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     If in fact perfect certainties do not exist, then it follows that
you will never attain a perfect certainty of that fact.

     This forever leaves open the door that perfect certainties might in
fact exist.

     The question then becomes, how do you go about finding such a
thing, and how would you know a perfect certainty if you found one?

     First thing is that a perfect certainty would have to be totally
self sustaining, meaning no further or other data, evidence or
perception would be necessary to support them.

     Second perfect certainties can never be had through indirect
perception which gives rise only to theories comprised of model and

     Indirect perception is defined as learning about A by looking at B,
under the assumption that B's state is a caused function of A's state.

     Third all direct perceptions will give rise to a perfect certainty,
and all perfect certainties will involve a direct perception.

     Direct perception is defined as learning about A by looking at A

     Thus to spot a perfect certainty one would need to spot a direct

     For a conscious unit, all indirect perceptions ultimately terminate
in a direct perception, otherwise the conscious unit would have
perceived nothing.

     Once a direct perception is found, the utter irrelevancy of perfect
certainties to our lives needs to be run out until there is a fair
chosen balance of relevancy between indirect perceptions and direct


     Spot an indirect perception.
     Spot a direct perception.


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