Spiritual abilities that can be used as weapons of war (W.O.W.) need
to be handled with appropriate security measures.

     Unfortunately the desire and need for peer review can sometimes be
opposed to those same security measures.

     One can doubt one's own experiences unless one can ground them in
some kind of physical evidence.

     Physical evidence is important not because the physical universe is
actual or has any cause in it, but because it is merely another playing
field created by the thetan.  If you can see an object on the playing
field of life without your body, you should also be able to see it with
a body, and visa versa.

     (This isn't true of course, there are lots of things in the playing
field of life, even physical things, that the body can not see.)

     Fortunately one's own body can act both as peer review and as
grounding in the physical evidence.

     Say you get out of your body, go wandering in the forest and see a
beer can lying under a bush that has been there for years.  You take
note of it's characteristics, what kind of beer, condition of can etc,
and you come back to your body and write it all down.

     THEN you take your body to where the beer can lays, pick it up and
bring it home with you and compare notes.

     If you got it right, then 'you were out of your body' as far as the
meaning of that experiment is concerned.

     Just as in special relativity, in the phyiscal universe game, the
meaning of 'truth' is the experiment you did and its outcome, nothing
more, nothing less.

     Then you do this same experiment many times, until you are sure you
can replicate it at will.  This doesn't mean you can get out at will, it
means that if and when you can get out, if you see something without
your bodies eyes, you then go back to that place later with your body
and verify data.  The experiment must be done on objects and places you
have never gone or been before, under a bridge, deep in the middle of a
bramble, at the bottom of a shallow lake etc.

     Hunting for your cat is a good way to visit places NO one visits.

     Once you have verified your ability and its dependability such as
it is, you probably would not go telling the world about it, as very
undesirable people will start showing up at your door, including those
that don't believe you.

     But they aren't the problem.  The problem people are those that do
believe you, who may or may not have such powers themselves, but who
either don't want you also having those powers, or who will insist you
'work for them' if you do.

     Such people can be very dangerous, it is not enough for example to
merely pretend to not have the ability.  They will torture you or your
loved ones, until you admit you do, or you exercise some defense power
in desperation.

     "Hah, you see, you blew up my head, I knew you had the power!"

     Even if they think you might not have the powers, they will STILL
torture you just to make sure.  Thus they will torture you and everyone
else around you just to find the one that might have the power.

     This is right off the whole track, any fool can see it, but
apparently fools squared can't.

     So if you don't have a taste for hot branding irons up your ass,
you might want to keep your abilities to yourself.  Remember it is YOU
that has the power, but it is you BODY that gets tortured.

     Do you want the bad guys torturing your pets to get at you?

     On the other hand as you experiment more and more with your
abilities, you will notice two things.

     First will be a craving to use your abilities to go watch others
having sex or thrills of some kind, or to cheat at the games of survival
that everyone is playing, like the stock market, or war.

     Your body will love your ability to go exterior as it will act as a
vicarious spectator to anything you see.  This will quickly get you into
the track of degradation that got you stuck with bodies in the first

     The body knows more about sex than about physics and math, the
thetan knows more about math and physics than about sex.

     Which are you?

     The second thing you notice on your exterior excursions, if they
are real, are other beings who are also exterior watching you.

     Now these guys you need to watch out for, their intentions may or
may not be pro you.

     Thus no matter how much you try to 'Stay Fabian' (incognito, out of
sight) with your powers, the best way is to stay in your body and not
use them at all, or worse, not know you have them and believe with all
your body, heart, mind and soul, er that dead thing in your face, that
you don't have them.

     That unfortunately leads to the kind of lives you are living now,
so be prepared for at least some excitement once you start to get out
for real and start to wander around.

     The fun and trill will be balanced by danger.


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