The below is particularly true for children who know full well
their vision statement and mission statement by the time they are two
whether they can express it or not.

     They have seen it and felt it, even if they don't yet have the
words to express it, or have been forbidden to know or use such words.

     A child that does not have the vocabulary to discuss the issues of
their fair chosen vision and mission in life will be severely hindered.

     Worse if the child's basic purspose is opposed by their parents or
signifcant others, the child will dwindle into apathy and live a 5
percent life rather than a 100 percent life, operating in resentment on
a substitute set of goals that will lead them no where except to
eventually kill their will to live.

     All research, discovery, learning, teaching and studying by the
child hinges upon and aligns with their basic vision/mission statement
in life.  Thus if the vision/mission is in confusion or worse
suppressed, the child will not be able to learn or retain.

     Every dull, lost, hopeless, stupid or wandering person out there is
a Star Captain that has lost his commission in a daze of suppression,
and has gone AWOL into doing something other, including suppressing
OTHERS from their vision and mission too!

     What comes around, goes around, and what goes around comes around.

     Children in particular are often force fed data and learning that
revolves around OTHER'S vision/mission for the child rather than their
own, and worse, areas of critical importance to the child's
vision/mission are suppressed and never talked about or punished out of

     Thus take any child, recover for them their understanding of their
OWN vision/mission statements and then make sure their education
revolves directly around them, and you will create a powerhouse of a
being who will help others as they have been helped, and integrate their
own course in life with the vision/mission statements of everyone else
around them, fixing each broken person they come across.

     Star Captains in good operating condition do not tolerate sullen or
glum crew members or friends.

     A person's vision/mission statement is the warp core of a person's
being, their reason d'etre.
     The vision and mission are the source of ALL of a person's
important game playing, including effort, action and high tone emotions
of interest, enthusiasm, exhilaration, courage, thrill and romance with
     Peace too as without the above working properly and at high energy,
apathy imposters as peace.

     Any relationship is about 'relating', and what people want to
relate about is their vision and mission in life and everything that
happens around it, from triumph to defeat.

     And they want others to do the same.  That's how integration of
purposes comes to be and teams are built, no matter how thinly or
remotely connected.

     Any part of a person's relating to existence that is not part of
that warp core, including parents and others who insist on engaging in
off vision and off mission relationships.  becomes just so much dead
baggage to that person's life and should be corrected or barring that
terminated as soon as possible.


     The following posting was originally written for a business class,
but it turns out that vision and mission apply across all the dynamics,
to every goal or purpose your preclear has ever had or ever will have.

     Every goal consists of vision, what you want to accomplish, and
mission, how to get there.

     At a lower level we are trying to rehabilitate your preclear's
ability to know his own goals and go after them.

     At a higher level we are trying to find the preclear's top oppterm
on his present time personal GPM, with which he poisons his entire
relationship with the 8 dyanmics and the universe at large.

     A GPM or Goals Problem Mass is what is left over after a being has
lost every possible fork of a major multi lifetime game he was playing,
even after he switched sides and lost there too.

     The top oppterm (opposition terminal) is the most recent present
time opposing terminal to what the preclear is seeking, it is here that
all the super overts, forevers and nevers, murders and hells, are
created and wished off on the oppterm, only to kick back on the preclear
when he regrets it or is overwhelemed by raw force.

     The subconscious reactive bank is made of a series of layers of
disaster going back into antiquity, containing force and violence of a
kind that most people can't stomach which is in part why it is 'nothing
there' for them, they can't remember anything.

     Oy, we are talking about a sadness here that not even a God could

     GPMS are serious game playing at its best and worst.

     Any series of goals that a preclear has had, have provided a ladder
of failure at that goal followed by substitution with another sub goal,
all within the main goal, and then finally after many such substitutes,
down to later and other main goals which form new GPMS of their own, all
of which we call substitutes.

     Thus we have a chain of GPMS, each of which of is made of a chain
of sub goals, all leading ultimately down the drain of the kitchen sink.

     Taking the old GPM example of the temple priest who is opposed to
the temple virgins, he will engage in many different shades of the goal
to be a temple priest, and then finally give up and become a temple

     There again he will engage in a long sashay down the various game
roles available to a temple virgin, until finally he drops that GPM
entirely and becomes an anarchist opposing a tyrant which is an entirely
new and different GPM.

     The more new and different a GPM he falls into, the better off he
will be at the start of it, because he isn't involving any of the
baggage he accumulated from the first one.  Until he gets into the
murder and deceit again :)

     At the start of any GPM he is thinking, "I wish to help the world."
     While later he is thinking, "I wish to drown in the blood of my

     A little later he is thinking "The only true satisfaction in life
is sweet revenge."

     Near the bottom of any GPM he is thinking "The purpose of life is

     At the very bottom he is thinking "Life sucks Rocks, and then you

     Over the course of a GPM across many lifetimes, he goes from
helping as his basic thrust, to helping by killing, and finally to being

     Thus he is practically DYING out of the old GPM, and getting a new
life in the new one, so he won't remember the old one at all.  This is
in part why we do not remember our past lives, we refuse to span who and
what we were and hated during those lives, AND HOW LOW WE GOT.
     Those memories are there though to be spanned with some daring and
imagination and willingness to admit you failed miserably and took a lot
of good people with you, and a lot of bad people who finally took you
with them.

