This I believe,
     That there is no God, Source or any other Supreme prattle.
     That women and men are equal.
     That there should be a draft and only men should be drafted,
because men are better suited to killing, dying and being vicious,
while women are better suited to suckling, nurturing and raising
little men.
     That men are responsible for most of the bad in the world, and
women are responsible for most of the good in the world.
     That children belong to the parents and should obey then at
all times right or wrong.
     That as a male you OWE the state your life for all the wonderful
things the state has done for you.
     That as a woman you don't owe anyone anything because you are
     That a strong military is the foremost goal of all good youth to
protect us and the rest of the world from the surrounding
Anti-Countries and their ever present Anti-Philosophies.
     That burning the flag should be punishable by death.  If you
don't love it, you should be wraped in it and buried in it.
     That gays are emotionally healthy normal people and should be
encouraged to have children by what ever means they can scrounge up,
or adopt them.  These children should NOT be allowed to sue the
adoption agencies later in life for giving them without their choice
to a gay couple.
     I believe that two gay women should be allowed to adopt a child
for who needs a man around anyway?
     I believe that two gay men should NOT be allowed to adopt a child
for two times useless is still useless.
     That a child that complains that it does not have a father is
     That a child that complains that it does not have a mother is
     That Gays are fit for military Duty but should probably be
sequestered with the females lest they die of a terminal hard on.  As
for the Butch Dykes, well they certainly are fit for Military Duty,
probably more so than then men.  They should be sequestered with the
guard dogs and the Pit Bulls.
     That all drugs except for alcohol should be illegal and that
mandatory death by hanging should be the penalty for the use of,
possession of, or dealing in any drug other than alcohol.
     That the Marijuana plant should be hunted and burned down to
     That LSD is the single most dangerous drug to the state as it
gives people the delusion that they are Immortal beings, that they can
get out of their bodies, and it shows them Beauties and Uglies that do
not exist and should not be known about.
     That the words Excaliber and Excaliper should be struck from the
English language.
     That alcohol is not a drug and is not addictive and can be used
responsibily, but all other illegal drugs can not be used responsibly
and are addictive and cause delusions of spirituality.
     That alcohol is the brew of choice by Christ Himself.
     That the rich should support the poor and poverty is not the
fault of the poor and they have no responsibility for their condition
and are innocent victims.
     That no one should be allowed to make more than a certain amount,
and if they do it should go to the state.
     That the state is perfect and should be given control over the
populace so that they might be better governed.
     That Duties are more important than Rights, and that people who
agitate about Rights are being ungrateful that they have been assigned
Duties by the State and if they have Rights its probably because they
stole them.
     That Honor is defined by obeying your Superiors.
     That courage and independance are human weaknesses except when
exercised in the Line of Duty.
     That Duty is to carry out to completion the tasks assigned to you
by the State.
     That random drug testing is ethical and morally imperative if we
are to rid our country of the scourge of alcohol competitors.
     That nicotine, caffein, aspirin, and anti histamines are not
drugs and are not addictive and are necessary to the well functioning
of our society.
     That the drug companies who make Aspirin and Excedrin are not
aware that caffein causes headaches and do not have a financial
agreement with the softdrink companies to entice them to put caffein
in their drinks.
     That the extra special ingredient in Excedrin on top of aspirin
is not caffein.  That excedrin PM is not specially formulated aspirin
that manages to leave out the caffein.
     That all religions are equally bad and act as a narcotic to the
people who indulge in them.
     That the Bill of Rights should be thrown out.  It was designed by
criminals to protect criminals.  Only criminals need to have secrets,
and the state should be allowed total access to our lives and our
bodies, in order to protect us from the criminal element.
     That the State itself is immune from criminality and in fact
DEFINES criminality by passing laws stating what criminality is.
     That only State mandated Abortions and State mandated Births
should be allowed.
     That the Libertarian view is the most Evil view one can hold.
     That no one is capable of total responsibility for himself and
therefore should be governed with an iron fist by the state.
     That people should not be allowed to state opposing views to
those stated above lest the young and the innocent be swayed away by
evil rhetoric.
     That anyone expressing opposition to these views is demonstrating
incurable and extreme anti patriotism for questioning the sanctity of
the State and should be terminated immediately.
     That all races are equal in every aspect.
     That some races are enslaved or obliterated by other races
because of unfortunate circumstances.
     That women have nothing to do with the outcome of their sons.
     That women are victims of society.
     That criminals are born and not made.
     That the PURPOSE of life is to fight evil.
     That fucking asses is FAR SUPERIOR to fucking vaginas.
     That we should NEVER EVER study the question of WHY gays are gay
lest homophobes find out and start to DO something about it.
     That Carpet Munchers (extreme mono homo lesbians) have it all
figured out and really know what is best for their SONS.
     That children do not NEED the presence of a male during their
childhood years.
     That children do not NEED the presence of a female during their
childhood years.
     That two women can do as well as a man and a woman in raising a
     That two men can do as well as a man and a woman in raising a
     That surrogate rubber tits and bottles are just as good as the
real thing.
     That women do not touch their own tits all the time.
     That men's desire to touch tits is craven and lowly and shows
that women are better than men.
     That normal social contact with females outside of the family
unit is satisfactory contact for the upbringing of a child with two
gay fathers.
     That normal social contact with males outside of the family unit is
satisfactory contact for the upbringing of a child with two lesbian
     That children do not care about contact with either sex during
their upbringing and are unaffected by any possible family circumstance.
     That how others bring up their children is none of my business.
     That the State should control absolutely how parents raise their
     That there should not be a Children's Bill of Rights.
     That the proper relationship between Parent and Child is one of
Domination and Submission.
     That Self Determinism is the root of all evil.
     That independant thought is a High Crime punishable by death by
     That parents should NEVER talk about anything bad with their
children lest they go out and do it.
     That chewing bubble gum leads to harder drugs.
     That there is no Justice.
     That fags were not dykes in a past life.
     That dykes were not fags in a past life.
     That women have never been men.
     That men have never been women
     That you only get to be a child once.
     That you have never been fully educated before in a past life.
     That no one ever gets to be a God.
     That Gods never get to be children again.
     That children do not NEED the presence of a human at any time.
     That Mother Nature was a Dyke.
     That Father Time was a Fag.
     That nice guys finish last if at all.
     That what goes around stays there.


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