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> There's a lot in that post.  I'll need to go through it a couple of
> times.
> I take it anything after 1955 was pursuit of money.

     Too simple minded.

     The Churches descent was a massive and complex affair with
many causal factors, greed and fear of non survival and outright
paranoia and preemptive war bound polices among them.

     The need for money is obvious, you can't build a world wide church
without it.

     However the real changes taking place was caused by what Scn would
call a sashay down a GPM structure, starting at the beginning with the
goal to free people, and ending at the bottom with the goal to enslave

     Probably about 16 to 20 distinct steps along the way.

     If you take a look at Hubbard's life, the money certainly didn't go
to him, but the organization itself kind of had a desire for survival
through power, control and of course wealth, be it money or whatever.
They do want to control the world you know.

     As for the tech, in parallel with the decay of the ethics of the
organization as a whole, Hubbard found that people just couldn't run pre
1952 stuff.  So he had to go lower and lower down the bridge to bring
processes to people who could barely talk to each other, and who had so
many withholds as a normal course of life, their minds looked like a can
of worms.

    The first people in Scn, 1952 say, were already out of body,
or near out of body, called step 1's and 2's.

     A step 1 could be out just by considering it.

     A step 2 could PUSH himself out with mental force beams directed at
his forehead, and pull beams directed at the walls of the room.  He was
lost in the illusion of force and mechanics and considered himself a
newtonian entity like a marble.

     So Ron developed processes to stabilize them outside, mostly mockup
processing, and also to take back from the body all the ability and
personality they had assigned to it which was really theirs.

     Step 3's and 4's were lower tone and needed 'earlier' processing,
which was actually developed later, but meant for lower tone cases that
had to be run first, in order to get them to step 1.

     A step three was able to make mental space time, and was practiced
on this until he exteriorized.

     A stop 4 could not make space but could barely hold a single point
still.  So he was practiced on this until he became a step 3, then ran
spaction until a 2 and then considerations until a 1 etc.

     Hubbard was always most interested in OT's, people who were out of
body or could get out easily, and developing their exterior abilities to
really get them free of getting involved in body games again which is
pretty much the death of anyone.

     But he ran out early of step 1's, so had to deal with step 2's,
then 3's and 4's.  Then he really ran out, because most of mankind is
down in the step 5 and step 6 area, no clue, never been out, can't get
out, all black, don't believe it, all circuits, bank talks for them,

     If you follow the issue closely across 1952 to 1955 say, you will
find he issued many versions of the Standard Operating Procedure for
clearing.  It was always devoted to steps 1 through 4.

     He would deal with step 5's (all black no mockups) and below with a
single paragraph, something like "If pc can't get mockups, remedy
havingness on black masses".

     In otherwords, the pc is stuck in black masses, so make
more of them until it clears.

     Right.  Sure that process will work, across 10**98 hours.

     In other words dealing with the step 5-7 was so hard and
impossible, that it just wasn't worth it.

     So Hubbard got good at dealing with 1-4, and claiming to have easy
processes to help the 5 become a 4, BUT NEVER ACTUALLY USING THEM, he
left 5's and below behind.  They just didn't show up for auditing, and
Hubbard has happy to have it so.

     For one 5's and 4's didn't get along, because a 4 was at the bottom
half of the God range, and the 5 was at the top half of the soul/human
range, and souls just hate gods.

     The usual thought in a 5's head towards a 4 was 'why don't you just
as-is my case for me!'

     More practically the auditing of 5's was so slow they didn't have
enough money to pay for their own case gain.

     The 4 is trying to become a 1, the 5 is trying to become a better 5
with some super powers to protect his 5ness.
     So you got tomes and tomes of stuff to deal with steps 1-4 which
were relatively easy to exteriorize and stabilize, and nothing to deal
with steps 5-7 which were impossible to audit but which were the vast
majority of human beings.

     Somewhere after the 50's he simply ran out of step 1-4s on Earth, I
mean a handful, a few hundred maybe, and was stuck with 5 billion step

     So the remainder of Scientology then by necessity was directed at
helping lower level preclears get up to a point where they weren't lying
to themselves complusively, able to talk to an auditor and then make
some general case gain.

     Notice in Creation of Human Ability, how many processes are there
for Route 1 (steps 1-4), just a few, and how many for route 2 (5-7)
hundreds!  That's because auditing below step 4 is auditing stone.  At 4
and above you have a being talking to you, at 5 and below you have a
Newtonian nutcake marble.  Thinks he's meat etc, will defend it to the
death, the whole thing.

     The church began to fill up with 5's and 6's, none of whom ever
made any real case gain, and although hopeful, had little clue of what a
Godsoul is really like in the God state, and remained mortal meat until
the day they left in disgust.

     They left a better 5, but never reached 4.

     A 5 is a pretty well off human, a 4 is a very sick God.

     Also because of the proliferation of failed 5's in the Church, when
a true 4 or 3 walked in, possibly in good comm with disincarnates, they
were treated as a 5 or a 7, declared PTS Type 3, (Potential Trouble
Source type 3, sees imaginary beings around him), and were never able to
make case gain either.

     The 4 who was in actual communication with other disincarnate
beings was confused as a 7 who was halluinating beings that didn't

     5's don't believe in disincarnate beings, even in the Church where
they aren't even allowed to talk about them, so anyone walking in that
is talking to or about other beings, or bothered by them HAS to be a 7
you see?

     And from there on down the Church went to hell in a hand basket.

     Eventually what happens in such groups, is they go out of valence
in OT III (freedom from overwhelm,) and they stay out of overwhelm
themselevs by dramatizing overwhelming others.  And if you cross their
path, you either get assimilated into their out of valence dramatization
and help them overwhelm others, or they start overwhelming you.
     That's OT III at its proud and glorious best.

     Which is why anyone not at OT III or above is kind of a danger to
be around, and why almost no one runs OT III out, too easy to remain
unoverwhelmed by dramatizing overwhelming others.

     But even an OT III is a pretty sick step 4.

     People who are out of valence feel 'just fine' even though they are
dramatizing a time when they were tortured to death because they are
torturing others to death in present time.  Should they stop and
consider for a moment, then they don't feel so good...  :)

     The overwhelm of OT III was a whopper, imagine standing on the
edge of Mount Saint Helens right on the lip of the caldera and the
lid blows.  The compression wave takes about 3 seconds to cross
space and time to you....

     Now imagine later being a Churchie, and you are talking to someone
on the street, and they are being a human being, and you are being Mount
Saint Helens.

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