Curiosus  wrote:
>For example the Tibetan Buddhist nun and princess Ani Patchen: leading
>600 fighters on horseback against Chinese tanks in 1959, captured by
>the Chinese army, beaten, hung by her wrists for a week, a year in leg
>irons, nine months in solitary confinement with no light, in prison
>for 21 years, then walking for 25 days in the snow from Tibet to Nepal
>to escape another arrest, fighting until her death in 2002 to demand
>human rights for Tibetans. Low toned?

     The more I think about this, the more incensed I become.

     First one can not say that because someone is high toned that they
got that way from their religion.  Maybe they got high toned inspite of
their religion.  Maybe they knew more about their religion than their
religion does, and so did it right.

     Two, one might say that this person was a high tone person because
she over came so many odds, but one could also say she was PTS as hell
to have gotten involved in those odds in the first place.

     Anyhow its not high tone or low tone that matter, its responsibilty
for condition, for being there.  A person can be playing a game at
sacrifice and martyrdom and that surely isn't high tone, but if he is
CHOSING to be where he is cuz the paint streaks he leaves behind him in
his wake through time bedazzle him, then he's cool and headed upwards.

     Three, it is very tempting to say that once a person goes OT, he
can stay around and postulate people better.

     That is SO stupid it merits a special badge of honor.

     An true OT can create in the mere conception of things.

     If an OT comes into a scene and postulates 'these people need help
and I will help them' what does he get?

     He gets people who need help.

     In fact one of the most dangerous sets of postulates that exist in
people that is keeping everyone down in the mud, is the postulate that
others need help, and we are going to help them.

     It would be far better for the OT who is postulating that people
need his help to simply leave the universe entirely and remove his
postulate that people need help from the enormous weight of everyone
else postulating the same and thus sinking themselves and everyone else.

     Things are bad off because everyone continues to postulate that
things are bad off.

     So now we need someone WITH SOME REAL OT POWER to come in and say
things are bad off and I am going to DO something about it?

     Seriousness and those who are going to save us from seriousness are
about all there is to traps.

     This is in part why WHY Questions are so bad.

     Someone asks WHY IS IT?

     "Say IT IS.  Say WHY?
     Say IT IS.  Say WHY?

     Some people are so stupid they can't do the wrong thing twice."

     From Adore.
Sat Mar 27 22:13:50 EDT 2010