07/29/10 Thursday 4:21pm EST


Homer wrote:
>     No, the only thing we can effect is each other.  But in fact that
> too is an illusion, because if we follow 'each other' up the threads
> towards source, we end up being part of the same causal being, the big
> "I-AM", the High Us from Adore.


      This kind of messy description of things makes me nervous.

      It is not true we are one being, it is not true we are many beings,
it is true we are one thing who has many beings.

      The finger and hand analogy works well in this case.

      The separation of the fingers is not an illusion, they are separate
individual fingers.

      The oneness of the hand is also not an illusion, it is one hand.

      But the seperate fingers DO connect to the one hand in such a way
as to make a whole thing that is both one and many.

      Thus individuality is never lost, but neither is connectedness
between individuals.

      They can act independently, but they can also act in unison or in
covert agreement with each other.

      Covert agreement is when I cause you to be able to cause effects in

      It looks like you are cause of the effects, which you are, but I am
cause of you being able to have access to me to cause effects in.

      Thus if you cause an effect in me, mock something up for me,
we are both 'responsible' for my condition, even though I didn't
have a clue WHAT you were going to mockup for me, or even when.

      Once I say 'have at it', the causal door in then open for you to
mock me up as anything you want any time you want.

      You are repsonsible in that it is your will and mockup.

      I am responsible in that it is me you are mocking up as something,
via my causal permission that you can do so.

      BOTH ARE ACTS OF INDEPENDENT CAUSE between two different beings via
the One that connects them.

      It can be argued that the fingers can not act without drawing power
from the hand, and this may be true.  Thus each finger is an agent of
the One.

      But the One is a multi One, each finger can have its own
independent existence free from influence from any other finger.

      Further, although the finger draws its ability to act from
the hand, it is the FINGER that acts, not the hand.

      Thus "Source Sources only when Will Casts." - Adore

      The fingers form the High US, the hand forms Source, and the
fingers and the hand form the AllThatIs.

Thu Jul 29 16:32:06 EDT 2010