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Ted Mayett said:
> However, due to these discussions these past months, I'm pleased that
> my dreams sometimes are more vivid, more real you might say.

      Dreams become more 'real' under a number of circumstances.

      0.) Understanding that the waking state is a dream, co shared by
everyone using dream avatars to represent each other's spirit inside the

      1.) Each dream is a lesson in flinch and cringe.

      Learn the lessons, and the next dream lesson in line will start to
appear.  Dreams come in cycles of hells and heavens, solve the hells,
and you get the heavens.  However heavens tend to lead to the next hell.

      Walking through an endlessly beautiful city, eventually leads to
total EnMest of ugly destruction, chaos, garbage, disgusting filth and
pollution for as hopelessly far as the eye can see.

      EnMest means Enturbulated Mest.  Take a city and put it in to a
blender, that's EnMest.

      Finding such beautiful dream cities is like finding a paradise at
the bottom of a very old garbage pail that has NEVER been cleaned.

      Swimming in an endlessly beautiful swimming pool or ocean, leads to
snakes and things with 1000's of teeth that you can't see in the water
nipping at your bones.  Gotta become orientation point and make them
swim elsewhere or in formation with you, but not attack you.  They make
good body guards if you can get it right.

      Its an overlay of engrams, early good times with water, and
prehistoric times of being eaten by unmentionable things living in the

      But dark waters, waters you can't see into, still scare the day
lights out of me.

      Er dream lights...

      2.) Treating other beings in dreams as actual conscious units,
elemental or BT (Body Thetans) though they may be, goes a long ways to
increasing the ARC in the dream which includes R for Reality, which is
agreement that each other is *REAL*.

      Start by talking to or interviewing them, Hey you know we are
dreaming?  Or walk around and say to everyone you pass, Thanks for being
in my dream!

      Asking them what time it is, or what day is ok, but ask them what
year it is, or what planet they are on will get you some odd looks.

      Tell them a joke, see if you can get them to laugh, love or cry.
Pretty soon they will be telling you jokes that will startle you out of
the dream.

      Jesus, that thing was more alive than I am!

      By the time you are running NOTS on the bastards that like to pick
you up by the back of your underpants, and throw you against the wall,
dreams will have become very real.

      You also learn how to pass through walls as an added bonus, again a
lesson in flinch.

      NOTs is New era dianetics for Operating Thetans, it's main use is
to audit disincarnate beings.

      "Who are you, what are you, how many are you?" until friendly or

      Never ask a friendly being their name, it will puddle them, as its
too close to who are you, what are you, how many are you.

      Ask them for their phone number instead, and if you get one
try it out when awake.

      Never look them too deeply in the eyes, or ask them complicated
questions, they fall apart, usually into EnMest, ugly disgusting stuff.

      On the other hand if its a bastard trying to stick its finger up
your ass every time you try to fly into the air, well asking for its
name, rank and serial number is pretty close to NOTS.  No need to
puddle, just get how many they are, and they just start behaving and
smiling again and go away to play nicely with their buddies.

      It's fun to watch them count up on their own, once they 'get it'.

      When they start to mock your auditing efforts by mimicking you
before you can say the command, you know they are real, and you better
count them up into the 100 trillions, because they ain't going to
respond to 2 or 3.  The more number of beings there are in a composite
cluster, the more real they can act and withstand a good conversation.

      And/or be obnoxious and over power you with force.

      I have been passing lessons in my dreams for so long now, that they
have become kind of boring sometimes.  Used to be bugs then babes, then
bugs then babes.  Sometimes interspersed with volcanoes, mega tornadoes,
rising waters, tsunamis, and atomic explosions and unbelievable
earthquakes.  Earthquakes are relatively unique in that they come at you
from everywhere, so you get this sinking feeling you can't run fast
enough in any direction to get away from them.

      Hell I can make the tsunamis rise and fall at will now, its all
fear based.  You see a wave that's a little bit big, then it becomes
bigger and bigger, then each one after that is REALLY big and wiping out
everything, and pretty soon you are holding onto the radio antennas of
sky scrapers hoping the water doesn't wash you away.

      Great fun, once you know you can stop it just by ceasing to worry
about it.  Or perhaps you continue to worry about it just to scare
everyone else in the dream, that's fun too.

      As for the bugs and babes, I learned to make the bugs laugh, or I
would simply relax out completely and not worry about them and be very
still, now they leave me alone, and I learned to not go looking for
babes, I sit down exactly where I am, and they appear out of the aether
and wrap themselves around me.  God I love tits.

