The first question one would have to ask is, does the past exist in
the same sense that the present exists, in other words is the past there
to be 'gone back to' in the first place.

     If so is the 3 year old Homer in Maine back in 1954 another
conscious unit playing the same role as I played, or is it the same me
as I am now, only I don't know it.  (I don't buy this last.)

     Second question is, if the past exists relative to us, then does
the future exist in the same sense, as we are merely IT'S past?

     If the future already exists, then the game is a completely written
loop with no hope of change.

     Again the question comes up, who is that conscious unit who is
being Homer in 2050?

     Anyhow if we accept that the past and the future all exist in the
same sense as the present, and 'we' in the present are merely a wave of
beings filling roles in 2010 that are moving forwards in time to fill
future roles, that are already filled by those ahead of us, it is quite
possible that time travel can exist.

     But since the whole loop is prewritten, there is no hope of
changing anything that has already happened.

     That means that if my present self, when I was back in 1954, didn't
BACK THEM run into a future me, then I can't as a future me go back to
1954 and meet me.

     But if I did run into a future me back in 1954, then I MUST go back
into the past to meet me.

     Thus in this theory there can be causal loops from future to the
past, but they must be consistent and not cause time quakes or self
denying feed back loops.  A common theme of science fiction is that
knowledge of how time travel works is itself injected into the past from
the future.

     Most meatballs consider that only the present actually exists with
conscious units in it, thus the past isn't there to go visit, except
maybe as empty memories sucked out of the akashic records.

     Thus the future does not exist either until we in the present get
up there.

     Some will claim that relativity will allow us to travel into the
future, but this is not what it says.  Special relativity allows us
to make time move faster for everyone else in the sense of aging, but at
the end of the trip everyone is now in the future, never to return to
the past.

     So if I go to Alpha Centuri which is 4 light years away at 99
percent of the speed of light, in my time it may take a few days, but
once I am there, the whole universe will have moved forward by 4 years.
So relativity allows us to waste everyone else's time by speeding it up,
and so is of little use.

     Same thing for surface of black holes, as one crosses or gets near
the horizon, the whole remaining time of the universe passes by while
only minutes pass by for us.

     That just allows us to get to the future faster, not travel around
on the time line at will.

     Traveling into the future by speeding up everone else's death but
not ours, is not what we intended when we said 'time travel'.

     The dreamball theory allows that a wave of beings might travel
through it multiple times, each time changing it as conscious beings
make different decisions based on quantum chance.

     Like an arcade game that is 'pre written' but allows forking of
decisions so that each time it is played, different things happen.

     People who like to believe in MTA, or LTA, multiple times around,
or last time around, tend to come up with incidents very simlar to this
life and this life's past AND future, because the universe doesn't
change that much from time around to time around, but it does change.

     Thus knowing the approximate future this time around results from
knowing the past last time around.


