08/25/10 Wednesday 11:52pm EST

Kalkidas  wrote:
>     As far as I know, the soul descended into matter because of his
>free will.  He became attracted to material nature, desired her
>association, ignored any warnings he may have received, and that was
>sufficient to propel him down.  That this was an error of judgment is
>quite obvious when one compares the misery of material life to the bliss
>of pure spiritual existence.

    I disagree.

     Since he came from a state of bliss, he knew what he was doing, and
desired to play the game of chase that he could never win.

     There is the bliss to no bliss.

     > Therefore, material existence is the consequence of an error in

     No, it was fair chosen..

     He may have DEVISED errors in judgement and then engaged upon them
in order to cement his stay in the material world lest he wake up too
early, the more he can blame, the longer he can stay here.

     The material world and its suffering is HAVINGNESS to the being.

> Since the soul is now trapped by his wrong judgment, he must somehow learn 
> to exercise correct judgment if he is to get out of his predicament.

     Yes, true, wrong judgements keep him here, but this does not deny
that he designed the wrong judgements to do so.

> In that sense, then, material bodies are a chance for the soul to learn 
> something, or more accurately, to remember something he forgot.

     Yes to remember that what he learned that lead him downward was
wrong, and to unlearn it all.

     Native state beings do not carry around with them lessons learned
to make sure they stay in native state.

     Learning lessons is chasing mass to weigh one down.

     For how is one going to 'remember' those lessons "lest it all happen


     High appreciation for ludicrous demise.

     The guy had to invent it all the way down to the bottom.

     "Let's see now, how can I go lower and stay there?"

     The best way he ever designed was the creation of the idea that he
had to struggle to learn lessons which he must never forget to make sure
descending into materiality never happens again.

     Seek the 'must never happen again', and you will find where the
being is most nuts on learning lessons.

Wed Aug 25 23:55:10 EDT 2010