I was at someone's house somewhere, somewhen, this wasn't my life,
and we are having a good time.

      Suddenly I feel something crawling over my right shoulder and out
of the corner of my right eye I see its legs, it looked like a spider
about the size of a crab.

      I looked back at my friend who saw it too, and I said 'These things
don't bite do they?'

      I then turned around so I could see my back in a mirror, and the
spider turned out to be a huge beetle with the oversized pincers up
front, and there were hundreds of them of all sizes crawling out from
under my skin on my back and making their way towards my legs and arms.

      Pretty soon I am covered with them.

      Suddenly a minor flinch or shudder goes through my body, and in
reaction ALL of the beetles bite down hard on my body all over.  Total
crushing force everywhere, particularly on my hands and legs.

      It was like a massive convulsion of pain.

      This lasted about 2 seconds until I consciously released the
flinch, and the beetles let go and went their merry way.

      These beetles were big from 1 to 4 inches, and were not poisonous,
like the spiders usually are or the bees, worms and snakes from other

      As for the flinch it was very tempting to say they bit me first and
I flinched second, there was only a 1/4 second between the two events,
but I could see clearly it was the other way around, I flinched first
and they bit second.  Problem was I also saw the flinch was involuntary,
usually I can control the flinch when the bees are walking around in my
ears, but not this time.


      I am driving down a highway and I notice volcanic fumaroles
starting to blow steam along the sides of the road.  As I go along these
are getting greater in number and more insistent.

      I finally decide to confront the volcano and take a right hand turn
up a steep hill.  We drive up that road for a long time, sparks and foul
smelling gas blowing up all around the car and black char starting to
form on trees and vegetation.

      Finally I get to the top, the ground is rumbling and jets are
shooting up everywhere.  I walk to the very brim of the volcano and
stand on small ledge on the other side facing the caldera about 2 miles

      The caldera is filled with boiling water, with ungodly things
swimming around in it.  I thought, you know screw this, I should just
jump in, but I can't stand water I can't see into, flinch is too strong,
I know I would get eaten.   Fish with 1000 teeth are worse than beetles.

      So I am standing there on this little tiny ledge inside the lip of
the volcano, about 9 feet down from the rim, and the ground starts to
shake and I have NOTHING to hold onto.  The ledge is no bigger than my
two feet, all I can do is hold my balance and stand back to the wall,
hoping the volcano doesn't shake me free.

      Then the wall and the rock around me starts to grow warm to the
touch and pretty soon I can barely lean back against it, let me tell
you, if you have ever stood on the edge of a building and been afraid of
just falling over for no reason, this was it.

      Then a loud voice came out of nowhere and said "It's time to drop
the beings", and I thought to myself, OH God here we go this is OT III!
So I am waiting for them to come out of the sky and dump the beings,
looking forward to the H bomb explosion, anything but the creepy crawly
things, but instead this huge sliding door, it must have been 3 miles
long, opens at the base of the caldera, on the opposite side from me,
just above the level of the water and more ungodly creepy crawly things
are dumped into the steaming water.

      I waited and waited, but no beings and no H bomb.

      Disappointed I decided I had had enough, and I turned around and
started to make my way back up to the rim of the volcano to the other
side.  Although the walls were hot, I knew this was a dream, and I could
stick my hands into the solid rock like it was soft clay, merely by not
flinching about its hardness.  I had learned that trick ages ago.  I
also commanded the rim to come down a bit to make it more accessible
to me, another trick mastered in my long ago.

      When I was out of danger I walked down a little path to a house
where others were waiting, living out their last minutes before the
volcano exploded and I sat down there with them.

      It never exploded though and I woke up drenched in giddiness from
the height and fear of falling.


      I am at some kind of summer camp for grown people, and I notice I
have the ability to move things with my mind.

      Usually in these dreams I just get the idea 'Everyone will now take
off their shirts', but this was an all guys camp, so I didn't bother.

      I also know I am not supposed to demonstrate these powers, but I
also knew this was a dream so what the hell.

      So I start pushing things around, there is a plane in the sky that
is flying along, and I wave at it and it starts to go out of control
coming right for us.  My usual joy is to have the plane crash right into
me, but since my revelation that other's might be conscious in my dreams
too, I tend to try and land them properly which I did this time to
everyone's amazement.

      Now normally in dreams I can't impress anyone with anything, they
are all dead as, well Jommy Cross, but this time, EVERYONE took notice.

      Very serious notice.

      Pretty soon there were black helicopters coming out of the sky to
get me, and as one got close I put out my hand causing it to flip and
crash and explode.

      As this point I started to understand my life was over, I could
take out one helicopter but not ten or a hundred, and people would be
hounding me and my friends for the rest of my days.

      I spent some time trying to figure out how to make it all seem like
a joke so people would forget it, but I realized the jig was up.

      I had done it, and they had seen it, and never was it to be
forgotten as some stupid pretense.

      As people were crowding in around me, one person was telling me how
foolish I had been to show off my powers, and he asked me what I was
going to do about it?

      As thoughts were racing around in my head, I woke up.

      By the way over the course of days that these dreams happened they
were interspersed with wonderful dreams about beauty and warm friendship
and the love and joy of holding a child, and way too much sex with way
to young girls.

      Zero flinch and zero need to flinch.

      Anyhow no need to go into those dreams in detail, wouldn't want to
give the thought police a hard on.


      Last night, this was probably the most powerful dream of my life.

      I am in an amazing alien city, buildings were massive mile high
edifices stretching to the horizon, made out of silver and stone that
would last forever.  I was on a social concourse about half a mile wide
between the left and right hand sides of the street.  There was no one
there, no sign of life, it was like the place had just been built.

      I am walking down the boulevard, crying my eyes out at how
beautiful and overwhelming the architecture was, and suddenly I notice
that the street is getting warm.

      Cracks start to develop, smoke is rising from them, and some of the
stones in the street are glowing red.

      I think to myself, Ok, this is it, this whole place is going to go
volcanic any minute.  I find myself in bare feet, jumping among the
cooler stones as each one gets hot.

      I know I am going to have to confront this one and it is going to
be hard.

      Finally there are no more cool stones and I am forced to jump onto
a red hot one.  My feet start to burn and I fall to the ground.

      The last scene I see my black charred left hand in front of my
face, I know the rest of my body is burned and I am about to go
exterior.  My body is now floating on top of a molten street that is
slowly flowing in the direction I had come from, and the huge monolithic
buildings are crumbling all around me.

      I woke up.


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