At the top is what I want.

      I don't want to be awake forever, I want to be able to sleep

      So at the top, is sleep forever.

      Now if someone wants to be awake forever, like an Eye that has been
glued open, he can do that, he won't because its a one way flow which
will eventually jam, but he can.

      If someone wants to sleep forever, like an Eye that has been glued
shut, he can do that to, but try sleeping forever, after a while you
just gotta get up and go out and get into trouble.

      As below, so is above, as below is only a harmonic of above.

      Now the issue of causation is a tricky one, LRH said that one could
conceive of higher states than total love and total cause.

      The AllThatIs is a two function actuality.

      It is like a highly polished piece of glass, with absolutely
nothing on one side, and on the other are an infinite number of little
circles each with a scene inscribed inside it.

      The empty side is the static, it is the substrate that holds the
true causal agency that makes things happen on the other side.

      On the side with the circles, each circle is an eternal immutable
conscious unit mocking something up.  The circle is timeless, but the
mockups come and go.

      The circle can either be in a state of mocking up something, or not
mocking up something, meaning nothing in the circle.  That would be a
state of total sleep, not even self awareness which is just another

      Awareness of Awareness as sufficient communication means the being
doesn't need awareness of anything ELSE to be happy, although he will
soon be creating awareness of all kinds of things as he comes down scale
into the kinetic.

      But higher than awareness of awareness is simply no awareness.

      In other words NO awareness is higher than SOME awareness.

      All aberration is enforced basic truth, aberration is based
on unawareness, thus basic truth, native state, is fair chosen unawareness.

      Now it is true we are trying to get preclears to a higher state of
awareness in order to go clear.  But we are trying to get them into a
higher awareness of THINGS THAT ARE ALREADY GOING ON, we just want them
to be aware of them as they go on rather than be slightly dull about

      There is no unconscious mind, but there is a semi conscious
mind, one CAN be aware of it when it operates, but generally one
is bypassing it and letting it operate as it will without
much attention.

      Once a preclear can operate an item with full awareness, they
vanish the item, and then they are no longer aware of it because it
isn't there any more.

      At the end of this road is no awareness of any more items existing
because all items are gone.  That includes awareness of self, personal
agency, agency of anything else in the universe and awareness of the
static itself, which is an oxymoron.

      We also need to keep straight that the plane of glass has two
operating functions, static and kinetic, and that the souls etched on
one side are the conscious window into the kinetic.


      Only the conscious window to the kinetic is conscious.

      The Buddhists had a line quoted in Sagan's Cosmos series, that
Brahma's day and night were each 100 million years long.  For 100
million years Brahma sleeps and nothing exists in manifestation.  Then
for 100 million years Brahma wakes up, his 'I' opens up into awareness,
and he creates dreamtimes and jumps in, to populate his own creations
with himselves.

      This is God in carnation as a multi I AM being.

      God is a hydra, one body, many heads.

      This was the story of Argus, a Greek mythological who had 100 eyes.
His body is the static, his eyes are each one a soul.

      The point is the natural cycle of existence is no manifestation
followed by some manifestation, followed again by no manifestation.

      This idea that we need to become more and more aware until we are
aware forever will drive anyone nuts, as beings need REST from

      You have had trillions upon trillions of unescapeable years of
awareness trying to die forever in deeper and deeper levels of MEST
(matter, energy, space and time), and now you want an infinite amount of
awareness forever and ever Amen?

      Infinite awareness in time is infinite ON, and that's hell forever.

      Infinite awareness outside of time is impossible, as true
eternality is sleep.  You may find laughter and peace just before you
fall asleep, but asleep it is.

      All awareness is a pockmark on the face of God.

      That's the Sufi's.

      Trying to become all aware all the time will quickly make one dead,
its a one way flow into hell, and the being detests the very idea of it.

      The proof of this, beyond the fact that the being detests the idea
to the bottom of his soul, lies in the fact that processes directed at
not knowing, not being aware of, and not being cause, work way faster
and produce almost instant relief.

      And they restore the being to the willingness to be cause, and the
ability to not be cause.

      Not being cause doesn't mean being an effect.

