I am not an OT, and I have no OT powers and I don't want any.

In Monica Pignotti  wrote:
> Interesting, Homer. So, in other words, you balk at proving your
> claims and slam anyone with a modicum of critical thinking skills as

     Our prime directive protocol demands that we prove to people that
THEY have OT powers and can use them, not that *I* have them.

     In fact I wouldn't even try to help someone who didn't adhere
strongly to that directive.  IF I were to help someone get back OT
powers, and they were to demonstrate them to others, the forces that be
would not only come after them, but come after me for being the source.
That would stop me from being able to help those in need.

     Someone who can create OT's is a much more powerful weapon of war
than any particular OT that is created.

     If you can't see the wisdom of this, I can't help you.

> but you are more than willing to take money from
> people gullible enough to beg you and pay you to teach them something
> you have not proven. I appreciate your honesty, though.

     I insist on return survival for any service that I offer people,
particularly if it takes a lot of time, unless they are a charity case.

     As do you.

     You see we are aren't after the clueless, we don't show our wares
in our store front, too dangerous, not just for us, but for them.

     We are after the people who already have a hint that they are OT in
an OT prison of their own making.  They may have doubts, but they don't
need proof that something is up.

     They suspect or outright know they are dreaming and want help
waking up.

     The proof will improve their certainty that they are dreaming, and
from there it's mainly a matter of auditing out the intent to go to
sleep in a dream.

     The 'I am proud to be MEST' cases are not ready to go lucid and
would be nothing but trouble if given the demonstration they seek,
ranging from total insanity to death.  Maybe not all, but one is enough,
and since we can't tell who that one might be that goes crazy, the
directive forbids us to demonstrate to anyone.

     I don't need to show someone that *I* am out of prison (which I am
not), to show them that they ARE in an OT prison, and that they put
themselves there, and that they can get themselves out.

     That's a very valuable win, even though it is still below
'demonstrating' anything.  Tone soars, one stops worrying about death,
ability to feel returns, and one's future becomes very different.

     Its actually just a few short hours of processing and going over
the proof to do that.

     From there on out, its a matter of actually getting them out of
prison.  Now they might ask, well Homer if you can't fix your own car,
how do you expect to fix mine?

     Fair question, and sometimes I won't be able to.  But I have found
many others to be very accessible to their own cases where I am not.
Thus I find auditing others sometimes easier than auditing myself.

     In fact I started out on this whole trek as a prove it case
meatball myself, and frankly we are just too far gone to help in this

     But most others that come to me and are accessible, never got that
low, and so they just want some help recovering what they already have.
For me its mostly a matter of permission and letting them itsa, and
recover in a safe space.

     I tell them right up front though, no demonstrations of OT powers,
even to me, my body can't handle it.


> Monica
> Proud to be a PROVE IT CASE

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