      Lesson?  If you fear the bug and try to run away, it will come
after you with all the power and speed and SOLIDITY you fear it has.
You also become solid yourself because if you were not solid you
couldn't be hurt, so your postulate that you can be hurt (by a solidity)
causes you to BECOME SOLID!

      It's all done in the moment, nothing persists from the past,
everything is created in the now and caused to persist by your
consideration in the now about find out what you should DO about it.

      You see this?

      A sane sequence is:   Bug! -> eh, No Bug.

      An insane sequence is: Bug! -> HELP!!! What should I DO about it!

      That's a bit hard on the cult of seriousness, and surely you will
come to disbelieve it over and over again you start to clean
up your case, but don't lose sight of the possibility it is true,
especially when the bugs are closing in.

      It's your bug, how can you run away from it?  If you just relax,
let them crawl and buzz all over you, the bees and electric tarantulas
in particular, they just go away.  I been up to over my head in bugs at
times, like a hurricane of beetles and grasshoppers, I just close my
eyes, and let it happen.  I can feel them hitting my body and and
burying me, but when it's over and I open my eyes, its just an infinite
expanse of bugs, big deal.

      A single cringe and a million stingers are in you in a flash.

      The best dreams are when bees are crawling around in my ear canals,
the buzz gets really loud, and their feet, well its really an experience
that can't be missed.

      As for babes, if you postulate you have to go looking for babes,
you have pre postulated you don't have any.  Which rules?  This is a
hard one, because in dreams babes CAN come out of the wood work, no
matter how dark and rotten and crawling with worms the cellar you are in
is, but in this waking dream, babes have to come from somewhere,
EVERYTHING has to come from somewhere, and you have to BE someplace they
are allowed to go.  They won't just show up in your apartment.

      Unfortunately, in this world babes still hate me, hook, line and
sinker, I guess I am still a bug to them, so when they do find me, they
go running screaming for the thought police.  'Eeek that guy over there
looked at me, the pervert!'

      So dream life can be way happier than this life.

      Used to be girls hated me in dreams too, talk about suicidal
depression, I couldn't get my own mother to love me if my life depended
on it.

      But I learned to scratch their backs, and that warmed them up, and
pretty soon they would sit closer and let me scratch more.

      That was a miracle!  I had learned to turn a total ongoing life
long nightmare into a significant dream heaven.

      That was a major change for me, it was the first time I actually
learned something in a dream that changed the overwhelming depression
about girls in dreams and real life.  I mean it had been a life long
problem of continuous rejection dream after dream after dream.

      Suddenly that was gone.

      Or I would reach out and squeeze a boob and they would throw an
abercrombian fitch, kind of like on, what's that place, oh yeah Earth.

      Then one day I asked one girl in a dream, who was having a horrid
reaction to being copped, why it upset her so, and she said "I don't
want to be aroused".

      Well that had just never occured to me, I had always taken
it personally.

      I said OK, and started to consider them more real as beings than
before.  I started to take particular pains to touch them in non
arousing ways.  Babies touch mothers tits all the time without creating
a sexual frenzy.  It can be done, scientific proof is at hand.

      Ok, so somehow things went from very bad on that subject, to now
girls in dreams get upset if I don't squeeze the boobies, kind of like a
dog that comes up and wants to be pet and you don't.  You know they lie
on their backs spread their legs and say 'Scratch me *HERE*', usually
dead center in the slapping zone.

      However sometimes if one of these girls is too warm to me, I ask
them if they are the Devil.  If they turn into a demon, the answer is
yes :) Lots of succubi and incubi in this lot :)

      And now I can get whole rooms of girls in dreams to take off their
blouses just by issuing the thought.

      "Hey its de-blouse time!"

      If they don't want to, and its a forced kind of thing, it doesn't
work very well, I have to put EFFORT into the thought to make it happen.
If they want to though, or aren't opposed, the lightest thought just
gives them permission and away the shirts go.

      They giggle, they look nervous, then relieved, they look around to
others who are doing it first, its a group reaction kind of thing.  Much
easier to get 100 girls to take their shirts off than one, because once
one does it, its all over.

      Remember that the next time you are in physics class.

      Truth is girls hate covering their boobs, although Earth Girls
rarely will admit it, but then most of them rarely admit much of
anything, as most are demons anyhow :)

      Just joking, but really, scientists think they have found cold
absolute zero in outer space.  They really aren't looking very hard are

      Lesson?  Cold = Hatred born of Sorrow, Fear and Jealousy.