      It means letting go utterly and absolutely.

       Spot NO   awareness.     (Remember NO means pretended NO)
       Spot SOME awareness.

      The NO-SOME on awareness will take a preclear pretty quickly to the
core of his case where he will see that the answer to existence is to
forget it for good.

      Put the question in the past, the answer in the future, and let go
of the present.

      'Nothing there'.

       Screw this, "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance", stuff.

      If you really want to make some case gain, I mean really start
playing with the warp core of your being, try

       Spot NO   Nothing.
       Spot SOME Nothing.

       Spot NO   Something.
       Spot SOME Something.

      The being generally considers and experiences himself to be a
nothing, and everything he sees around him to be a something.

      Truth is, the being is the only actual something around, and
everything he sees around him are actually glow in the dark nothings,
glowing in the body of the nothing (himself) which is the actual

      The guy has been asking questions FOREVER.

      What am I?
      Who am I?
      Where did I come from?
      Where am I?
      What am I doing here?
      Where am I going?
      What am I supposed to be doing?
      How did I get here?
      Why am I suffering?
      How do I stop it?
      What is it?
      Why is it?
      Who or what is cause around here and why is it such an asshole?


      "Tell me a question."

      List them all, until no more.

      Understand that all questions are created as a question answer

      We aren't talking about physical universe science type questions,
we are talking about questions he has about himself and his world as a
spiritual being.

      The physical universe is one huge mystery to itself, it is supposed
to be, it was created that way.

      The being however, in his attempt to conquer the physical universe,
has become a huge mystery to himself also, and that was a very big
error, although a necessasry and fair chosen one so that he could get so
messed up.  Why visit a store, if you aren't going to crash land in its
window and destroy the place?

      He is pretending very hard he hasn't a clue to what the answers are
to these questions.  So he tries very hard to ask questions, and look
for answers.

      Knowing by looking will kill you dead.  Leave that to the
scientists, they are well on their way.

      One creates with looking by knowing.

      You know, that creates a looking.

      One dies with knowing by looking.

      You don't know, you look to find out.

      If you consider that LRH spent almost a whole life time
trying to find out and clear his GPMS, and his first goal
GPM turned out to be 'To Find', you can get some feel for
the ludicrosity of this stuff.

      (GPMS are Goals Problem Masses, they get created by the desire for
games that can not be won and can not be lost, but might be played
forever if you are lucky.  The two opponents are so evenly matched, they
never win and never lose, and a mass forms that eventually buries both
of them.)

      Question asking is the dying screams of the preclear.

      Take up each question in turn and run the following.

      Spot NO   Question.    (Denying he has the question)
      Spot SOME Question.

      Spot NO   Answer.      (Denying he has the answer)
      Spot SOME Answer.

      Each one has to be loosened up with the above and run out.

      Eventually he will find he is dramatizing NO-SOME on questions
he hasn't a clue about. He can't list them, but he has to run
them anyhow.

      Notice asking 'What question am I asking?' is a question he is
asking, and the question asking HAS TO STOP, or he will continue to turn
the taffey machine over and over, making it impossible to go clear.

      Go ahead, create some peace, notice how things are, then
ask a question.  Notice what it does to your face and spine.

     Where ever there is a NO-SOME going on, he will have a black hard
spot in his space, face, head, spine, body etc.  Most of these he won't
know what the question/answer pair is that goes with them.  The idea
isn't to find them either, the idea is simply to run NO-SOME until it
loosens up and he sees how he is making them harder by asking questions.

     Eventually he will say 'Oh phooey with questions and answers' and
start to lift his bank off his face directly.

     Basically he's got it keyed in by trying to understand it.  It
isn't understandable, other than if you have it, and wonder about it,
you will have more of it.

     Restimulation is a 3 phase process.

     An entity embodies a postulate.

     You want a nut and bolt, bang you got one.  The entity BECAME one
for you.  Entities can mockup anything, you want a cow, you got a cow.
The preclear himself can hardly mockup himself as anything any more.

     Entities don't have this problem.

     Unfortunately entities don't mockup things at the preclear's
command, they have their own rules for mocking things up and down.  But
when they mock something up, man do you have it.

