You are your intention and the agent source of pursuing that
     Look to consciousness of personal agency to find self.
     I = The Agent One.
     This will make Buddha turn over in his grave, but you are that
which desires.
     Some people have become the effect of their desires, particularly
 later ones, second on the chainers, but basically nothing exists that
 wasn't created via the I's intention that something be created, and then
 the acceptance or absence of a veto afterwards.
     Once the I wants it, he can even have other's create things
and desires for him.

     Source sources only when will casts.
     The I says 'let there be something', he has no clue what it is
 going to be.  If he likes it, he keeps it, if he doesn't like it, he
 let's it go.
     Unless he likes having things he doesn't like :)

     In which case he blames it on you.
     But then his suffering results from attachment to suffering.

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