08/02/10 Monday 01:38am EST

Pip  wrote:
     Then this must be a perfect certainty:
     'I am not sure I am certain...' 
     Did I flunk?

Homer wrote:
     "Certainty that certainty is impossible is absurd.  Certainly.

     Therefore certainty certainly exists.

     Uncertainty also exists.

     To doubt this, is to prove it."  -The Proof ca 1973

     Certainty of uncertainy is the first perfect certainty.

     Doubting if you doubt, wondering if you wonder, are all
mind broke.

     So, you answer the question, did you flunk?

     Now answer this one:

     "I am uncertain if I am uncertain."

     Everything you say of the form 'X is true', is saying

     'I am certain X is true.'

     Even if you say 'I am uncertain X is true', that is saying

     'I am certain that I am uncertain that X is true.'

     EVERY STATEMENT assumes an 'I AM CERTAIN' at the beginning of it or
else why bother saying it?

     Many statements also start with an implied 'I think, or I believe,
or I would bet, or It is probable or possible that...'

     But each one of those expressions of doubt all have an implied

     'I am certain that...'

     in front of them too.

     If it doesn't, then the person is just spewing garbage.

     There is no certainty in the absence of direct perception,
and in the absence of direct perception there is no certainty.

     Seeing through the eyes is not direct perception.

     Seeing one's own conscious experiences is.

     We use our consciousness to represent to us the alleged
physical universe, we see our consciousness and not the phyiscal
universe directly.

     We consider that there is nothing to learn of importance
by looking at our conscious experiences directly, the only
thing of import is to learn about what our conscious experiences
represent to us about the phyiscal universe.

     We can not eat a conscious experience, we need to eat
phyiscal universe.

     We can perceive as many apples as we wish in our consciousness,
but only the conscious apple that is connected to a physical apple
is important because we need to eat the physical apple.

     Thus we become experts in what our consciousness represents
to us about the physical universe, but about which we can never
be certain even exists, and totally ignorant of the nature of
our conscious experiences AS CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCES, because
what they represent to us about the physical universe is way
more important than what they are themselves.

     If we fill our world with dreams of apples, we might reach for a
dream apple and eat it, missing the physical apple that someone else
gets who is not so foolish as to confuse himself with images of things
that are not 'causally' connected to the physical object.
     Thus allowing images in our consciousness that do not represent
actual objects in the physical universe in present time becomes
forbidden to us.

     Our entire belief in the physical universe comes from the fact
that we believe our very existence is dependent upon the objects
our consciousness represents to us about the physical universe
in particular food and toilets.

     You can mockup endless numbers of dream apples and eat them
all, each one more delicious and fullfilling than the one before it,
but eventually the raw hunger will mock ITSELF up in your consciousness
and not let you go until you eat an actual physical apple.

     If you try to unmock the raw physical hunger, you will fail.

     Or maybe you won't fail.  What then?

     In the meanwhile, mockups that represent realtime physical objects
are kept separate from mockups of fantasy objects, and the importance of
keeping one's attention on the represented physical object, makes it
almost impossible for people to put their attention on the representor
of that object, namely their conscious experience of it.

     In other words when people try to put their attention on their
conscious experience, it tends to vanish on them, pretending to be
nothing.  The only way they can be conscious is to put their attention
on the alleged physical object VIA their conscious experience, but then
they think they are seeing the physical object and not their conscious

     This mind fuck has Earth in a strangle hold, an entire
population of billions of people who are conscious VIA cold dead

     The represented is more real to them than the representor.

     No wonder zombie movies are so popular.

     If the world is a dream, then the BRAIN is a dream.

     And if the brain doesn't exist, what can we blame ourselves on?

Mon Aug  2 02:06:01 EDT 2010