      If that doesn't indicate and open the door to warmth, ask if a

      Demons, through all the triangle teeth, are just giggling inside
from hideous joy.

      But at least it ain't cold!

      But the best dreams are when I am dreaming that I am sleeping, or
lying on a couch listening to a musical I never heard before, or on a
beach just lazying in the sun, because sometimes I get sick of dream
action.  It's exhausting climbing mountains that grow bigger with every
step, or chasing after something, or trying 'to get home'.

      I also hate it to pieces when I am walking along a path and
suddenly it bends up into the sky and back over my head.

      Or when I find that 'outside' actually has a ceiling and walls, and
really I am still inside.

      Trying to get outside while stuck inside can become a major problem
for me.  Sometimes I gotta just chill out and say 'around that corner
will be a door that actually leads out.'

      I also hate these endless cities where every outside is just
another courtyard surrounded by buildings.

      Or when the stairs in a building don't go anywhere, or end up in a
door too small (tight vaginal retentive bitch, mother was).

      But usually I can just wave my hands and the doors grow to proper
sizes, or the hill comes down and is climbable.

      The only real dreams left of the lesson type are the killer lessons
of this life that I don't seem to be able to learn, like the despairing
suffocating harrowing loneliness that I suffered at Cornell and
Hotchkiss, and the utter utter utter purposelessness that I presently
live in.

      There is a psychological term for the utter purposelessness, its
called Suicidal Boredom.

      Much of it is failed crying.

      "Everything is going to die one day, everything is going to leave
me, and I will never see them again."

      That's enough to create a Black V out of any God.

      Black V is one who can't mockup anything in their imagination.

      Since a God creates in the seeing of things, if he 'can't see'
something or someone, of course it won't be there for him, now or

      Mortality is very much a self fulfilling prophecy.
that continues only through continuous failure to spot where
cause is in present time.

      The meatball wants PROOF don't you see that he will live again,
or has lived before, something he can see, touch and bang his head

      But his WANTING it prepostulates he doesn't have it, so
guess what?

      His postulate that he doesn't have proof now must at least be
balanced by another postulate that he WILL find proof.  Not MAY, but
WILL, and WILL only because he SAYS SO!

      Of course the second postulate does not override his first
postulate, but eventually he will get the idea that the REASON WHY he
doesn't have proof is BECAUSE he considers he doesn't have proof and is
looking everywhere else than himself to find cause of proof.

      Once he starts taking cause back from the rest of existence and
starts assigning cause back to himself, well then he can start to have
what he wants.  It's a long road, your mileage WILL vary :)

      He has to let go of all the things he is holding onto in order to
make sure he can stand up, to finally realizing he can stand up alone.

      So each step in that direction is a tentative one that has to
transit from self casting doubt (no way I can do this alone), to well
maybe I can, to of course I can and who the HELL made YOU anyhow!?

      As for me, my last big wall is the suicidal boredom.

      I can sit for HOURS in squirming pain and not be able to have or
create one single interesting thought beyond black ugly nothingness.

      My cats are teaching me to cry (audit last days), and that tends to
blow the hysterical nothingness of my present life for a while.

      Crying will solve any boredom, for sorrow is love.

      But getting to the sorrow can be hard.  (Audit future losses, not
past losses, future first hellos and last goodbyes).

      But its endless, the pit of oblivion and nothingness, that I live

      I used to fear death, now I fear endless life.

      I think this state is the in between lives state I am in, and it
won't resolve on this life time incidents.

      Mortality is a solution to a detested immortality which was a dodge
from eternal beatitude.  I have seen it, know it is there, but I can't
keep it if I get it from drugs, and I haven't been able to get it
without the drugs.  Acid and pot in particular.

      I used to do drugs to solve it, the infinite monotony, using
alcohol, cigarettes, pot, speed, acid, cocaine, antihistamines you name

      Acid showed me I should be where I wanted to be without the drugs,
but being drug free for 15 years trying to get there has been a
herculean feat of failure after failure.

      We are climbing the mountain, but we are not getting to the top.

      And the purposelessness and lack of interest in ANYTHING is really
something else.

      Don't come here, you don't want to be here.  Find another route.

      But I must say the pot and acid in my dreams are out of this world.

      And so is the music.

      And yes, so are the spiders and the boobies...


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