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     "You are an operating system of Master and Apprehentice.

     Spiritual majesty and energy arise from a balance of idol and
worship, alone and with everyone else.

     Worship is workship, the ship of worthy work.  Worship is what a
Master does to a pig in a pen in the hopes that one day the pig will be
better than he.

     God worships the soul, the soul idolizes the God.

     Since the soul is God in carnation, what we really have here are
GodSouls in either the God phase as creator or the Soul phase as

     The creator worships the creature, the creature idolizes the

     The Master worships the Apprehentice.

     The the Apprehentice idols the Master.

     Author worships the character.

     The character idolizes the Author.

     The Superior worships the Junior.

     The Junior idolizes the Superior.

     Basic duty is to worship others as you have been worshipped.

     And to idolize others as you have been idolized.

     If no one has worshipped or idolized you, someone might want to get
the ball rolling."

     From Adore.

     Yes, there is a prescribed relationship between Master and
Apprehentice in any particular area of learning.

     Just as you prescribe and proscribe behavior and activities in your
children, who are under your guardianship, just so will those who are
burdened with your care do the same with you.

     Don't confuse guardian/ward with guardian/prisoner.

     If you assign yourself top of the heap with no one above you,
someone who knows more, and is more capable, and in whose care you have
been entrusted, then you are probably in denial of a good deal of your

     Guardianship is an action flow from top to the bottom, as is
receipt of guardianship from bottom to top.

     Guardianship comes down to you from those who are higher than you,
and continues on down through you to those that are lower than you.

     If you assign yourself correctly in the ladder of advancement, and
you are in good relation to those above and below you, and have no stops
on spiritual, mental, emotional or physical guardianship and
implementation and enhancement, you will understand full well prescribe
and proscribe and live by it, and in fact demand it from above, and
insist on it to below.

     If your husband isn't your pilot for your family, are you ready to
fly the plane in his absence?

     How would your children have done if you husband had died?

     How would your children have done if you had died?

     If you switch roles according to type of emergency, then things are
under control.

     But can you both really fly the plane equally well alone?

     If you aren't co-pilot to anyone anywhere, then the plane of your
life is ultimately going down.

     It's a major problem with men in particular, who are used to being
pilot, they WANT to be co-pilot to someone or something, but can't find
a workable terminal.  For one they no longer believe in God phase beings
to help them.

     It's a also major problem with women, who are used to being
co-pilot or mere passenger, they don't want to be co-pilot to anyone or
anything after a bad bout of lousy guardian ship from an overrated pilot.

     They become sick of being lorded over, much as destroyed children
become sick of being lorded over by their parents and for the same

     The parent says "This is good for you" to the child, but they mean
"This is good for us at your expense and we know it, but if we admitted
it, you would throw a fit."

     Destroyed women produce destroyed men.

     If you just took the words God, Woman, Man and Child out of it, and
replaced them with A4, A3, A2, A1, and studied the 4 fold path of master
and apprentice, as laid out, the whole thing might make more sense to

     The only caveat remaining, would be that a male phase goal has a
hard time in a female body on earth, and a female phase goal has a hard
time in a male body, except that it can grow into it.

     In any arena of life, action, competency, learning, or production,
spot which phase you and others are in, what you are learning and and
more importantly HOW you are learning.  Body doesn't mean a physical
body, it means body of the subject.  Same is true for the rest.

     Master of total irresponsibility - Mimicry - Body - Child

     Master of defense - Harmony - Heart - Woman

     Master of offense - Counterpoint - Mind - Man

     Master of total responsibility - New Beat - Soul - God

     Spot who is guardian and who is the ward.

     Spot who is Pilot and who is Co-Pilot and who is passenger.

     Spot who you worship (take care of below you), and who you idolize
(are taken care of from above you), NEVER worship upward, and never
idolize downward, watch it, Medusa is the Devil's Harem.

     Spot who worships you, and who idolizes you.

     That will locate you on the ladder of advancement.

     If no one idolizes you or looks up to you, give it up, you are
bottom of the barrel headed downward.

     If you can't find one person who you are better than, and who
idolizes you and who you can help rise higher, then remind me again
why are you alive exactly?

     Spot who are you are Master to, who you are Apprehentice to, and
who is in the same phase as you, but in a lesser, same or higher grade
than you.

     Each grade is a full cycle of learning and teaching through child,
woman, man and God, then starts over at the next child level who is more
advanced than everyone below him.

     Two woman phase beings in different grades can and should be master
and apprehentice to each other.

     The woman who can co-pilot a Cesna can spend great times with a
woman who can co-pilot an 747.

     Same phase, totally different grade.

     This process alone will clean up many areas of operatingness,
including marriages, jobs, and relationships, since it is all
relatingness anyhow.

     And all relatingness one way or another is teaching and learning
from our direct experience, in such a way that all can climb the ladder,
no one left behind.

     E/P: Able to learn, teach and master any subject, and advance and
make others advance, to full potential.

      Pig in the pen become Master.

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