>    That's also why women tolerate clitoral circumcision, no orgasm, no
> degradation.  Let the man be the pleasure pig.  Just as I described it
> in SNAKES."
> People like being degraded?

       It's a better of two evils in the (not quite sane) spirit's mind, 
and thus is fair chosen at some point, either before the life or during.

       It is a safe solution to being free.

       "What would happen if you were better, no suffering, no fear, and 
your future was secure and endlessly beautiful?"

       There is nothing more dangerous than a safe solution.

       It would seem that being spiritually free would be a better thing, 
but there is something about true freedom and the responsibility that 
comes with it that makes it more dangerous to be free and able, than to be 
chronically sick or unable.  Being a slave is just one form of unable. 
They can always kamikaze if they don't like the conditions they are in.

> Women tolerate (TOLERATE?) clitoral circumcision?
> So, little African girls say "yes, go ahead and cut up my body because then I 
> won't have to be degraded later in life."?
> Do people like to be raped, tortured, massacred, etc. because they thereby 
> avoid degradation?

    It's better than the endless nothing (avichi) of between lives.

> Clearly, I got lost somewhere.


     The little African girl CHOSE her body knowing the kinds of conditions 
she was getting into.  She probably had just died out of them. It was 
better to have a new body that was probably going to starve to death than 
remain a free being outside the game of bodies.

     Spirits outside the game of bodies are not doing well, ANYTHING
is better than nothing.

     And even if one wanted to argue the CHILD had no choice, one can not 
argue that this same child once she grows up does not have a choice about 
continuing the tradition with HER daughters.  She is guilty as sin, not 
only in this life but from past one's as well on this subject.  Overt acts 
of omission, failure to do something about harmful conditions, are just as 
bad as doing the harm itself.

     People are ultimately responsible for their own condition. Karma
is basically having to come back and live in the conditions you created.

     If you as a man get the idea it would be cool to circumcise little
girls with rusty blades, then guess what, next life or some lives 
thereafter that same guy comes back as a little girl and gets clipped.

     But you know its the WOMEN who think its cool, so we can't even blame 
the men on that one.  The *WOMEN* are still trying to stay sexually pure.

     The thing is they don't LEARN, its done to them, and then they do it 
to their children, they just keep doing it, because the horror inside the 
body game is better than the horror outside the body game, and thus the 
dwindling spiral continues until spirits can't even take over human bodies 
and become something less.

     If they spoke up, they would be put down.  But they could all
kamikaze if they weren't so enamoured of running away from death and
the between lives area.

     "People will remember you more for how you died, than for how you 
lived.  Chose your death wisely then.  The purpose of life is kamikaze. 
The Lord will not love you for suicide, the Lord will not hate you for 
kamikaze". - Adore

      That's a hard one, particularly remembering that Adore considers
that 'the Lord' is us in carnation.

      Everyone is trying to live a quiet peaceful life to the end of
a ripe old age.  While many things fester and others hang on their
crosses moaning.

      Of course if you try to kamikaze someone or something, and you 
fail, they or their minions will come after your loved ones and torture 
them, so they gotta be prepared to kamikaze too.

      I mean if all womanhood just stood up and said NO!, what would

      What are they waiting for, men to do it for them?

      The populace is controlled by MOTHER'S son's in the religious police, 
everyone would be hung out to dry in short order, but not if EVERYONE 
stood up and revolted.

      On some matters, all this crap about peaceful or non violent revolt 
is crap.

      It's really matter of how much people love life in a body rather than 
freedom as a spirit.  Bodies are not a GOOD thing after all, although some 
of us have decorated our hells with the pretenses of beauty and comfort.

      But we have made a virtue out of a horrible necessity.

     Earth is a Sargasso Sea, a spiraling drain for sick, dead and dying 
spirits, who want to die forever as spirits, but who can't, and thus they 
take on bodies that can give the pretense of dying one day giving 
momentary relief to the problem of how to die for good.  However once they 
die, the pretense is up, and they have to do it again.  Thus demand for 
bodies is high and once they have one, spirits will defend staying alive 
to the death.

     What was it like between lives last time?

     What will it be like next time?

     How did you get here?

     What are you doing in a body?

     People along the way are fully responsible for their own 
condition.  Not after the fact, but before it.

     At some general level they KNOW what they are getting into in each
universe or arena they enter and finally become victim to.

     There may be such a thing as an innocent victim, but there is no
such thing as a CHRONIC long term innocent victim.

     The innocent heal, learn their lesson, own up for their responsibility 
in the matter, clean up the area or source of harm, and bear no malice.

     The guilty succumb and complain.

     That's why even though 2 percent of the population are SP's,
Suppressive Parents, or People, the remaining enormous number are
DB's, Degraded Beings.

     A Degraded Being not only is the effect of the SP, gets sick and 
rollercoasters in life, the DB WORKS for the SP, and supports them, and 
pushes power to them to keep them in power, and refuses to take any 
measure that might take them out of power.  Thus the DB becomes a slave 
mopping blood off the floors, and eventually becomes the mop itself.

     That's why in therapy, if the preclear is screaming about all the 
horrible things that has been done to him or her, you need to find what 
THEY did, that is making all that other stuff stick to them like glue.

     Heal    = innocent.

     No heal = guilty.

     That's because once a being feels guilty of something, he can't have 
enough bad things happen to him to assuage or fill or cover the black hole 
in his heart caused by the guilt.  And if he doesn't get his daily quota 
of bad things done to him, he will fabricate them out of the blue, provoke 
them directly, or dive into nasty areas of life on the pretense of helping 
the poor innocent victims there, so HE can get crucified on a cross.

     People are good after all and the guilt destroys them.

     There is nothing wrong with helping others, and taking risks doing so, 
but the guilty seek the risks to help themselves, and the guilty can't 
help anyone anyhow, they are too busy guaranteeing their own 

     Thus the way to happiness is a true confession.

     We start with:

     "Get the idea of being responsible for your own condition."

     "Tell me about that."


Sun Jul 11 13:32:19 EDT 2010