07/23/10 Friday 4:37pm EST

      ADORE140 REDUX

     I have deleted the following lines quotes below as I no longer
agree with them.

     We agree that there is a ONE and a MANY, two sides to the same coin
called the GodSoul.

     There is no infinite one I-AM, I-AM is reserved for the many
individual units.  They can however group in an unincarnated state into
a super group mind that can act in unison as if it were a ONE, but it

     The ONE is the substrate underlying all the MANY that allows the
many to communicate and co operate together independently or in unison.
One could call the ONE Source, under the caveate that the One sources
only when the many cast.

     "Source sources when will casts.

     "Sourcers cast Sourcery from Source by casting Pride before
Magnificence." - Adore

     The implication that the actions of the individual I-AM is
orchestrated by the ONE infinite I-AM is wrong, each individual has
independent causal agency, and can exercise it either in the incarnated
state, or in the unincarnated super mind state.  They can however come
to a unanimous decision, and thus all games are based on agreement.

     "An infinite number of infinite minds was beyond the ken of modern
day philosophers."

     Collapsing it all down to one infinite mind, God, destroyed the
sanity of people, philosophy and religion forever more.

     The endless argument over whether we are One that thinks it is
Many, or Many that thinks it is One is resolved through a more quantum
kind of thinking that would claim we are One AND Many, depending on
which side of the two sided coin we are looking at.

     There is no effort to posit bad logic here, logic is the ethics of
language and truth, and rules at all times.

      To claim it doesn't is to claim it does.

     (For example to say that logic IS illogical or DOES NOT apply, is
to assert the validity of logic through use of the word IS and its many
isotopes (does), as logic is merely a description of the nature of IS
and IS NOT gleaned through the nature of our own consciousness which
certainly IS and is not IS NOT.

     The description of IS and IS NOT gleaned through a description of
the nature of our consciousness, *IS* all there is to logic.

      We merely admit to a two function GodSoul, where the One exists to
support the Many, but only the Many are conscious.

      The Many are agency, the One is the underlying ground of agency 
connecting the many together so the can co agency together. :)

>     They feel they are independent of each other, but in the end this
> too is an illusion.  From the higher point of view, one can see that
> all the independent I-AM's are in fact acting in orchestrated unison
> as the one infinite I-AM flows through them.

> and ultimately are orchestrated by the fundamental desires of the infinite
> "I-AM" of which the individual will is a part.


Fri Jul 23 16:38:30 EDT 2010