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>      You see Dennis Erlich talks to Him, God, everyday because he is a
> "man of God." The Reverend has to, because he speaks God's language, He
> is by definition God's chosen leader to bring people of ARS, (especially
> the foul-mouthed), toward God.  You don't know God like Reverend Erlich
> does.  That's why your relationship with God must go through the dialog
> that Reverend Erlich has with God everyday.

     That's cool to me.

     I would hope that all dialogue with God, the High US, happens every

     I once had a dream, lots of people were standing around mourning
the untimely loss of a loved one.  Some of them were trying their magic
incantatons to revive them, but all failed.

     So I came forward, and ushered them all back, and told them to
listen quietly and I first said:

     "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, I ask
you to come alive again."

     Nothing happened.

     Then I said:

     "In the name of Allah, who is Great, I ask that you come alive

     Nothing happened.

     Getting desperate, I then said:

     "In the name of the High Us, I ask that you come alive again."

     and the body stirred and did so.

     Many religions including early Christianity tell us that all beings
are God incarnation, not just Jesus.

     What the dream told me, is that calling upon Jesus or Allah, or
whoever the patron saint of the moment might be, is praying only one
being.  One has to invoke EVERYONE who has ever lived or will live or
could live, the High-US, in order for enough agreement to be reached,
that the miracle can happen.

     Critical mass on who or what is God is only reached when the
answer is EVERONE.

     I don't care about meatball/dreamball, that's just an effort to
find a scientific basis for prayer, but I do care that people understand
that when praying to God, they are in fact praying to the High US, and
if they aren't their prayers will fall short of working.

     God expects us to become co-creators beside God.

     Unfortunately we find in auditing, that the being instinctively
does not include his most detested terminals in the High-Us, and thus
his feelings for the High-Us are corrupted with bias, he wishes some of
the US didn't exist.

     That causes prayer to go astray.

     You can't pray to the High-US that some of the High-US be the

     That's why belief in, or desire for, a hell forever for some
people, even just one, causes terminal spiritual decay.

     Thus it is not the bad who end up in hell, it is the good who want
the bad to end up in hell, that end up in hell.

     But only for a while, only until they give it up.

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