Dicoms tick tock.

      A DICOM is a Dichotomy of Comparable but Opposite Magnitude.

      For example:

      SOME    - NO(NE)
      Dicoms can be goals.


      They can even be compound goals.



     These are some examples of dicoms, there are thousands of them,
some common to every being alive, some specific to each individual.

      The primary dicom is the ebb and flow of Native State:

      STATIC     - KINETIC

     Everything else comes under those two.  Probably the true top dicom
is the first one, unmanifest and manifest.

     What is being manifested are dicoms, is - is not, static - kinetic


     All dicoms tick tock, they flow back and forth between their
positive and negative poles.

     Thus a sane being will first have his attention on something he
adores, and then this attention will move to something he abhors, often
something that is bugging something he adores, back and forth, adore,
abhor, adore, abhor.


     Beings like to suppress dicoms.  It aids in persistence and thus
havingness, albeit a degraded havingness.  

     Well ok, from the view of native state, all persistence is
degraded havingness, and all degraded havingness is persistence.

     But its all just more dicoms beating back and forth like
a clock.

     But persistence is very important at the beginning of a universe
and any havingness is better than no havingness.  Native State, He's
been there, done that, bought the eternal T-shirt, now he wants to have

     Apparently fun is love and terror in opposition.

     A dicom is suppressed with the CDEINR scale:

     Take for example, ADORE and DETEST mentioned above.

     Notice here that the CDEINR scale is being against
the two fold dicom of ADORE and ABHOR.
      Curious about Adore - Abhor  | SOME
      Desire        Adore - Abhor  | SOME
      Enforce       Adore - Abhor  | SOME
      Inhibit       Adore - Abhor  | NO
      NO            Adore - Abhor  | NO (none of)
      Refuse        Adore - Abhor  | NO
      Sub Refuse    Adore - Abhor  | NO

     The dividing line between awareness of a dicom and unawareness is
the dividing line between Enforce and Inhibit.

     We take SOME as representative of the awareness of the dicom, and
NO as representative of suppression of the dicom.

     Thus at SOME adore-abhor, the being has awareness ranging from a
little to a whole lot on adoration and abhoration/abomination.

     At NO adore-abhor, the being has little to no awareness of the
dicom at all.

     Unfortunately the tick tocking between adore and abhor is ALSO
tick tocking between NO and SOME.

     Thus we have a four way tick tock that is driving the being nuts
from its suppression.


     When a dicom is suppressed, rather than motivating the being to go
out and bug the world like it is supposed to, the dicom sinks inwardly
and bugs the being instead.  All manner of symptoms can arise from this,
from headaches, stuffed noses, and bad eye sight, to cancer and death

     Yes cancer can be caused by eating radium too, but cancer can also
be caused by suppression of basic operating dicoms.


     The most important thing to understand about dicoms, beyond the
fact of their existence and activity, is how to run them.

     As it says in Adore, Adoration is Operation, if you adore
something, operate it.

     The opposite of adore is thus ex operation, an unwillingness and
refusal to operate what is abhored.  Ex operation is basically crush,
when things are crushed, it is hard to operate them properly.

     Conceive a crushed kitten.  That's abhor you see?

     Primarily, running a dicom means engaging in the rhythm of its
natural tick tock consciously rather than reactively or unconsciously.

     If you are not there where your dicoms are already running, then
they are running you slightly out of sync as you are following their
lead, and thus you are running them in, and getting more solid about
things.  Over a life time, this will result in becoming a marble.

     "Eventually all be come marbles on the thetan plane." - Adore.com

     Like listening to a real clock go tick tock, if you are there,
aware of, and present where your dicoms are already running, then you
end up running them out, and cleaning out the mass that has accumulated
around them in an effort to crush them and their tick tock out of

     So the issuing of running suppressed dicoms is getting into sync
with both the tick tock of the dicom itself and the tick tock of the
suppression and unsupperssion, NO and SOME.


     In session, one finds a dicom the pc is interested in, mostly by
using the "What's up doc?" rundown.

