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> Is this Hinduism or Buddhism karma?


      Remember Blubbard said that if you solve a problem in your own
space, it will solve it in other's space too.  I seen that happen with
me, hard to know exact causes beyond coincidence.

      However one can easily imagine a 'karma group', those that have
charge on each other, each one holding the charge in place for the
others, so it becomes a self locking group.

      "I hate you, you hate me, so neither of us can be free."

      One can also see that one being can belong to many different karma
groups with little over lap in who belongs to each one.

      Anyhow for each item that a being clears in himself about others,
it clears that item to some degree in them too.

      One's karma group is what 'holds' one (me-you pair) here, unfree to
leave the game.  One still owes, and also one is still trying to collect
on what one is owed.  So one can't go.

      As the auditing of items begins to run deep, an amnesty process
takes place, you no longer owe, and they no longer owe, and if they did,
you certainly ain't going to hang round trying to collect, and so you
become free to leave, even though you have done terrible wrongs to

      They actually stop caring and forgive you with out knowing why, or
even talking to you about it.

      The postulate that you have to hang around and make amends to those
you have wronged, precommits you to the prior postulate that they are
still hurting and holding onto the damage you 'caused' them, and thus
they 'need' your help, and need of course bestows right to them, and
duty to you, so of course you can't get off your horse and walk away.

      Thus when the Christians ask God to forgive them as they forgive
others, they are appealing in a basic way to this phenomenon.  On the
surface one might complain that just because God forgives you, doesn't
mean anyone else does, and really the debt is not to God but to them.

      But if you understand that we ARE God in carnation, then forgiving
others and being forgiven by others IS being forgiven by God the
High-US, and the whole thing makes a lot more sense.

      Forgiving is in part re owning other people as brother and sister,
mother and father, child and mate, as in undisowning them, and in doing
so, they have a hard time continuing to disown you, or others they were
disowning as you were disowning them.

      This is part of Most Detested Terminal processing, and defies
most attempts at physical logical explanation as to why it works.

      Once you blow Goober as a Nemesis One, Dufus blows you
as a Nemesis One.

     So the whole web of hate starts to break up in chunks that might
not seem realted to each other.

      Its all about flows in the conscious universe.

      There is more to life than tick tock physical mechanics.


Fri Jul  9 19:05:10 EDT 2010