>Prove what the OT's cannot, make me belive, asshole, meatball,
>dreamball, IDIOT.

     It is not clear that anyone can make anyone believe in OT, even
with obvious demonstration of power, doubts would remain, the person
receiving the demonstration would begin to think they were dreaming
etc, or they would go on a belief binge, believing in things as if
they were certain of them.

     Just because I can move the marble on command, doesn't mean you
KNOW that *I* am moving it.

     What others can do however is get you to see where you have
accepted false certainties that put false doubts in your mind.  Once
these are cleared out, then you can bubble up to the 50/50 mark where
you really and honestly totally just don't know whether you are a
dreamball or meatball.

     The fear level here is quite strong, the choice between wanting
to be a meatball or a dreamball might seem like a no brainer, but when
dealing with the infinite and its propensity towards Omni
Numinousness, it can seem like a quick and eternal death might be the
best solution.

     One has to consider the nature of an immortal dreamball that
WOULD or even COULD engage in the dream of being a meatball.  That is
quite something else if you think about it.

     At the 50/50 point one finally sees that no one can provide you
final proof of anything, because they can't even prove that they exist
to you, so what proof can they bring you?

     Attaining certainty about yourself via actions or observations of
others is not functional.

     At the 50/50 point the only thing you can do is be open to what
the AllThatIs has to show you and draw your own conclusions.  You are
totally alone at that point, because it won't be until after you cross
the 50/50 point to the dreamball side that the whole problem of
proving other's existence begins to clear up.  It will however clear up
under a whole new paradigm of what others are, the view we had as
meatballs just doesn't hold up and doesn't survive the cross over.