     Auditor: "What's up doc?"

     PC: I love my cats to death.

     The pc just gave you two fundamental dicoms, love and death.

     Auditor: OK, I'd like to run love and death is that ok?

     PC: You got balls.

     Auditor: Ahem, boobs you mean, yes, could you please tell me the
opposites of love and death and how they might apply to your cats.

     PC: Well I live in constant fear for my cat's well being, each even
has a radio collar on them, in case I have to go find their crushed body
lying on the road not yet dead somewhere.

     And the opposite of death is life, I can't stand this place, it
creates all these beautiful things just to kill them off in the end.  I
can't believe how morbid and sick this universe is.

     I don't know what I fear more, death or life.

     Notice your pc just gave you three more dicoms, beauty, morbid and

     Write them down for later, do not run now.

     And the preclear says the opposite of love is fear.

     (There is a deep religious issue here, should the auditor continue
to run "what's up doc?" and get more and more items until the pc has no
more, and THEN run all the items in order of presentation or read?

     Or should the auditor run each item as they come up, never failing
to go back to the "Whats up doc?" question as long as more items are

     Some would tell you the first, but when run solo, one tends to run
everything as it presents itself, at least for a while.  If they clam
up, then find more items and run them, and later come back to the first
items if they want to run some more.)

     Auditor: OK, thanks for that, now I would like to run the items no
love and some love, and no death and some death.  That ok with you?

     PC: Yes.

     So let's make this a bit simpler and just run


     Run each item as 'Conceive or get the idea of.'

     "Conceive NO love.  Conceive SOME love."

     Go on, don't be chicken shit, do it.

     Running items is a religion, people will do it however they feel
most comfortable.  OUR religion tells us never to ask what questions
"What do you love?"

     Questions of any type miss the point, and are almost always the
wrong answer until he gets a right answer if there are any.  Questions
also restimulate the entire bank of trying to not know by pretending to
want to know via question asking, and lastly many questions are self

       A: "What do you love?"
       P: "I love asking questions!"

     So our religion directs us to never ask auditing questions where
possible, but to use auditing commands instead.  We are doing a touch
assist on the person's existence to make him more aware of what he is
both NOT aware of and aware of, and thus anything that touches that life
over and over again will produce results.

     Our standard auditing command for all items is simply to spot it or
"Get the idea of".

     Conceive is better that spot because it runs the preclear
at causal consideration.
     Each conception creates what he is trying to run, that runs it OUT
rather than IN, get it?

     "Spot NO   LOVE".
     "Spot SOME LOVE".

     Now we have to be very clear here, NO means suppressed love or
pretended no love.  It does not mean clear native state NO love where
there is NO of everything.

     The way you tell the difference on the meter is normal NO love,
meaning pretended no love, will read, the needle will stop, stick and
fall, and communication and spots-it will come off the item.

     True native state no love will cause the needle to float.

     Thus FLOAT means really nothing there.

     Stop, stick and fall means really something there pretending to be
nothing there.

     The stop and stick happen the moment the preclear touches the ridge
of NO LOVE, and the fall happens when the preclear lets go a bit and
some of the steam comes off.

     That's called fumaroling.

     Enough fumaroling on the right items and the whole volcano will

     Every time the preclear contacts a fumarole he will be just sure
this one is IT, the last one, and he runs the thing with his eyes
closed, praying to God, knowing that absolute incineration is right
around the corner.

     Almost always not so, but he hears the volcano rumbling for sure.

     Once the volcano is really ready to blow, he will know it for sure
and won't be interested in fumaroles any more.  He will LIFT the lid off
the volcano and MAKE it blow.


     Now your preclear is tick tocking between no love and SOME love.

     He's got love for his cats and many other things that he knows
about, and I quite assure you he's got more love for all kinds of things
that he doesn't know about including more cats.

     On the way up to native state, there is a place of blinding love
for everything, so take a look at it and know your preclear has some
auditing to do.  Yes there will be places of blinding fear too, they
tend to alternate back and forth up the tone scale back to infinity.

