One can not recover one's sovereignty.

      Sovereignty means you want it, you got it.

      One can recover one's awareness of sovereignty.

      Sovereignty can never be lost.

      Sovereignty is always there doing what sovereignty does best.

      Creating whatever you last postulated.

      If that's a state of not know, then that's a state of not know.

      Justice is you get what you postulate.

      There are many who have no sense of responsibility for their
condition.  They think OT powers are going to be gotten some how when
they never had them in the first place.  They certainly don't think they
are USING OT powers to 'not have' OT powers.

      Oh no, that's Joke's On You.  J.O.Y.

      You have to ask a very deep question, if the last postulate you
made was to not know AND to not know you chose to not know, how would
you undo this?

     For the meat case, he will complain that he doesn't know if he
chose to not know and he will demand proof that he did so before he will
do anything about it.

     Now duplication will get you out of anything once you let go of it,
rather than trying to DO something about it.

     If you can put it there fully, then you can simply cease to put it
there and it won't be there, unless others are putting it there too, in
which case if you put them there putting it there, you can stop doing
that, and they will stop putting it there, and it will be gone FOR YOU.

      If you are real scary, it will gone for good for everyone.

      Get the idea of wanting to vanish something for everyone.

      Get the idea of wanting to persist something for everyone.

     So the way out of not knowing if you not knowed, is simply to do it
again.  But if you don't know that you not knowed, how will you know
this will work?

     YOU WON'T.

     It doesn't take any faith, just close the god damn door again and
see if it opens.  Lord save you when it does, you had better be able to
hold it mostly closed, while it's opening, let the steam escape.

      It's particularly hard if you are trying to figure out WHAT you not
knowed, like the answer to a question, before you run the process so you
can not know THAT.

      Look this is real simple, if he not knowed a question and an
answer, then he wants to at least know the questions, so he can continue
to not know the answer.

      Maybe it was just an experience he wants to not know, good or bad,
so there is no part of it to know first so he can decide if he wants to
know the rest of it.

      No, you don't want to know what you chose to not know, so you need
to run the process as stated.

      Simply not know IF something was not known, and not know the thing
that was not known regardless of what it was, and not know this process
too boot, so there is no thought of not knowing anywhere in your space.

      *THAT* is not knowing.

      Needing to know if a process will work BEFORE you run the process
is a 'need to know before you go case', and these guys just won't get

      The being as creature is up against a full instantiation of himself
as the Creator wanting to not know something.

      Who are you going to call?

      So the auditor says, ok we are going to run a process to help you
know that you chose to not know.  Here is the first command:


      And they will go: But how do I know I not knowed something in the
first place, how do I know this process will work?  What was it I not
knowed?  How long will this take?  How much will it cost me?  Will it be

      Well the clock is ticking...

      As to the last question, if YOU chose to not know something, and
you chose to not know that you chose to not know it ad infinitum, could
it be anything else but worthwhile to finally have your integrity back
and not be running around in a self deceit that anyone can see but

      Get the idea of walking down the street with your fly open.

      That's YOU asshole.

      And no one will tell you because they are doing it too.

      You see they are turning the process which is a command into a
question, in order to not run the process.

      Will this work?  How do I know?  Maybe I haven't not known
something, yak, yak, yak.

      When they can simply not know something and not know what they are
not knowing, without asking who, how, what or why about any part of it,
then the process will start to bite.

      It takes a certain amount of surrender to one's self and humility
to run out one's own choice to violate one's own sovereignty forever and
then not know that one did that.

      Of course its not forever, and high enough up you know that, but a
little lower down, it looks like forever.

      The highest level of confront is confront of pure evil.

      That's because the preclear no longer knows he can just put it
there and let go in order to vanish it.

      Instead basic basic on evil is also basic basic on the computation
that he needs to DO something about the evil, or else, and that is the
definition of non confront.

      Trying to vanish something by creating something more.

      So either you chose to not know something or you didn't, so it
would be good to get that out of the way first, so if you didn't, you
can go do other things like ouija boards or something.

      But if you did chose to not know your own sovereignty, the process
will take you there or close enough so you can maintain your not know
willingly and know you are doing so.  There was a reason you chose to
not know, and not know that you not knew, but you didn't really need to
NOT KNOW you chose to not know.

      You could have just held the door closed consciously.

      So knowing that you are choosing to not know and continuing to do
so is the first OT power we are trying to rehabilitate.

      Its like keeping pandora's box closed by putting your hand on the
lid.  At first the preclear has no clue about the box or his hand.  But
after a bit of processing he goes, "Whaddya know, pandora's box!  And I
am keeping it closed with my own hand, and yep I probably better keep
doing that, but I am not going to lose sight this time of what I am

      Well maybe he can lose sight of it for the time it takes him to
watch a good TV show, but not the 100 trillion years like he did the
last time he knew about his personal box.

      He became a "What box?" case.

      Now he is a "Hey, that's MY box, and I will do with it what I

      That's a step up in responsibility you see?

      Now your meat case is going to complain again, how long will this
take and how much will it cost me?

      Well if you make him pay for 10,000 months of auditing up front, he
is going to balk.  He has no clue if this is going to work or not, he
doesn't yet have 'auditing is a good thing and ought to be continued'.

      He's afraid it MIGHT WORK and kill him.

      "Ultimate evil, eh?  Gulp."

      But if you make him pay a day at a time, and offer a full refund if
he isn't happy, then he should be willing to take the risk.  There are
hundreds of people lining up at your door for service, if he isn't
willing to take the risk without 'proof', send him on his way, there are
more valuable people to audit waiting in line.

      But he is still going to wonder how long this will take, hours?
Days?  Months?

      Will I be broke and not able to afford any more help that I
desperately need?!

      Especially with people bidding up the price of your services
waiting at your door while you waste your time and theirs with him.

      He is in waiting, and has been looking at no change for a trillion
years, and he wants rightly to know how long this will take.

      It is tempting to tell him to shut up and that it will take as long
as it takes, but he will start to feel that timeless foreverness turn
on, and his money will be flowing to you with no return day after day
after day.  It won't work to just tell him 'a few more days' every few
days.  You know "You haven't given it enough TIIIIIIMMMMMMEEEEE."

      If you are into that kind of auditing, start a Church.

      The answer is you have no clue how long it is going to take, except
through your past experience with others and yourself, but don't tell
him that, he HATES being equated with OTHERS "just like him."

      "Well you are all idiots, and all idiots take about 40 intensives
to clear up their problem with ultimate evil, so shut up and do the last
command I just gave you."

OF IT regardless of what was run or what happened.

      So even if he hasn't attained what he came in for, at the end of
the very first session, he should be happy with his investment and
*EAGER* for more.

      Hope and promise should be higher at the end of each session
concerning his final goals for auditing.

      If you run the above process and then the OT Power Protocol
Process, you will have no problems and no sour preclear's.

      If you find you have nothing but a disaster on your hands, tell him
'Sorry I can't help you at this time, here's your money back, please
call me up again in a few months, maybe I will have figured something
out for you.'

      Like how to set up shop in another state.


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