There is now an blog which will receive the 
daily postings sent to homerwsmith-L, including new whitepapers from me. 
It will NOT receive discussion posted to clear-l or a.c.t.

     Not sure the use of the blog, but it might make it easier for some
people to get to the material without having it, end in their e-mail or
through usenet news.

     If you do want the daily postings in your e-mail plus new archived 
white papers from anyone, goto and subscribe 
to the homerwsmith-L mailing list.

     If you are on CLEAR-L or read a.c.t you do not need to do this.
as you will get them anyhow.

     1.) CLEAR-L, anyone can subscribe and post to clear-l which goes to 
a.c.t, and anything posted to a.c.t goes to clear-l EXCEPT robopostings.

     Robopostings from archive -> a.c.t

     Clear-L -> a.c.t

     a.c.t -> Clear-L except robopostings of any kind.

     2.) HOMERWSMITH-L, anyone can subscribe but only I can post to this 
list, it recieves once a day postings from my personal archives, and new 
archived white papers from anyone.  Goes to clear-l and a.c.t.  Does not 
receive postings made directly to a.c.t or clear-l.

     Homer's daily and new archived postings from anyone -> Homerwsmith-L

     Homerwsmith-L -> CLEAR-L -> a.c.t

     Both homerwsmith-L and clear-L can be accessed through


Homer Wilson Smith     The Paths of Lovers    Art Matrix - Lightlink
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Sat Aug  7 14:17:10 EDT 2010