In article  you wrote:
> This article in Science News: 
> http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/61301/title/Taming_time_travel
> describes the Prime Directive with regard to time travel but assumes the 
> "rules" are determined by physical laws.
>> Any theory of time travel has to confront the devastating ?grandfather 
>> paradox,? in which a traveler jumps back in time and kills his 
>> grandfather, which prevents his own existence, which then prevents the 
>> murder in the first place, and so on.
>> One model, put forth in the early 1990s by Oxford physicist David 
>> Deutsch, can allow inconsistencies between the past a traveler 
>> remembers and the past he experiences. So a person could remember 
>> killing his grandfather without ever having done it. ?It has some 
>> weird features that don?t square with what we thought time travel 
>> might work out as,? Lloyd says.
>> In contrast, Lloyd prefers a model of time travel that explicitly 
>> forbids these inconsistencies. This version, posted at arXiv.org, is 
>> called a post-selected model. By going back and outlawing any events 
>> that would later prove paradoxical in the future, this theory gets rid 
>> of the uncomfortable idea that a time traveler could prevent his own 
>> existence. ?In our version of time travel, paradoxical situations are 
>> censored,? Lloyd says.
> However these mechanical directives, as posited, seem to have the 
> "conscious intention" to prevent paradoxes. Certainly the guy who 
> thought this up had this intention - "Hey, here's how you have time 
> travel without paradoxes! Just make it against the law!" Good 
> thinkin'there Dave. He's actually right. Except that the rules that 
> prevent time travel paradoxes, as well as displays of paranormal 
> abilities, are INTELLIGENTLY originated and enforced. Unchecked time 
> travel would completely destroy the present game, as would unchecked 
> super powers. We would have an insanely different game.
> Pip
> Pip wrote:
>>Homer wrote:  8-12-2008
>>>    "Prime directive: Do not demonstrate super normal powers to those
>>>who don't have them unless necessary for the greater good.
>>>    Mere demonstration as evidence that such things exist to a
>>>incredulous crowd will NOT result in the greater good dreamed of.
>>This only hints at the real reason. 
>>We are here as human beings to play a game.  The game contains within it 
>>many levels of games within games.  The greater good means to keep the 
>>games going.  Games have rules.  The rules of the game called Planet 
>>Earth are laid out in the playing field and in the mind.  The playing 
>>field is the specific time-space-energy-matter matrix being explored by 
>>physicists, chemists, biologists etc.   These rules are not meant to be 
>>broken, just as you can't mark or hide cards in poker without 
>>consequenses,  like getting thrown out of the game, or as in many 
>>Westerns, shot dead.  The rules laid out in the mind are in the form of 
>>agreements about being in the game and about playing by the rules, among 
>>others.  These agreements are unconscious and unknown, and this 
>>condition of not knowing the greater reality that is operating here is 
>>also one of the agreements and preconditions which allows  participation 
>>in this shared reality.   But in very complex games there can be many 
>>loopholes and special rules covering special situations.   Ultimately we 
>>are creating the whole show and have confined our "game playing" 
>>viewpoint to identifying as humans and other life forms during this eons 
>>long  multi-lifetime extravaganza.  One of the games we can play within 
>>this game is to wake up from this self imposed dream and escape the 
>>game.  Maybe we do this late in the game, who knows.  Escaping the game 
>>is fine as it does not disrupt the game.  You can even help others 
>>escape the game once you get free yourself.  Since this has been going 
>>on for millennia and in the open, it is not against the rules. 
>>When something that IS against the rules occurs, it is like a fire that 
>>has to be extinguished quickly.  Who does this?  We do; that is, we have 
>>overseers who, by our agreement, enforce the rules.  Basically we are 
>>programmed to be unaware of our innate supreme ability to do ANYTHING, 
>>and unable to utilize this ability even if we suspect we are more than a 
>>fragile body-mind-organism.  While waking up to freedom is OK, waking up 
>>to power over the game and using it is generally NOT.  Just as in the 
>>Matrix movies, everyone in this game is a potential agent of the 
>>enforcers.  When you have billions of gods and goddesses  galavanting in 
>>a huge chaotic costume party things don't always go smoothly.  Tables 
>>get tipped over, fights break out, and various shenanigans and nefarious 
>>or virtuous conspiracies can temporarily escape the all-seeing eye of 
>>Big Brother.   The rules do get broken  - the sick get miraculously 
>>healed, the dead rise, angels lend a hand, objects materialize, 
>>levitate, disappear, cars about to crash go right through each other 
>>like ghosts, and the absolutely impossible happens every single day!  
>>Why don't we hear about it?  We often do - we may even see it with our 
>>own eyes BUT we don't allow ourselves to believe it, we filter what we 
>>experience so what we see fits the rules.  We use the very same 
>>miraculous power to prevent our own game from breaking down.  And when 
>>we CAN'T or DON'T hide the miraculous from ourselves, we join the fringe 
