It's not what you believe, its HOW you believe.

Tigger  wrote:
      Please clairfy what that sentence means.


     People's heads are filled with beliefs derived from bad logic or
pure wanton desire.

     Beliefs themselves are not as problematic as how the person arrived
at them.

     I guess what I am saying is that I can tolerate just about any
belief but I find it almost impossible to tolerate the kinds of illogic
that got the person there.

     "Why do you believe in God?"

     "Because the bible tells me so."

     "How do you know the Bible is right."

     "Because the Bible is the word of God."

     In other words my lack of respect for a person is more a measure of
HOW they justify their beliefs rather than a problem with the beliefs

     The reason is that beliefs of any kind, in a sane mind that works
correctly, can be challenged in Dharma Battle, debate.

     Facts are facts, and logic is absolute.

     Not even God is above logic.

     The people who argue against that, are just one more kind of dharma
criminal I am talking about.

     As long as beliefs can be challenged properly there is some hope of
correction and advancement.

     As soon as a belief becomes above challenge, or impenetrably
defended through illogic, then the open wound of ignorance and false
belief just grows and grows.

     The illogical mind is cheating, locking itself in to where no one
can challenge them any more with logic and facts.  These kind of people
are despicable, and frankly Earth would be better off without them.

     Honest dharma battle is a duty of all beings.  You have a right to
believe what you want, but you have a general duty to defend your
beliefs logically when taken to task for them.

     And I do think there are objective rules to dharma battle, its not
a matter of opinion any more than logic is.

     Thus we don't crucify people for what they believe, but for the
broken mindedness of how they got there.

     The law doesn't allow us to crucify people for broken mindedness,
and our schools don't teach good logic because it would interfere with
all the other crap they teach, so broken mindedness is allowed to grow
rampant through out society.

     For example, one of the worst dharma crimes a person can commit is
to write the book first and do the research second.

     "The Bible tells me Earth is 6000 years old, so my carbon dating
must be false."

     These kinds of people just don't deserve to live, sorry.

     At least not breathe the same air I do.

     Their minds SMELL.

     Or at least quarantine them, for they are criminals at the mental
level rather than the physical level.

     Unfortunately our society only selects out people who are criminal
at the physical level, and thus society has a growing pollution problem
with people who are criminal at the mental level and allowed to get away
with it, and pass it onto their kids which is child abuse pure and

     Classic orthodox christianinanity is child abuse for example.

     But trying to do anything about it at the physical law level is

     Mostly ostracism and social excoriation are the only tools we have
to bring pressure to bear against the problem.

     Just say no to Christianity and other forms of bigotry.

     And certainly don't allow it to become institutionalized or worse
commercialized as in Christmas.

     It's fine if someone wants to believe they are going to Heaven and
everyone else is going to Hell forever, they have many hells waiting for
them.  Heavenly justice is swift against this nonsense.

     But try and TALK to some of these people one day, and you will see
the sewer system underlying their belief system carrying nothing but
shit through their minds.


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