I claim that if you co audit the OT Power Protocol Process
alternated with NOT KNOW SOMETHING as needed, for a maximum of 100
hours, across a number of days, an hour or two a day, or every few days,
with someone who is a competent co auditor who has and knows how to use
an e-meter, your worry about whether OT powers exist or not, will change
to a worry about what to do with them once they come back.


      If 100 people out of a truely random sample try this, more than 50
percent will successfully attain the E/P as stated in less than 100
hours, another 25 percent will not but will remain interested in
continuing the process further, and another 25 percent will abort and
never complete.

      This I claim, and would consider a good bet, although I could be
wrong about the percentage of successes.


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