     Infinity has no problem with love or fear, and no problem finding

     The way to suppress a dicom that is going tick tock, is to go tick
tock out of sync with it, that is don't go tock tick in sync with it.

      DICOM         Preclear  DICOM          Preclear
      tick          tock      some love      no   love
      tock          tick      no   love      some love
      tick          tock      some love      no   love
      tock          tick      no   love      some love

     Each cycle of the preclear being out of sync with the flows of the
dicom, builds up mass and an increasing disability to flow either love
or no love.  When your preclear is unaware of dicoms or their activity,
he is pretty much continuously out of sync with them and thus sinking
and getting worse in life.

     In fact you will find the preclear is doing this intentionally in
order to block out feelings of despair that he considers too oceanic to

     As an auditor, your goal is to get the preclear to spot no love and
some love IN SYNC with the dicom as he is actually ticking it.  In this
way the preclear becomes aware of the mechanism and stays aware of it
and with each aware operation of the dicom, prior mass built up from
suppression is released, until the whole dicom is clear without duress.

      IN SYNC

      DICOM         Preclear  DICOM         Preclear
      tick          tick    some love      some love
      tock          tock      no love        no love
      tick          tick    some love      some love
      tock          tock      no love        no love


     Now one of the problem with running these dicoms, is they have been
messed up to a point where they no longer tick tock smoothly themselves.
They miss beats, they stammer, stutter, they tick tick twice in a row,
they stop, they go, etc.  It is almost impossible to disrupt the rhythm
of a dicom, but your preclear has succeeded in doing so anyhow.  That is
part of his goal of NO DICOM, to crush it and it's tick tock out of
existence, you see?

     So as you are auditing this, you will find that your prclear is
constantly going out of sync with the dicom through no immediate fault
of his own.


     Not the pc nor the auditor.

     Thus your session may go like this:

      Auditor            Preclear       DICOM
      Spot a tick        tick           tick  in sync
      Spot a tock        tock           tock  in sync
      Spot a tick        tick           tick  in sync
      Spot a tock        tock           TICK  pc grinds
      Spot a tick        tick           TOCK  pc grinds
      Spot a TICK        tick           tick  pc good to again.
      Spot a tock        tock           tock  in sync
      Spot a tick        tick           tick  in sync

     Notice how the dicom ticked twice, thus throwing the preclear out
of sync.  Reads stop happening, pc can't spot instances of the items, pc
says nothing there, loses interest, gets restless, loses emotion and
willingness to go on, and meter stops reading and starts to rise.

     Notice how the auditor got the pc back in sync by running the same
item twice!

     Understand this, the dicom is swinging onwards, regardless of what
the pc is doing, but the dicom may tick twice without tocking, it may
not swing smoothly for an instant.

     So notice what the auditor has to do, remember the dicom drives the
session, the auditor and preclear MUST follow in sync.

      Auditor                    Preclear             DICOM
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: Yak Yak Yak      SOME love
      Auditor 'Spot NO   love'   PC: Yak Yak Yak      NO   love
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: Yak Yak Yak      SOME love
      Auditor 'Spot NO   love'   PC: Yak Yak Yak      NO   love
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: glum             NO   love
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: Yak Yak          SOME love
      Auditor 'Spot NO   love'   PC: Yak Yak          NO   love

     The flows of the dicom rule the session, neither the auditor nor
the preclear can control which way the dicom goes next, not at least
until it is clear as a clear blue sky.

     Sometimes, often in fact, the dicom will go totally out of control,
almost as if it is trying to outwit the auditor to get the flow right.
It may be, dicoms are infested with elemental life forms that quite have
a will of their own.  But they are merely many riders on the back of the
stallion.  Talk to the stallion, and the control will come back, but in
the mean time one can help bring control back merely by double calling
each item, until sync is reestablished.

