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     Chase is the core vein running through the center of your
preclear's GPM Stack holding them all together on his time track.

     Chase is his reason to be and his present reason to not be.

     By not being, he is trying to get others to chase him back into a
state of beingness.

     A GPM is a Goals Problem Mass, and it is the mental wreckage left
behind during the time your preclear played out his many goals and the
problems he got into with them via opposing terminals (people).

     One life he wanted to be a fisherman (chase fish) but the forest
ranger hated fisherman (chase fishermen), and that escalated into an all
out war in which both sides lost.

     The GPM stack is the stack of all the goals your preclear has ever
had and won or lost or reached a mexican standoff and abandoned, all the
way up and down the whole track (beyond this life), past, present and

     In his GPM stack you will find all his most detested terminals
strung out like little pearls down the track of goals and opposition
goals.  Every goal eventually found an opposition goal and the person or
people who most opposed him became his most detested terminals.

     As we shall see, this is where hells lie, one for each detested
terminal, because your preclear has never resolved his desire to make
nothing of his opposers FOREVER.

     You can't make nothing out of another without making nothing out of
yourself, the brotherly bond is eternal and immutable.

     Audit out chase, and the GPM stack will come apart, and you will
audit out everything that is wrong with your preclear.


     A being natively can have in the mere conception of things.

     Chase puts time between conception and having.

     You get what you conceive, postulate, or consider, all the same

     It's not that there is anything wrong with being able to have in
the mere conception of things, its that the being can conceive NOT being
able to have in the mere conception of things, and so he can have that

     Chase makes a game out of having.  You want something, well that's
not enough to get it, you have to DO something.

     DOING is action.

     Action is movement, a change in space and time, seeking a new
future state from a present state.

     Time itself is movement, so moving in time is the first action.

     Then the being moves in space also and we have a game.

     If you are a physicist you consider that space and time are two
facets of the same thing, and so the being engages in movement in

     Action is the dividing point between the top of the tone scale and
the bottom of the tone scale.

     Both the top and bottom of the tone scale are native state above
and before space or time.

     No space, no time, no movement, no manifestation, total sleep.

     Too far above action there is no space or time, and too far below
action there is no space or time.

     The only difference between native state at the top and native
state at the bottom is the being's consideration as to whether he is
cause or effect for being there.

     All aberration is ENFORCED basic truth.

     The bottom of the tone scale is enforced native state.


       A being can and does make prime postulates at any time.

       A prime postulate is a postulate utterly undetermined by anything
that has gone before in the game or his present state.  It's kind of a
random injection into the scheme of things to keep things interesting.

      Although a prime postulate can take on very specific targets of
operation, broadly speaking there are only two possible prime

      I am cause or I am effect.

      Thus at the bottom of the tone scale, the being is postulating that
he is the effect of everything.  If he hangs out there long enough, he
is eventually bound to consider that he is cause of everything, and thus
find himself at the top of the tone scale.

      A prime postulate is also necessary to wake the being up out of the
top of the tone scale and get him into manifestation hitting the floor

      Prime postulates are also why a being can not possibly stay in a
hell forever.  At some point in his yelling and screaming to die, he
considers 'you know I forgive Joe' and poof that hell ceases.

      Of course primes can work the other way, one day he considers quite
out of the blue 'You know I am NEVER going to forgive Goober FOREVER'
and that creates a hell in his next step.

      You can't get to heaven while cackling over someone else's
suffering in hell forever.

      Hells are made of eternal disownership.

      The disowner ends up there, not the disowned.

      Forgiveness is letting go of the FOREVER, and actively trying to
integrate the being into your life as co benefactors.

      For each being that you respect, love and want to help, take care
of, and interact with, and benefit from knowing, even if through
discipline, quarantine or outright punishment for a while, you have a
spark of heaven.

      Heavens are made of the conscious light of those you have not
permanently disowned as your brother and for whom you still consider you
benefit from their existence and they benefit from yours.

      For each being that you wish to suffer and be separate from you
FOREVER, you have a spark of hell.

      The flames of hell rise high, think about it.


      Games then depend upon action which depends on movement in space
and time.  Generally the being causes movement through postulates,
considerations and effort (PU force), which we will broadly call DOING.

      Games therefore consist of a conceived end state down the road of
space and time a ways, and a walk or dance (doing) to get there called

      What you can do to win the game is limited by conceived of
conditions of existence which tell you what you can do and can't do, and
what might work and what won't.

      If you hop the distance between wanting and having on your right
foot you won't win, if you hop on your left foot you will, except if you
trip for a moment at the wrong time, then you won't win but you might
get the booby prize.

      A being can create the mix of doing and conditions to be as complex
or as simple as he wishes.

      At the simple end, the being can have in the mere conception of

      At the more complex end, the being can put as much space and time
and contortions between himself and the attainment or failure of his
goals that he wants.  Creating an optimum game then is the goal of

      An optimum game is one where the being does not lose out of the
gate over and over again, but neither does he win too easily.  We are
trying to maximize high action and chase.

      This combination of doing and conditions produces a game, which is
made of freedoms, barriers and purposes.

