Phil Scott ( wrote:
>I think there is though a phase beside the 'god' phase,
>of choosing to let everything go, and not try to create
>or handle, or advance or any of that...  I don't think
>its a given that a person will move to the next rung up
>in a child phase, although that seems to be the rule.

     Adore's cycle of 4, God Man Woman and Child, is designed as a
description of games and their mastery.  The moving up in the cycle of 4
is a moving up in the world of games.  Moving out into the void would be
a perpendicular move out of space and time back into Source.  'God' in
Adore's meaning shouldn't be confused with Source or the void.

     Godhood to Adore is a state of mastery of that level of game.

     God    Creation    Religion   Cause    Soul    New Beat
     Man    Discovery   Science    Thought  Mind    Counter Point
     Woman  Expression  Art        Emotion  Heart   Harmony
     Child  Trade       Business   Effort   Body    Mimicry