     Don't worry, be happy, every one else was doing the same.

     It is very easy to assess for how many levels of substitutes down
he is within his present time goal.  The pristine beginning level is
level 0.  The first substitute is level 1 etc,

     The number found will not be huge, probably less than 200, and on
easy cases more like less than 20.

     Once the preclear has a clear idea of HOW MANY substitutes he is
sitting in, he will be in a better position to correctly assess his
feelings and reactions to getting up in the morning, and better able to
see his way towards making correct indictions that bring him up tone
rather than down tone.

     Usually when he gets up in the morning, he is still tring to fight
his (losing) battle with his present time substitute position within the
over all goal.  Once he knows this, he can chill out on winning at the
substitute, and eventually the earlier beginnings to this goal will come
back to him with some shock.

     He has copped out, and forgotten that he did so, and lost track of
how far south he has gone and how lost he has become on his original


     Remember each goal has a number of levels of sashays (substitute
goal variations), and each sashay has many different forays, attempts to
win the fight.

     When your preclear gives up on forays at a particular goal
variation, he will sashay down to the next one, and start over again
trying to win that position instead.

     The forays contain high action, force, mis communications, problems
both internal to himself and external, hideous super overts, withholds,
breaking of his own affinity, reality and communication, filled with
computations to the effect that the oppterm of that particular sashay
should be wiped out forever regardless of personal or collateral costs.

     Many forays over time eventually build up regret, ORS
(indecisions), ANDS (decisions to do BOTH), and eventually desperate
lunacy before taking relief in the next sashay down.

     Thus for each over arching goal, there will be a number of
different sashays carried out through a declining history of many

     The rundown goes something like this.

     Each goal consists of numerous sashays, each sashay contains a
vision of accomplishment.

     The vision statement is where we want to go, what future state we
want to be in.

     Each vision leads to many forays or missions.

     The mission statement is how to get there.

     Vision statement: A better world through communication.

     Mission statement: Provide everyone with internet.

     1.) Assess for how many levels of substitute the preclear is from
his present time main goal.  It is NOT necessary to know what the goal
is, and DO NOT list for it.

     Try to clarify if this number is levels of substitute GOALS down
from some earlier possibly first ever goal, in which case you are taking
about a very very long period of time, or simply the number of
substitutes he has fallen down in this life time goal while still
remaining in the this life time goal structure as a whole.

     This last is what you want, but take what you get.

     Do not confuse him with the above complexities, but you as an
auditor should have a good grasp on the possibilities and have some idea
of the nature of the answer you finally agree upon with the preclear.
The answer should read well on the meter and produce VGI's or Very Good
Indicators, preclear smiling, laughing, and VERY interested in running
the material coming up to him.

     "At last I can find a confessor I can trust!"

     You will find his present time goal is a 'reliable item' in that if
you check it again periodically it will release and read again and
again, although the read may dry up until some auditing takes place
between checking it.

     2.) Find the various visions that are involved with his present
time goals, whether subsitutes or not.

     "Tell me a vision you might like to bring about in the future."

     DO NOT USE REMEMBER, or any form of what question.

     If he can't answer the above command, run something softer like

     "Get the idea of wanting to bring something about in the future."

     Or "Conceive bringing about something in the future."

     Watch it, conception is causal.

     As his vision statements get closer to the core, they will become
easier to mockup for a short while in full 3D surround sound visio.  If
he is still getting flat pictures in front of his face, he is still not

     3.) For each vision he gives you ask him

     "Tell me how you might get there."

     or if that is too rough, no answer etcs,

     "Get the idea of getting there."

     You want DOINGs, action.

     Passive answers are fine, but if no active answers, watch out.

     Make sure you allow him to answer, and keep answering until no more
come up.  The go back to 2.

     Allow him to tell you the woe that happened, mis communications,
problems, overts, withholds, computations, regrets, indecisions and

     Run to major insight.  This will produce spectacular relief.

     The pain, depression, tension, lunacy, suicidal and homocidal
ideations, comes from ANDS.

     Wanting something *AND* not wanting it at the same time FOREVER.

     etc, etc, etc.

     Every item in existence can form an AND.


     Expect any and all of them.

     These happen at the end of long strings of failed missions.

     Every time an AND comes off, the needle will stop and drop, and
loosen up and the TA should come down a bit for a while, and the body
will go through spasms of shooting and slowly moving pain like lava
flowing back to source, ending in lasting relief, humor and tears.  The
tears may take a bit, but he will be bawling from laughter and sorrow in
a while.

     You know, so good to be home, he is glad to have been in hell for a

     If you want, have your preclear star rate the following posting to
make sure he gets what its all about.

     Make sure YOU star rate it or you won't know what you are handling
when he brings it up.