Pardon my rearrangement here for the general audience.

      Hey Pip,

      Seems like you are still caught up in external causation, eyes,
brains etc.

      There is no cause between avatars in a computer game.

      The dream eye doesn't see when asleep and dreaming, and it doesn't
see when awake either.

      The sun doesn't light the world, and things don't change because
they affect each other.

      The static choreographs the kinetic 24x7, there is no cause between
outward objects at all.

      Never has been, never will be, CAN'T be.

      Static creates illusions of cause between the kinetics.

      Thanks but no - I really do get this.  I wasn't writing my doctoral
dissertation on dreamball theory.  I don't know who is actually reading
these posts.  People in general have no undestanding of the fact that
however you look at it, we live in a virtual reality, much less the
ramifications of that.  I was communicating to Curiosus and the general
crowd that cannotmake this leap easily.  I usually start by convincing
someone that the world is a virtual reality.  It's just a first step.
Some words have to bridge the illusory gap.  The illusion of external
cause and effect is accepted as real and beyond doubt.  If they can get
what I said, we can move forward.  I don't think many people would
actually get what you wrote below, although it is clearly obvious to
you.  This is a very profound paradigm.  However you have stated it very
well.  I talk about this stuff a lot.I use the computer game metaphor
all the time.  However I do often lapse into meatball thinking.  :) I'm
working on it.

      Sovereignty, awareness of, is the issue.

    Absence of external cause is the issue.

    Sovereignty follows naturally from that.


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