>     People need to be drilled on this until they can't get it wrong
> any more.

     Never happen, no scientific evidence for consciousness has been
found on Earth.

     People think their eyes are a glass window to the physical

     Therefore they believe that because they see something, it must be

     That is true, what they see is there, but what they see is not the
physical universe, but their conscious rendition of it on the LCD screen
of their GodSoul.

     Just joking about no consciousness found on Earth, I think I saw
some glow in the dark slime mold under my microscope the other night.

     Anyhow, Pat Robertson was walking by and saw a little kid with some
cute kittens to give away.  Pat said oh aren't they beautiful, and the
kid said, you bet and the best thing is they are Christian kittens!

     Pat smiled broadly, and walked on.

     Next day Pat comes by with an friend and tells her to go look at
the kittens.  She oohs and aahs them for a while, and the kid says you
bet, and the best thing is they are atheist kittens.

     Pat, all distorted out of shape, comes over and says, hey yesterday
you said they were Christian kittens.

     The kid says, yes but today their eyes are open.

Sat Jul 17 17:32:36 EDT 2010