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>Interesting.  So a true OT, who has the powers, would have zero
>loyalty to the Church of Scientology.

     Well why would a game creator want more game creators around?

     An OT is a fully operational GodSoul.

     As such the OT's motivation to create games is opposed to the
human's desire to win them.

     The guy who created football didn't take sides, you understand?

     If a God were to take sides, it would usually be for the underdog,
because their aim is to keep the game going.

     But their main effort would be to improve the game if one side
would win so easily and the other never win.

     Also a God can only interfere in human affairs under very tight
rules, other wise humans stop trying for themselves.

     In any case no OT is all powerful, let alone a fledgling OT, if he
were he would simply create the universe as it is.

     He would be doing what he be doing, because he is at peace and
there would be no reason to change anything.

     Thus there is a change over point when a human goes OT, he stops
helping and caring about those around him in the sense of helping them
win the game.  He will help them have a better longer game, but not win
it.  You see?

     That is in part why humans fear and thus *HATE* Gods and OT's.

     Thus all OT's are at risk in any game they play, they have lost and
can lose to a planet full of humans who are dedicated to destroying or
enslaving them and destroying their loved ones who may not be OT yet.

     They need to stay fabian, and play in the background and optimize
the game where no player can ever tell it is going on.

     Humans are out in your face, put up or shut up!  OT's vanish and
must stay fabian, they can not be provoked to 'appear'.

>Following that, one who
>claims to be OT VII or VIII, but does not have the powers as it didn't
>work for them, can have extreme loyalty to the church.


     They have loyalty to a hope, a dream, which they correctly know is
possible, but incorrectly think they will find in the Church and
Hubbard's work.

     Look most of the OT abilities are inner abilities, OT III is
freedom from overwhelm.  That's a major state, but I doubt any have it
really, not stably.

     OT VII is the ability to project intention, that means if I want
you to do something, I can 'make' it be your intention to do it, as long
as you aren't opposed.  I can 'give' you the idea, to turn left instead
of right etc.

     OT VIII *USED* to be cause over MEST, but that's absurd, they are
lucky if they can get their dicks to rise or move their bodies around
without falling down the stairs let alone move an ashtray over to where
the cigarette is.

     OT VIII back in the old days was a theoretical postulate, when it
finally came time to deliver it was down graded into a pre OT level,
meaning its just another auditing of overts and withholds cycle, trying
to force endless loyalty to the Church.

     And sad truth is that just about anybody can make case gain of a
sorts in a highly protected atmosphere, but throw them to the lions in
the real world and they simply come apart, can't even make a living.

     The church is full of scientology wogs, those that need someone
else to do everything for them.

     You need to stop looking at LRH and the Church and its meatball
adherents, and start looking at YOUR spiritual existence and abilities.

     LRH said these abilities are there, he was right.

     LRH said he could help you develop them, well that's probably a
less than perfect bet at this time on this planet.

     If you can see past LRH to the truth in your own soul, then you
will see better where the Church may have gone astray and given the
whole subject a bad name.

     Look at it this way, the *CHURCH* has not yet gotten above Grade
IV, or dramatizing psychotic on a make wrong rampage, so how can anyone
inside the Church possibly become or really be an OT?

     Now I will tell you something else, and you will either interact
with this comment with intelligence or not depending on whether your
mother bred with a valid license.

     What I WANT from Scientology or clearing is not magic abilities to
defend my body from all oppressors, or demonstrate eternality to those
better flushed down the toilet a few times.

     I just want to feel physically and emotionally good about my
endless future and not be in anger, fear, sorrow and apathy all day

     And I would like some control over my next lives, so I can get on
with various trans life time goals that I have my heart set on.  I
certainly do not want to end up with cretins for parents as I did in
this life, and I do not want to end up a mortal meatball all over again
next life.

     Recovering from the emotional and mental wreckage of mortality is
almost impossible.

     And if my inner feelings are any clue, I have known the proof
before this life, and I didn't appreciate it taking me 21 years of life
to recover it.

     So those are big desires and very very very hard to achieve.

     If I could just feel good all day long, look forward to my future
no matter what it is, make friends, grow and prosper, not have the
demons and their claws in my rib cage and throat, and their tails up my
ass, and not be a fucking Black V who can't see anything because every
time I do, my body starts to faint, then I might consider the issues of
moving the marble.

     But you know once you go in the direction of stopping atom bombs in
flight, and doing serious Physical Universe magic to protect fragile
things, you come to own it, and Earth wouldn't be free any more, the non
OT's would be RULED by the OT's, not because the OT's wanted it, but
because the little guys would demand it, TAKE CARE OF ME.

     That's a big reason to not let little guys know you might be able
to, because they will try to ruin you and your friends and pets if you
don't.  An OT, no matter how powerful he is, if he ACTS, will engender
consequences, and consequences can be like tidal waves, nothing can
stand up to them, not even the OT who started it.

     Thus the protocol empowers the power.

     Find out how the power should be used, and it will come back.


>I'll have to digest that one for a while.

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