Ted Mayett  wrote:
> And my "avatars" in those dreams can do
> horrible nasty things.  And those avatars are most certainly not in
> need of repair auditing because of overts committed.

      That's because your dream avatars believe they are alone, that
others are mere hallucinations, no real concscious unit behind the
others in your dreams.

      If you stick a knife into a dream being's body, and she screams in
pain, its all an act on the part of your own overts, no one actually
feels that pain.


      Overts in dreams are just as real as overts in the waking state,
except dreams are meant to be limited in time, the waking state is not.
The dream being you slaughtered wakes up too and finds he is still alive
and ok.

      Things done to someone in the waking state however are FOREVER.

      Or as you point out below, are they?

      If they are not forever, then even though we hurt people and are
hurt in return, just like in sleep dreams, then nothing is permanent, in
the end we all make up and make friends.

      Thus hurts in this dream must be forgiven as we wish to be

>In fact those
> avatars in my dreams might think they have past lives, but that is
> only an illusion.

      That is wrong.

      Do you really believe that girl you made love to last night in a
dream wasn't there also?

      Ever TALK to your dream beings?

      Ever been given a talking to?

      Ever gotten good auditing in a dream?

      Ever had someone WAY bigger than you come to you in a dream and
tell you to start behaving yourself in your dreams and stop pretending
you are alone?

      I mean how many tits can you stick a knife into before you know
well enough what it feels like?

      Isn't it better to interview the dream bitch and find out what her
beef is?

      I will save you some trouble, I quote "I don't want to be

      > How do you audit a dream Homer?  And why would you audit a dream?

      You audit out the conception that it is FOREVER.

      It is only the forevers (in time) that cause problems.

      Seriousness, importance, PERMANENCE and pain.

      The only things that live forever (out side of time) are people and

      Everything else is only for a while.

      Seriousness keeps the game glued together by fear and hate for
forever losses.

      Unwilling, infact unable, to ever be friends again.

      That will be $10, bill is in the mail.

      I got a new business model, I will be auditing this for money,
gold, guns, ammunition or lawyer parts, the E/P is the person will walk
away knowing exactly to the day how long they will being spending in
hell when they die.

      For a little bit more, I will show them how to help themselves
lessen their term while still alive.

      Results fully guaranteed or your money back.

      Still working on the Devil, er I mean the details.


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