate
triumph to abject defeat, and not have actually had anything happen.
     That frees his feeling to feel independently of existence.

     Then continue,

     1.) What ability would you NOT like to have or be better at?

     2.) What would you NOT do with that ability?

     3.) What would the consequences be of NOT doing that?  (good or

     4.) FEEL how you would feel if that happened.

     Alternate positive and negative to keep preclear interested, this
will run for a very long time, and can be soloed endlessly in life as

     Expect stunning wins, if stuck in bored or no change, get honest.

     E/P: Able and willing to fill his protocol structure with powers
and abilities as desired.  Desire and ability in accord.


     Now arenas of action are where abilities and powers are used, so
understanding the 8 dynamics, and the goals your preclear has on them is

     Since ALL creativity on ANY dynamic is powered by pride in forward
motion, the story of what happened when pride went out and shame came
back on each and every dynamic is important to run out.

     That will restore operating pride on all dynamics.

     THEN your preclear can get his exchange in on each dynamic.

     Exchange means fair chosen trade of value.

     What has he created and given to a dynamic, and what has the
dynamic given to him created by others?

     Dynamics are kind of a group way of doing business, you do
something for the 4th dynamic, all mankind, and get back all these
responses from hundreds of others that share that particular group.  And
when someone else prides a creation into that same dynamic, they get
back a part of what you put in.

     Thus what you get out of any dynamic is very much a function of
what everyone else including you puts into it.  Dynamics are a pot luck

     A sumptuous one if done well.

     There is a lot of controversy about just how the dynamics should be
arranged and what they should be called.

     It really doesn't matter whose scheme you use, or what you call
them as long as they span the dynamic range of existence.

     For a quick overview, see this posting


     So just as a summary I am going to list the dynamics here and
assume you all know what they are.

     8.) The Infinite, Multi I-AM Being, God, Source, the AllThatIs.

     7.) Individual single I-AM spirits.

     6.) MEST, dreamtime, renditions of multi-dimensionality in scalar
conscious units.  Scalar means zero dimensional, no space or time.

      5.) All Life forms
        5a) Plant life forms
        5b) Animal Life forms

     4.) Mankind

     3.) Groups including groups of families, communities, churches,
and countries.

     2.) Family, blood line, sex, ancestors, parents, children,
siblings, heirs.

     1.) Self with or without a body, the body is a pet on the 5th.

     Now all of existence is a two way flow process, you get and you
give.  And other's get and give which creates cross flows to your

     Relative to you, getting is an inflow, and giving is an outflow.

     It is imperative to keep these flows balanced, as too much giving
and not enough getting will stick the being in the glum slums.

     And visa versa.

     Although a spirit can create directly, most games are setup as a
cycle of consumption and production, chase in othe words.

     You gotta do to create in order to get and have.

     One consumes in order to have the raw material or inspiration to

     You get something, knowledge, communication, fuel, beauty, anything
at all, and you use it to create something new and you send it back out

     This consuming and producing then is the two way cycle, the tick
tock, of existence.

     We group all the things that can be consumed or produced under one
term which is energy, spiritual or physical energy, in some form or

     A being always likes to produce more than he consumes, although in
the end if you believe in the conservation of energy, that is
impossible.  Conservation of energy is a physical thing and while
dealing with bodies tends to be the rule, but a spirit can manufacture
spiritual energy out of mere intent, so a spirit can easily put out more
than he consumes.

     However a being can add value to his product so that his product
contains energy in a more useful form than what he consumed.

     In a spiritual/physical world most consumption/production cycles
have waste products that are no longer useful, the energy of the output
is usually less than the input, but the VALUE or QUALITY of the output
needs to be higher than the input, or else the being will lose face with

     So we say that happiness stems from producing more than you consume
in the way of usable valuable energy.

     Note the value of a product is NOT how much energy you put into it,
but how much useful energy someone else can get OUT of it.

     If you labor all day long planting stones in the ground, and
nothing grows, the value of your product is nothing compared to the guy
who spends all day long planting seeds in the ground.

     An acre of ground with seeds planted in it is worth more than an
acre of ground with stones planted in it even though both consumed the
same amount of energy to produce.

     But don't tell a commie that.


     This brings us to sow and reap cycles and where profit comes from.

     This is covered in great detail in the following posting


     If anyone ever says I got into religion for the money, they would
be right.

     To quickly summarize, the Sun/Earth system is a gigantic
rechargeable battery.

     Sun light falls on the Earth pushing plants into existence by
turning carbon dioxide CO2 into carbon and oxygen.  The carbon becomes
the plant structure and the oxygen becomes the atmosphere.

     In the process the sun's energy is STORED in the fact that carbon
and oxygen are SEPARATED from each other.