      Auditor                    Preclear             DICOM
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: Yak Yak Yak      SOME love
      Auditor 'Spot NO   love'   PC: Yak Yak Yak      NO   love
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: glum             ???? love
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: glum             ???? love
      Auditor 'Spot NO   love'   PC: glum             ???? love
      Auditor 'Spot NO   love'   PC: glum             ???? love
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: glum             NO   love
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: Oh yes, Yak Yak  SOME love
      Auditor 'Spot NO   love'   PC: Yak, yak         NO   love

     This might look and sound complicated, you are trying to unwind a
guys life after all, it looks kind of like an octopus in amber, but it
does want to be run out, and it is cooperating with you as auditor and
pc to the best of its ability.

     And so with a little understanding applied, the auditor can keep
the pc in sync enough to get the thing to run.  As running goes on, sync
becomes easier and easier until it becomes a natural way of auditing and

      In particular once the preclear 'gets it' himself, he will correct
the sync of the auditor automatically, if the dicom jerks him around.

      Auditor                    Preclear             DICOM
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: Yak Yak Yak      SOME love
      Auditor 'Spot NO   love'   PC: Yak Yak Yak      NO   love
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: Yak Yak Yak      SOME love
      Auditor 'Spot NO   love'   PC: Yak Yak Yak      NO   love
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: NO love yak yak  NO   love
      Auditor 'Spot SOME love'   PC: yak yak          SOME love

     Notice the preclear rather than going glum, realized the sync was
out, answered the command that should have been asked, and the auditor
needs to be smart enough to ask the same question AGAIN!

     And the auditor doesn't ask the command again to make the preclear
wrong, or for any other reason than the dicom has ticked again to where
the command is right.

     Also notice this saved the auditor one whole glum cycle.

     Dicoms can go out of sync for any number of reasons, many of which
are simply the dicom's own inability to flow easily.

     But a preclear can also fail to get all the data on a SOME, and the
auditor moves onto NO too fast thus leaving the pc back on SOME.
Running SOME again will fix it.

     A preclear may be running faster than the auditor can keep up, thus
while running SOME, the preclear may finish and move on to answer NO
also.  The auditor can SEE this happening though and then run SOME as
the next item rather than run NO which the PC just offered and

     This can get to be a bit of a dance and both auditor and preclear
need to get good at not stepping on the dicom's toes.

     Since the dicom has its own beat, it is not possible to make the pc
wait for the auditor's command before he gives answers, the dicom has
its own life and must be kept up with.  What makes the session run is
the pc remaining in sync and reporting on the dicom, not the auditor!

     The auditor is there to help the preclear when he has sticky feet
while dancing with the dicom and to keep him conscious when the flows
get heavey.  But once the preclear gets good at this, the auditor has
little purpose than to receive what the preclear says, acknowledge it,
and stay out of the way.

     There is a natural rhythm to the tick tocking of a dicom.  It may
be 1 second or 1 minute or more.

     Once the rhythm is established, and the auditor can interact with
the preclear within his rhythm time, auditing can take place very fast
on very powerful flows.  Flows like rivers or molten land.

     The auditor's own natural rhythm cycle on this same item may be
different than the preclears!  Although the auditor is enjoined to not
have a case in session, good luck.

     If the auditor and preclear have 5 seconds to get the data on a 'NO
LOVE', they had better get the data within those 5 seconds, or the dicom
will have swung the other way.  Thus a slow auditor can really mess up a

     Also if the items being run are say adore and abhor, and the
preclear has those items on his auditor, it can get complicated.

     At some point the preclear will have to start soloing this
material, as any auditor at all is a complication and restimulator in
the natural swing of the dicoms he is trying to run.

     Particularly NO HELP and SOME HELP.
     The reach for help has been and can be deadly.

     Many preclears will run adore and abhor on auditing itself even

      So a full session on our preclear would involve both sides of the
dicom pair:

      Spot NO   LOVE
      Spot SOME LOVE

      Spot NO   Fear
      Spot SOME Fear

      Always run the NO item first, he already gave you the SOME, that's
how you got the item, but if no run, double call until in sync.


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