What's the difference between a critic and an asshole?

      The critic blows his shit out his mouth.

      Now look, I am not opposed to criticism, nor to honest skepticism,
but I am opposed to dangerous idiots and/or dharma criminals who would
destroy the safety of paranormal research whether they know it or not.

      It is not in the interest of true critics and skeptics to tolerate
being associated with idiots and mental criminals who claim they are
critics too, but act like jackals and hyenas, motivated by cowardice and
fear, who are only looking out for their own selfish purposes regardless
of the possible consequences to others.

      How can you tell an honest skeptic?

      They want paranormal abilities to be true.

      They can intelligently discuss, implement and enforce a sane prime
directive around the matter to deal with the obvious security issues.
They are not a 'no danger' case.

      They can intelligently discuss hypotheticals.

      They actually understand science, evidence, theory, prediction,
model, observation and what is verifiable and falsifiable.  They know
the difference between existential statements and universal statements,
and which is verifiable and which is falsifiable.

      They understand what the point of the argument is, and they never
digress into fighting strawmen.

      They understand that the top of the tone scale is the same as the
bottom of the tone scale, the only difference is whether you are
choosing to be there, or think something else is putting you there.

      They never engage in bad logic or dharma treason (efforts to cheat
in debate), nor do they ever assert the unassertable, not assert as
proven the unprovable.  They never demean or belittle logic or its
absolute description of is and is-not.

       They understand that the best way to enable paranormal abilities is
to first understand a theoretical construct, a cosmic world view, in
which they are physically possible.

       If they wish they could call it Theory II.

      They understand that paranormal abilities come with paranormal
motivations, and that paranormal abilities used with normal motivations
(protection of body, human survival etc) will either not work at all, or
will eventually come a cropper.

      They understand that they have no idea whether the world is a dream
or not, and thus no idea whether the physical universe exists including
their eyes and their brain.

      They understand they can be perfectly certain of all that they see
and experience in their consciousness, and that a machine can be certain
of nothing.  Thus consciousness is not a spacetime gizmo, nor made of a
spacetime gizmo, nor a process in a spacetime gizmo.

      They understand that spacetime and its zoo of gizmo's may very well
be a virtualization in a dream shared by many dreamers.

      They understand that if the world is a dream, then God is the

      They understand that physical materiality is an exquisite theory
killed by an ugly fact, consciousness.

      They understand that two different objects can never be certain of
each other.  Thus if God and Soul are two different objects, both will
remain forever a theory to the other.

      They understand that God and Soul ARE one, that God and Soul do not

      They understand that WHAT THEY WANT TO BE TRUE IN A BEST OF ALL
POSSIBLE WORLDS had better be true, or else if they are eternal beings,
they will suffer their irritation with how things are forever and ever

      Thus they understand that the search for how things are is based on
the search for how they want things to be.

      They understand that eternality above space and time is ultimately
perfectly desirable, that immortality down inside time always leads to
hells forever stuck in one time stream, and that delusions of mortality
born of ducking out from a detested immortality.

      They understand that the times where we had God power inside the
game all ended up in detested immortalities.

      They understand that whiles (time streams) can not last forever,
but must always end one day.  Thus there can be no hell forever, nor
heavens forever in time.  Hells and heavens however can last a very long

      Outside of time there is only unfathomable and unimpingable peace

       Eternality is the ability to enter and leave many different time
whiles forever for free.  Once in a time while however, it is usually
all down hill from there.

      One can leave any time while by spanning it and putting it there.

      They understand that because all time whiles are finite in length,
wishing off or even conceiving of an infinite time while is a violation
of their own sovereign desire, and immediately puts them in the very
hell they are wishing off on others FOREVER.

       It reflects on themselves that they hate others.

      They understand no hell can outlast a true confession and
repentance.  The hells one suffers are those one tried to inflict on
another and still are.

      They understand that God and Soul are two different functions of
the same thing, Creator and Creature, God and Soul, Author and
Character, and the being as Creator/God/Author, creates virtual
universes in dreamtime for the ITSELF as Creature/Soul/Character.

      They understand that good for an author is not good for a

      It is the purpose of the good author to put good and evil there in
grand tapestry and let them have at it.

      It is never the purpose of the good character to put evil there,
but it is his resented purpose to have at it anyway.

      They understand that because good is unwilling to put evil there,
and is also generally unaware that both good and evil wrote the story as
author, good almost never can win against evil.  The way to vanish
anything is to PUT IT THERE, to admit creating it fully, and then do
something else.

      If you can author it you can close the book.

      They understand that trying hard results from a failure of

      They understand that the powers to create a universe is in general
used to create games, not play games.  Thus if they want the god power
back they need to empower themselves with the correct protocols, which
includes both prime directives and MOTIVATIONS for using the power.
'Helping' people win their games is not one of them.  Making a game more
winnable or losable might be.  Improving the story of the game always

      They understand that proving to someone else that I have power,
will never prove to anyone that THEY can have power too.

      They understand that one of the worst fears is that in proving a
power to another, the other will conclude that you do have the power,
but that they never will.

      They understand that proving to another that THEY can have power,
is way harder than proving to another that you have power.

      They understand that the first good step to proving to another that
they have or can have power is NOT to prove to them that YOU have or can
have power.

      They understand that the present state of powerlessness is either
true powerlessness or the result of power used against itself.

      They understand the possibility that Earth is a post armegeddon
spiritual war zone and/or sargasso sea like dumping ground for sick,
dead and dying spirits who have given up being spirits and hope for the
grave as a piece of meat.

      They understand that certainty of being a spirit comes first, and
ability to operate spiritual powers comes second.  They understand that
those seeking to prove that they are spirits through the exercising of
spiritual powers are wasting their time.

      They understand that chase is more desirable than having desirable
things in the mere conception of them.

      They understand that the purpose of time it to place chase between
sovereign desire and the final having of what is desired.

      Time is sovereign desire mildly turned against itself for a while,
by placing chase between conception and having.

      They understand that suffering results from attachment to
suffering, nothing else.

       They understand that nothing and no one is handing out justice
except their own postulates.  Justice is you get what you postulate.

      Since you can't get what you don't postulate, justice reigns at all

      They understand that desire is sovereign, and that Majesty is the
sovereign desire to not be sovereign FOR A WHILE.

      They understand that,

      Sovereignty is you want it you got it.

      Sovereignty is you got it, you want it.

      They understand that belief is for losers, and perfect certainty is
for those who would operate.

      Sometimes faith in SELF is necessary to operate without immediately
forthcoming proof.  In the end native state IS proof, and has no
problems with faith or trust in self as NOTHING can happen without its
approval and/or direct say so.

      They understand an honest skeptic doesn't need to believe anything
of the above, only understand it and want it to be true enough to seek
diligently whether it is true or not in the end.

      An honest skeptic understands above all that shit comes out of his
asshole and not his mouth.

      Anyone else violating any of the above should be shunned and
disavowed publicly by both sides.

       It would be better to sleep in a bed full of black widows than to
have even one of these septics as a trusted friend.


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