> Why not just run the primary dicom manifest and unmanifest?

    Ah, ok, that's normally called up the pole.

    It isn't real to people that they are responsible for their
condition.  "Who me manifest?"

     But you are right, quite brilliant really, no noodles in this shop,
and manifest would be to manifest both love AND hate, beauty AND ugly

     We call manifest/unmanifest a vertical dipole from native state
down, there are others, static and kinetic, peace and wonder, Creator
and Creature, God and Soul, Author and Character.

     And then once in the manifested state we have horizontal dicoms,
such as all the rest in the world, love and hate, good and evil, adore
and detest, beauty and ugly, harmony and disharmony.

     The theory is that life is a mixture of frequencies no matter where
you are on the tone scale, high or low.

     When the frequencies add up to a harmony or a resolvable disharmony
you get pleasure, love, beauty, adoration etc.  When the frequencies add
up to an unresolvable disharmony, then you get pain, hate, ugly,
abhoration, etc.

     Thus there can be a low tone love or hate, and a high tone love or

     The way up the vertical dicoms is the ability to span the wings of
the horizontal dicoms and hit the void in the middle, then one goes up
the vertical dicom from manifest to unmanifest.

     Dunno, dear, some people would claim there are only vertical
dicoms, love is up near native state, and hate down near MEST.

     Hubbard said vertical and horizontal was more like it on the PDC's
but then tended to push the one dimensional model to the public probably
because the public can't handle the idea that God ain't just good.

    So run the Process:

    Spot NO   Manifest(ation)
    Spot SOME Manifest(ation)

    Spot NO   UnManifest(ation)
    Spot SOME UnManifest(ation)

     Now that's some powerful stuff along with the OT Power Process,
which is a bloomin' mountain grinder.

    "Spot a power or ability would you like to have."
    "Spot something you might do with it."
    "Spot some of the consequences of doing that."
    "Spot how you would FEEL if that happened."
    "Spot a power or ability would you like to NOT have."
    "Spot something you might NOT do with it."
    "Spot some of the consequences of NOT doing that."
    "Spot how you would FEEL if that did NOT happened."


Thu Feb 25 00:09:12 EST 2010