> Can you explain this to Scientologists?

      Yes easily, if they are really scientologists and not just carrion
looking for a job.

      There is as-isness, the moment of creation and vanishment.  The
creation vanishes once the being takes his attention off the creation,
but time hasn't been created yet, so they are the same moment.  Hard to
put into words as anything timeless is.

      Anyone can do this with a mockup.

      There is Alter-isness, which is the act of altering one's awareness
of the truth about the creation, which then causes it to persist because
one is no longer free to take one's attention off of it entirely.

      For example the idea that one has a mockup that someone ELSE
created without his permission is enough to morbidly fixate the
attention of the creator on his creation because now he thinks he didn't
create it and who the hell did!

      It is a violation of sovereignty and puts the being on high alert,
and now he doesn't WANT to get rid of the creation, because he is using
it as proof that his sovereignty was violated and something else very
dangerous is in the universe that can create things for him.  Creates
monster feelings and vibrations.

       That is one way to alter-is something into unwilling persistence.

       Another way is simply to consider that one must DO something
about the creation in order to get rid of it, that's vanish A by
creating B.  Got bugs?  Get Raid.

      This idea that he must DO something about the creation, means he
has to create MORE to uncreate what was already created, which creates
the conception of time, powered by the idea that the original creation
is STILL THERE, so of course it is.

      Thus anything he attacks or runs away from remains persisting
by definition of the power of the postulate that IT IS.

      There is Is-ness, which is the persisting apparencies of existence
composed of all the altered creations that have ever been made that have
not yet been re as-ised.

      One re as-ises something by recovering the exact moment and place
the creation was first created and alter-ised, only this time one
forgoes the alter-is, at which point one can take one's attention off it
and it vanishes.

      However most beings have forgotten how to re as-is things, or they
don't believe it is possible.  Instead they try to not-is them, which
means throwing black mental mass and force at the creation to make it
appear to not be there.

      Thus a not-isness is a pretended re as-isness.

      The vanishment brought about by true uncreation is not the same as
the apparent vanishment of the NO and REFUSED.


       "All case results from the effort to vanish creations via
not-isness rather than as-isness."

       It's technical, but any Scner who can't grok the terminology is not
a Scner but an imposter.


Fri Aug 21 15:17:05 EDT 2015