Your preclear has gotten involved in infinities.

      At first it was an infinity of different spaces, objects and times.

      This was outside the doorstep of Eternality.

      Then lower down it became one infinite space and time.

      This was Immortality.

      Then it became an infinite loss of infinite spaces, objects and

      This was mortality.

      It doesn't matter whether your preclear is a pigball, er I mean 
meatball, or not, all beings go through the same dwindling spiral of
desire and havingness.

      The desire of all beings is the freedom of eternality with an
infinite number of different infinite universes and futures to choose

      And if you recover the early childhood of your preclear where he
can't remember, there you will find that desire burning strong as ever.

      But it can get crushed out pretty quick though, particularly in the
meatball, as the weight of the infinite losses along the whole track are
ready and waiting to key in at the first mis thought.

      The fall from eternality to immortality was an infinite loss, one
starts with the ability to freely create or move among an infinite
number of infinite spaces and times, and ends up stuck forever in just
one infinite space and time.

      The fall from immortality to mortality is another infinite loss as
one starts with at least one endless future of games and adventures, and
ends up with only one life.

      The being thus has two levels of infinite loss weighing him down,
and in order to get him out of his depressions, he will need to start
thinking in terms of infinities of infinities again.

      Thus you will have to go for the top, eternality, because the being
just won't dare go back to his last immortality, it was just too
horrendous to bear.

      Eternality = infinities of infinities

      Immortality = one infinity

      Mortality   = zero infinities.

      He has been seeking peace (eternality) through death (mortality)
for a very long time.

      He is trying to sleep or die INSIDE some of the space times he
still has available to him.

      As he goes to sleep in one, he falls into a dream in the next
one down.

      Thus your preclear is asleep at a number of different levels in a
number of different space times each one within the other.

      You can call this dreams within dreams, each dream seeking to sleep
and never dream again.  But each dream he goes to sleep in, he starts to
dream at the next universe down.

      Even now he will tell you that the best dreams he has, are the
dreams where he is able to lie down and sleep within the dream.

      Remember the top of the tone scale at native state is simply
eternal sleep.

      So is the bottom of the tone scale.

      At the top its fair chosen.

      At the bottom its unfair unchosen.

      In the meanwhile the being is trying to go to sleep forever IN TIME
or what's left of it for him.

      But that leaves him impingable, anyone can come a knockin' on his
door because going to sleep in time marks you as the effect of
EVERYTHING, so of course you keep get woken up.

      You are effect, everything else is cause, that's impingability.

      Bums call it 'getting rolled'.

      Get it?

      I have no idea how to run it, I would start by assessing for how
many sleeps within sleeps he is from Native State.  This will be the
total number of universes he played games in, and then tried to die in
the universe rather than waking up to native state again.

      It won't be infinite.

      That will give him an idea of where he is and when he is.

      Then get him to spot his upsets with 0 and only 1 infinity of space
and time.

      Then get him mocking up an infinity of different infinite spaces
and and times.

      Then get him mocking up an infinite number of beings like himself
all mocking up infinite numbers of different infinite spaces and times.

      This should restore his ARC for infinity, as 1 finfinity was
never enough.


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