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>> And wrt my own beliefs, I see everything in this universe as a part of
>> God ... God's Being and God's life.  We are inside God and God's life
>> is inside us.

     You see, I am a philozofer, and when you do philozofy enough you
notice there is a little alarm that goes off inside that is very subtle,
but it tells you when you are on the wrong track however slightly off
course it might be.

     Anytime people start talking about something creating something
else, the little alarm goes off.

     Even in the physical universe, nothing gets created nor destroyed,
energy only changes form, and macro things get rearranged because they
are made of parts.

     ARRANGEMENTS AND STATES of stuff come and go, but the stuff itself
remains eternally there.

     Thus the ultimate stuff of things is conserved.

     We call this the conservation of something.

     So when people starting about God, which is not physical, creating
the physical, the philozofy alarm goes off loudly, and then when they
further talk about making conscious units out of rearrangements of
physical parts the alarm smokes and blows up, cuz the proof says that
ain't possible.

     Arrangements of parts just can't be certain of anything, period.

     Now Occam sez follow the simplest theory that explains all the
facts.  Yeah I know, who has all the facts, but in fact the simplest
theory is NOT that God made the physical, and then rearranged the
physical into consciousness.

     If God himself were conscious, it wouldn't be a physical process
based consciousness anyhow now would it, and thus anything that was a
physical based 'consciousness' or mechanical analogue of such, would
have to be very different indeed from the true consciousness of God.

     Worse the proof sez that since God-the-non-physical and the
physical are two different objects, and two different KINDS of objects,
God can never know whether his physical creation exists or not with
perfect certainty, nor can God and his physical souls ever know about
each other either.

     So since there is no evidence whatsoever for the physical universe,
it makes a lot more sense to just say there is God.

     God can't create anything, so God is conserved and being the only
something there is, something is also conserved.  That makes the
physicists and the 'zofers happy.

     But this God can change state, God is a kind of glow in the dark
dream being.  He can 'create' conscious dreams, pictures, scenes,
sensations etc, by causing his own substrate to change polarization from
off to on.  Nothing created in actuality, but a change in state in what
was already eternally there.

     Then he can stick his consciousness into one of these dreams so he
thinks he IS the dreamer.  And he can do this many countless of
independent times, creating many dreamers dreaming many dreams.  Again
nothing actual created, but changes in state in the One God to make it
look like TO HIMSELF there are many dreamers.

     Thus God does not create the Soul, but turns himself into the Soul,
to view the many panoramas he is displaying in his multi colored glow in
the dark body.

     And when the soul wakes from the dream, he 'becomes one' with God
again, because he always was God in carnation anyhow.

     And thus God and Soul can be certain of each other, because they
ARE each other.
     If God and Soul are two different materials, Ex Temporal or In
Temporal, then God and soul are two different objects, and thus the Soul
can never become one with God, nor even know if God exists with

     Two different objects is a bitch.

     Normal meatballs consider the physical universe to be a Cathedral
of sorts, and Souls are the beings inside the edifice of existence.
These souls like to pretend that God is also inside the edifice as 'God
permeates everything,' but then God is also outside of the edifice
because he made it, whereas the Souls are not and can not be outside the
edifice because they ARE MADE of the edifice material.

     Thus we say that God is Ex Cathedra, and the Souls are In Cathedra.

     However Occam would say it is simpler to believe that God itself is
the Cathedral, not the physical universe which instead is dreams of
pretty stained glass through out the living Cathedral walls, and God
likes to play at being Soul inside the Cathedral looking out through the
stained glass at what else he has wrought.

     In other words God is looking out at what he made over there, by
BEING what he made over here.

     But both over there and over here are but tattoos on the body of God
glowing in the dark of the void.

     Nothing created, nothing destroyed, just a chameleon changing the
colors of his being.

     It is as simple as that.

     Believe it or not the above passes muster with the philozofical
alarms, they just stay quiet as you please, because nothing isn't coming
from something, and two different objects aren't being certain of each

     Of course being in an incarnated state, God is pretty stupid at the
moment, albeit by exquisite design, and will reject everything said
above, which is as it should be, lest the soul wake up too fast to 'who
or what is cause around here and why is it such an AssSoul?'

Tue Mar 23 20:46:48 EDT 2010