     Animals, me and thee, come along and we eat the plant, recombining
the carbon in the plant with the oxygen we breathe in to form carbon
dioxide again, thus getting back out the energy that was stored in the
plant by the sun.

     Animals are a slow fire to plants.

     The storage of sunlight in plants is an ENDOTHERMIC reaction,
because less energy comes out than goes in during their growth, that
means plants store energy just like a rechargeable battery stores energy
when it is plugged into a wall socket.

     The burning or eating (same thing) of plants is an EXOTHERMIC
reaction, as more energy comes out than goes into burning it.  That
powers the animal, which then runs around using up the energy as heat.

     When the sun pushes a plant into existence, rather than warm the
area with heat, the energy goes into the plant stalk and structure, and
emits the oxygen in the air.

     When the animal eats the plant by bringing the oxygen and the plant
stalk back together again, that stored energy is released as locomotive
energy in the animal and eventually as heat after useful work is done.

     Plants grow, animals move.  Animals grow too in the early years as
do plants, but plants keep growing.  Once an animal is old enough it
ceases to grow so much and starts to move to find more plants to eat.

     Thus the sun when it tries to heat the earth is stymied by the
plant that steals the energy and puts it away.  However the earth gets
the heat back again when the animal finally eats the plant.


     OK, so here is the magic to this.

     If you plant one seed of corn and let it grow, you stand to get
back many thousands of seeds from one corn stalk with many ears of corn
on it.

     That seed is the way the plant stores the sun's energy for later
use.  The endothermicity of the seed and the earth make this so.

     Say each ear of corn has 1000 kernels or seeds.

     So you plant the kernels from 1000 ears of corn into the ground
during the spring, that's 1,000,000 or one million seeds.

     When harvest comes in the fall, you will have 1,000,000 CORN
STALKS, each with say 10 ears, each with 1000 seeds.

     That is 1,000,000 stalks times 10 ears, times 1000 seeds or 10
BILLION seeds.

     That is called profit, or 1000 times return of investment.

     *ALL* physical profit comes from the Sun/Earth system.

     Now you can set aside enough corn to eat yourself while you plant
your next year's harvest, and trade the rest of the corn with the guys
who make peas.

     Profit does NOT come from the sale, you already have the profit in
your silos from the harvest long before any sale or trade comes along.

     The point here is that life on Earth and anywhere else in the
universe has the potential for tremendous profit born through wisely
made and managed sow and reap cycles.

     Whatever you invest, whatever your return, I don't care what it is,
it is a sow and reap cycle producing profit or not as the case may be.

     Consumption + Investment = Production or Return on Investment.
     Consumption is the short term investment in yourself, the corn
seeds you eat, to provide your daily food intake, and investment is
spending that energy planting other seeds into the ground for a longer
term reward.

     From that longer term reward, you can start another sow and reap
cycle with a good breakfast at the start of it.

     Eat some, plant some, reap a lot.

     You see?

     Pride powers the cycle of sow and reap.

     The pride you bring to the sowing will always be greater than the
pride you get from the reaping, but if the reaping fails, and you get no
profit, the pride will start to get nervous, going into the next cycle.

     To some degree then pride is powered and continued by success, by
profit, but this only a matter of consideration and can only happen if
you allow pride to be the effect of your failures.

     It might seem reasonable to observe that bringing pride to a sow
and reap cycle was not sufficient to guarantee it's success, bu that is
a God Postulate of magnitude, and the consideration that pride failed is

     Pride is SOURCE of ability, so to pride a sow and reap cycle that
produces a zero or negative return on investment, can result in a
failure of faith in pride and thus bring arrogance, vanity, and conceit
to the sow and reap cycle instead.

     This might produce a short term resurgence in production, but long
term its all down hill from there, for no animal can win if it hates
it's own production and survival cycle.

     If you sow your seeds in a toxic waste dump, they won't grow, and
you won't have a harvest and you won't have any pride, and your ability
to pride your next sow will be less.

     Planet Earth is kind of a toxic waste dump at this time, with areas
of green.  So watch it.

     If you eat too many of your seeds rather than sow them, you also
won't have a harvest.

     If you HAVE to eat your seeds just in order to survive, so you have
none left for the sowing, you are on your way out, and your seeds are
you last meal.  Might as well give them to the birds and end it now.

     You all see what this has to do with pride.

     It is hard to eat that last meal with pride, easier to give it to
the birds who will sign your praises.


     OK, so let's get a quick summary here.

     The being is an operating source of power and ability.

     Power and ability are used to operate sow and reap cycles on all 8

     Sow and reap cycles are powered by pride.