      Freedoms are the ability to do.

      Barriers are the conditions, the limitations and constraints on

      And what you want to have in the end is the purpose.

      Thus a being has a game.

      Games can also have the possibility of failing to win, otherwise
they are just dances to the end goal.

      And games can also have the (apparent) possibility of failing to
win FOREVER, in which case they are serious games.

      ("Apparencies are actuality" is at 26.0 on the tone scale.  Below
26.0 seriousness sets in.)

      Drama is seriousness, permanence, importance and pain.

      Seriousness is the opposite of humor, particularly good humor.

      Dramatization is bringing drama to a game.

      Notice that in either case, if a game is lost or won, the GAME is
over, and so one has lost the havingness of the CHASE, and since chase
is more important than winning or losing the wiener one is chasing, one
needs to create another game of chase.

      Notice that every action the being does to change his present state
to a future state is chase.  Chase doesn't mean the end goal is running
away from you, it does mean you are chasing after it.  Even sitting in
meditation trying to relax or attain enlightenment is chasing something
through space and time to an end state.

      Every breath you take is chase.

      Inventing games of chase then is an important ability of a being
that must not become degraded.

      But in the conception of things, a being can consider that good
games of chase are hard to come by.

       Thus the being starts to chase games of chase.

      Since he has made a GAME of creating games of chase, he might lose,
and he also might lose FOREVER.

      At which point he no longer has any more games of chase.

      Thus he sinks into a kind of tar pit, as there is nothing left
worthwhile to do in life.

      Living inside of space and time with nothing to do is a hell

      At high action, the being is causing space and time to move

      Below action, space and time are moving the being forward like a
tumble weed in the wind.

      If only the tumble weed could find something to chase, it might get
its self respect and zest for life back.

      The primary advantage to games of chase is ACTION, thrill,
adventure, surprise, delight, exhilaration, a chance to demonstrate
prowess, soaking up the glory from the roar of the crowd, and maybe
getting the girl in the end.

      Hey worst case, you can sell her on ebay for No Reserve, By Now,
for 10 bucks.

      You see HAVING the trophy is a moment of no action, no chase, no
movement in space or time, no operation of mastery, that's being in
native state all over again.

      If you spot moments when your preclear won or lost a game big time,
you will find him spotting detested moments of native state because he
lost the GAME and its action.  He wanted an endless volley and got the
trophy instead.

      All that work to get half way down the tone scale into ACTION,
gone, and for what?

      If you don't invent a new game of chase by morning, you will wake
up OLD, feeling in pain, and calling for your aspirin and daily enema.


      Now a little known secret about beings is they can postulate
feeling anything they want regardless of what is going on.

     So one doesn't actually have to be in high action chasing anything
big in order to FEEL the feelings one would feel if one were.

     Get the idea of final triumph.

     Get the idea of final defeat.

     So since the purpose of life is to have some high action fun, one
can run the following little process to help rehabilitate the being's
ability to invent games of chase.


     Have your preclear invent the smallest stupidest possible game of
chase he can conceive of, like walking over to the door and opening it.

     Have him mock it up in toto, possibility of failure, possibility of
failure FOREVER, random prime postulates in the middle, god awful
consequences should he go down mid way, unthinkable rewards to everyone
everywhere if he should win.

     Then get him to get up and execute his game of chase not knowing if
he is going to win or not.

     While he is half way to the door, have him FEEL the full feelings
of a deadly serious game of chase, the power and the glory, the shame
and the fear.  Have him mockup the feelings themselves so strong that
the feelings themselves make him stumble on his way.

     We want him SHAKING.

     Then when he finally reaches the door, have him consider randomly
that he either won or lost whatever he was going to the door for.  Maybe
he got there too late, maybe it was the wrong door, maybe it was the
right door and he nailed it right on time, with microseconds to spare
with the crowd frozen on the edge of their seats or fainting in the
isles.  Maybe he was a second too late and he made the catch anyhow.

     Then have him invent another utterly silly useless game of chase
and do the whole thing all over again.

     Do this until he can feel again as if he were in a real chase for
the continuance of existence everywhere.

     Then get him to mock up a slightly more serious game of chase where
the possibility of failure is real.  Go out and pick a girl at random
for him, and tell him to go ask her out for a date.  Do this until he
doesn't care whether he wins or loses, but is smiling broadly no matter
what happens.

     Beings will chase just about anything as long as they don't think
they will lose ALL the time.  Your preclear has gone sour on chase, so
he won't chase any more.  As long as your preclear KNOWS he will win
once in a while, even if it is only 10 percent of the time, he will be
able to enjoy the chase again more than the win.

     At some point in this process, which may take many hours and days
and months, he will recover the last true game of chase he was playing,
which he was so afraid of losing the GAME by winning or losing the game,
that he refused to play it fully and kind of ducked it in the middle.

     He will need to rehabilitate his ability to invent serious games of
chase until HAVING games of chase is no longer itself a game of chase.
At that point he will be able to continue playing full speed ahead the
game of chase he was last in, before it all went to tar.


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