07/10/10 Saturday 6:40pm EST


>             I think it is a testament to how strong a
> force social constructs are and really the danger in them.  I forget 
> which middle eastern country this happened in but a group went in to 
> effect social change for woman and they succeeded on some small issue. 
> Then a woman stepped forward and created a group called "MY Guardian
> Knows What's Best For Me."

      This is bullshit, social forces.  WHAT social forces, all there
are, are men and women who fear a non existent God.

      Now if the Bible says it must be this way, and the women fear
crossing God, then they will say 'God said so, and I don't want to go to
hell forever so I will obey.'

      But probably down deep they are thinking "Whew, that was a close
call, almost had to go out and work..." or whatever they fear most.

      IT SERVES THEM TO BE SLAVES or they would kamikaze.

      Thus the men they have, are the men they made.

      Men are a self inflicted prison on women.

      No social forces, just people who like being degraded because it is
a safe solution.

      That's also why women tolerate clitoral circumcision, no orgasm, no
degradation.  Let the man be the pleasure pig.  Just as I described it

Sat Jul 10 18:42:33 EDT 2010