Curiosus  wrote:
> For example the Tibetan Buddhist nun and princess Ani Patchen: leading
> 600 fighters on horseback against Chinese tanks in 1959, captured by
> the Chinese army, beaten, hung by her wrists for a week, a year in leg
> irons, nine months in solitary confinement with no light, in prison
> for 21 years, then walking for 25 days in the snow from Tibet to Nepal
> to escape another arrest, fighting until her death in 2002 to demand
> human rights for Tibetans. Low toned?

     Happiness is in the chase.

     If she had wanted serenity for ever above time she could have had
it, but she CHOSE to enter time and suffer.

     Why do you contradict me?

     Do the people in time not have any responsibility for their

     Fair chosen is fair chosen.

     That people 'seek' happiness is nonsense.

     People HAVE happiness.  They have exactly what they want as it is.
How do you think it came to be?

     By accident?  By mistake?  By fault?  By flaw?

     Justice is you get what you postulate.

     Therefore you have what you want at all times.

     It's ok to change your mind, but you can't get rid of something
until you admit having wanted it in the first place.

     People are God, God does not make mistakes, God only makes

     People WANT to have things they don't want, so they can pursue the
game of chase of making things better.  Once they win the game, they
lose the chase, gotta have more things they don't want, so they can fight them,
otherwise they might as well go back to sleep, because no detested
realities means no chase means no game.

     Thus detested realities are adorable.

     Every single piece of anything that someone doesn't want, is
actually havingness to them, something they want to have to not want.

     It can only be as-ised by spotting the wanting to have it!

     Buddhism says that suffering comes from attachment, desiring things
that we want.  This is nonsense, suffering comes from attachment to
SUFFERING, having things we don't want.  Gotta have suffering if you
gonna spend the rest of time chasing peace and its attendant short lived

     Attachment isn't a bad thing, its the way things work.  Its the how
and why we can create games of chase and take them seriously.

     A good deadly serious game of chase.

     Those that SEEK enlightenment in order to escape unenlightenment
are doing so in order to NOT find enlightenment, because the last time
they had it, they created unenlightenment so they could enjoy a good
row.  But in order to keep unenlightenment around, in order to enjoy their
games of chase, they have to hate unenlightenment and seek enlightenment
which forever puts it out of reach.

     Whatever the person wants on the surface level he doesn't want, and
whatever he doesn't want he wants.

     The alteris creates persistence, time and game.

     Picture the game won and over, time ending, and everyone saying
good bye to the playing field, and you will know what sorrow really is.

     Maybe some laughter too.

     You figure out your upset on death yet?

     Take whatever you think on the matter, write it down on
a piece of paper, and then reverse each item 180 degrees.

> Curiosus

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