     Pride demands that the being produce more than he consume, for
survival is impossible without it.

     Now we are not talking only about physical survival, nor are we
talking about mere survival, we are talking about long term prosper and
flourish survival with the stored affluence to get the being and his
friends through times of scarcity.  That is what the grain silos are
for, to store energy into the future.

     So what you are looking for on all 8 dynamics, is areas where the
being put out pride for consumption and production and got back shame
and failure, in worst cases leading to misery or death of himself or
loved ones.

     Auditor: OK, is there anything you feel proud about your self?

     PC: Oh god no, put a bag over me and leave me in the corner, I
can't even go outside without fearing people looking at me, I am so

     Auditor: OK, is there anything you can feel proud about on the
second dynamic?

     PC: Oh Christ, I hate my parents, I hated being a child, I just
want to kill anyone that's a parent, I don't have a girl friend, they
won't come near me, I can't stand the thought of having children, I can
barely take care of myself, and no one would want to have children with
me anyhow.

     Auditor: OK, is there anything you can feel proud about on the
third dynamic.

     PC: Well I am trying to run a business, and the guys that work for
me are pretty cool, but at the end of the day I am alone again.  I hated
school, all the jock schmucks, rah rah, Jesus I can see why people
starting shooting from bell towers.  I don't belong to any other groups,
I am totally anti social, I don't have any friends, and I can't stand
the small talk at dinner tables.  My country (vagina bush) may be the
best out house on the planet but it is still an out house, it's sole
interest in me was to send me to Vietnam and get me killed for the
benefit of the females that get to stay home and who won't even look at
me anyhow, let alone talk to me.

     I go home at night to my apartment and I just try to be the chair,
and not need anyone or anything.

     Auditor: OK, is there any pride you can feel for Mankind?

     PC: Earth is a dumping ground for assholes.  No one here deserves
to be alive probably including me.  If I could just blow it all to hell,
I would have to think about not doing it.

     Auditor: OK, is there any pride you feel about plants and animals.

     PC: Oh I love dogs and horses, and I love my cats to pieces, I
can't stand how much I love them, how beautiful they are, but they are
so fragile, I just cry and cry and cry about them every time I see them
and hold them.  Cats are the only thing worth loving in the whole wide

     Auditor: OK, how about plants?

     PC: I love pot, does that count?

     Auditor: OK, I got that, can you feel any pride about matter,
energy, space and time.

     PC: No, here is nothing sadder or scarier.  You know I once went to
Maine where my childhood home was on the rocky coast of Frenchman's Bay,
and I walked among the memories of my dead crazy parents, the smell of
the ocean and the seawee, the sound of the seagulls, the salt in the air
and all the caves and rocky cliffs, and I thought you know these rocks
and cliffs will out last me.  They don't even care or give a damn about
anything, and they get to live forever, while me who really wanted to
live, I get to die and be forgotten forever.  I really really really
hate this place.

     Auditor: OK, I got that, can you feel any pride about spirits?

     PC: What's a spirit?  Well you know if we all existed outside our
bodies and I was just there with everyone else, I feel they would all
reject me, because I would agree with their bow, pray, obey, and
sacrifice religions, I would be all alone with out a single friend, and
I would hate them for being so stupid and close minded to a point of
being evil.  Better to be alone in my chair in the apartment.

     But I do know some pretty cool demons and devils, lots and lots of
them, real ugly fuckers, mean too, and strong, and very real.  I think I
even saw an angel once, a kind of smile as big as the sky, but mostly I
got bugs and unspeakable 'things' crawling around me, and under my skin,
in my dreams at night.

     Not even the girls in my dreams will talk to me.

     Can you believe that, its MY dream, and not even the girls will
smile at me.  Well actually that's been improving lately, but Christ
they are just so young, and they want to do it right now!

     The cats though will come sit in my lap any time I want, I just
call them and they come.  As long as some bunch of dream assholes aren't
ripping their eyes out and kicking them until they give up in sorrow and
self defeat.

     Finally, you know, I get my cat back and I am holding it, and it
doesn't have any eyes any more, they are squashed on the floor under
someone's heel, and my cat is still striking out trying to protect
itself from beings it can't see.  What am I supposed to do?

     All I can do is cry and cry.  What am I supposed to do?

     Auditor: OK, we will come back to that, how do you feel any pride
for God or the AllThatIS?

     PC: One sick mother fucker if you ask me, and if I ever find Him, I
am going to kill him.

     Auditor: OK, I got that, thank you for all that.

     We are going to take these things up next session.

     End of Session.

     So what is this preclear's relationship to forward moving pride?

     And how are you going to run it in session, so he can operate again?


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     HELP Part 3, PRIDE
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