>>group of heretics (lunatics, weirdos, nut cases etc).   And I haven't 
>>even gotten started on the world-wide anti-spiritual propaganda 
>>conspiracy!  We aren't supposed to know.
>>Now the rules seem to have some leeway - if you get up to speed where 
>>you can move a penny with pure intent, have at it - but don't show 
>>anyone else!   People tend to freak out with such demonstrations, which 
>>could actually be dangerous for them or you!  Remember everyone is a 
>>potential enforcement agent.  And if you do demonstrate to others, the 
>>disturbance must be contained - it will not be allowed to spread to 
>>where it could get out of hand.  People who wake up (the Enlightened, 
>>truly One with God people) often have miracles occurring around them in 
>>some quantity and apparently this is allowed to some extent too.   I 
>>don't know exactly what the rules are, but I do have direct experience 
>>with both the consequences  of breaking them and the effects on 
>>witnesses of such paranormal events (including telepathy, precognition, 
>>psychokenesis, and anything the 'specials'  did on the series Heroes).
>>Think about it - if you believe we are powerful spiritual beings then 
>>what is going on and why?   Are we just degraded beings trying to 
>>recover our sovereignty in some 'expansion/contraction of the theta 
>>universe' scenario or is this all by our own design being created from a 
>>place of absolute and eternal sovereignty?   
>>Between the ages of ten and fourteen   I had many interesting abilities 
>>manifest.  They were just things I discovered I could do but I didn't 
>>consider them mine so much as ... well it was like being given a magic 
>>lamp  where the power comes from somewhere else and I just rub the lamp 
>>and asked for something.   I woke up one night and I could feel this 
>>energy all around that connected everything.   I could manipulate it by 
>>moving my hands like you would do if you were at the bottom of a 
>>swimming pool and trying to raise a sunken ball without touching it.    
>>So suddenly there was the ability to levitate objects a few feet off the 
>>ground.  I showed 2 adults separately and their reactions were to flee 
>>the scene and to fall down and go into convulsions respectively.  I 
>>showed two little kids and they had little reaction.  I stopped doing it 
>>for awhile.   One day I decided that I would join a circus and do this 
>>trick to make some money to help my parents so we did't lose our house.  
>>To see if I could still do it I made a pie rise off the kitchen 
>>counter.  No one else was present.  The pie went up about a foot and I 
>>held it there with intention but then it shot up to the ceiling and 
>>disappeared and a voice said very firmly NO!   I got the whole meaning 
>>which was "you know this is against the rules and you are forbidden to 
>>do this in public".  The pie wasn't missed so much as my mom's best pie 
>>pan,which we never found.   I lost my abilities soon after that.
>>I have experienced several other similar interventions by the "powers 
>>that be" which makes it clear to me that the Prime Directive, or the 
>>enforcement of the rules of this game, is quite real.  I don't 
>>understand it anymore than that and my speculations above.  So we can 
>>probably rise to whatever level of clarity and power we want and still 
>>be in the game, but discretion is required.   But few people are on a 
>>real and workable path to either, so for most this caution will be a 
>>moot point. 
>>What I pasted below is also relevant:
>>PS: pardon my com lag
>>>     The term prime directive is taken from the Star Trek series where
>>>the federation had a rule to not interfere in the evolution of evolving
>>>planets no matter what.  When they did, all sorts of bad things
>>>happened, and weird solutions were put in place to fix it, often worse
>>>than if they had left things alone.
>>>     Electra started this stuff on the Prime Directive by saying
>>>essentially, do not demonstrate OT powers to those who do not have them,
>>>especially only to prove to others that they exist or that you have
>>>them.  The consequences she warned were dire.  It seemed to bring the
>>>jackals out in force.  Contempt and ridicule are their cat call.
>>>     The basic theory is that OT power is used to limit OT power, so of
>>>course if we are OT's we are using OT power in present time to not be
>>>OT's, the magic of no magic.
>>>     One imagines that abuse of OT power could lead to limitation of OT
>>>power, and thus one wants to find those moments of abuse, what 'prime
>>>directive' was disobeyed, or even blindly followed, what prime
>>>directive's produced insufferable conflicts, and at what point did one
>>>give up on having a prime directive other than to have no prime
>>>directive or to eventually create the prime directive to have no power
>>>at all!
>>>     Every change in power status, indicates a change in prime
>>>     Thus auditing what one would do if one had powers of various kinds,
>>>is very constructive.  One eventually comes to certainty of power even
>>>if one still can't quite exercise any of it.  At least one chills out
>>>about being in jail.  Then one has the equanimity to look and see and
>>>possibly clean up the mess of power in its own good time.
>>>     Because it deals with power, the prime directive rundown is a
>>>powerful rundown, not to be cast as pearls before swine.
>>>     Know them by their cat calls of contempt and ridicule.
>>>     Homer
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