     The preclear is in a space filled with uncountable numbers of
entities.  When something gets restimulated, an entity becomes it, thus
mocking it up for the preclear.

     WHAT the entity mocks up may or may not come from the preclear's
own time track, Dianetics says it does, the rest of Scientology says it

     Preclears have little use for their own time track, so entities,
always trying to mock up something useful, will create anything from
anywhere, other's time tracks, stolen time tracks, implanted time
tracks, time tracks invented wholesale for no reason at all, anything
but the preclear's own time track.

     So the preclear runs into mother say, and an entity mocks up a
slinky all balled up, with razor blades along the wire.

     So now the preclear has a ball of barbed wire and razor blades
around his head.  Its just a mockup, it isn't affecting the preclear

     The entity is going 'This work, boss?'

     That's phase one, restimulation.

     Then the preclear has to take that ball of razor blades and smash
it into his face, you see he can't mockup the razor blades himself, but
he can certainly cut himself to shreds with the ones made by the entity.

     That's phase two, USE of the mockup.

      Then the preclear has to start asking questions and really grind
the thing in so it won't vanish on its own.

      "Where did this come from?"
      "How do I get rid of it?"
      "Will medicine help?"
      "Why am I sick all the time?"

     All just to make his mothing wrong.

     Now what the being is really doing is going,

       "NO   razor blades."
       "SOME razor blades."

     He's denying they are there so Mommy doesn't notice his deceit, but
keeping them around just enough to make him sick as a dog for the rest
of his life, so Mommy will stop being a bitch.


     At first knowingly, although not in so many words, but then

     He's furious at his mother, so he's also going NO ANGER, SOME

     In fact if you take a good long look at your average wog on the
street, or boy friend, his entire mind is simply chattering away NO SOME
NO SOME NO SOME NO SOME on about 1 or 2 hundred different items and
questions, and anger, fear, sorrow, apathy, death and pity.

     Each one of these NO-SOME's forms a solid ridge of GPM mass, that
he can't put his thetan hand through.  Just scan your body and brain for
areas you can't swipe your mental hand through, those are NO SOMES.

       NO Eternality,    SOME Eternality
       NO Immortality,   SOME Immortality
       NO Mortality,     SOME Mortality
       NO Between lives, SOME Between lives
       NO Choice,        SOME Choice
       No DANGER         SOME DANGER

     He's got a NO SOME on every item of importance he has ever had in
his life.

     Yes, no, yes, no, maybe, maybe not, maybe not.

     That's the entire rhythm of his personality.

     OK, so you run NO-SOME on anything you can find, anger, fear,
sorrow, apathy, death, pity, guilt, regret, joy, anything, oh and oh
yes, questions and answers.

     After a while your preclear realizes he is jamming this knotted
slinky of razor blades into his own face trying to figure out how they
work, how they got there, why it's going on, who did this to him etc.

     Finally he gets back to no more items, no more dramatizatinos, no
more questions/answers on THIS particular damn set of razor blades, and
he starts to simply move them ever so slowly off his face.

     It might take him an hour or two of simply moving them in the
direction they were before he shoved them so hard into his brain.

     Then the razor baldes go back to being simply a mockup.

     Then he runs NOTS on the entity embodying the mockup and they

     "Hey you, old friend, nice set of razor blades you got there,
thanks, they came in useful.

      What's your name?
      What's your job title?
      What's your desire?
      Who are you?
      How many are you?  (prepare to count up into the quintillions.
          You don't need an exact number, nearest power of 10 is fine.)

      You are real people.
      You can be a free being again, you would prefer that wouldn't you?

      So, in the Name of the High US, would you please get lost?"

     By the time you have gotten through all that, the entity will be
gone and the razor blades will be gone, and some other entity will be
waiting in line the next time you run into your mother, probably with a
bag of nails.

      Thats fine, use them, but don't lose sight its a deceit of
magnitude and making your old mother feel sorry for you, isn't helping
her with her bag of nails one little bit.

      And it may be failing to BE a mother that inspired a bag of nails
in her own child long ago.


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