The primary source of strife on this planet in the past and in the
present is 'institutionalized bigotry', either of the form that says
some races are inferior and should thus be enslaved like we had with the
blacks, eradicated like we had with the native indians and Jews, or just
plain suppressed like we have with women.

     Most of these issues have been resolved in present time, the
'civilized world' has pretty much won that game and except for a few
stragglers who don't really stand a chance, the world is well on its way
towards legal equality for all.

     But there is still an area of bigotry that has not been resolved
and which is older than old, and going to be really hard to eradicate.
That is bigotry engendered when a religion teaches that some people go
to hell forever and others go to heaven forever.

     In the first place it is wrong, its like teaching that the earth is
flat, or is the center of the universe, or the only planet with life on
it.  It's just plain wrong.  People get reborn and don't remember, the
reasons for which are still under study and which are very hard to
confront.  Many people would rather go to hell forever *THEMSELVES* than
remember why they don't remember.

     Now some religions teach that only bad people go to hell and good
people go to heaven.  On the surface that seems reasonable, but it is
just as insidious as the rest, for it implies there are people who can
not redeem themselves, and thus relieves the rest of us of the burden of
making sure they do.

     "This dream ends forever when the circle of friends are ALL holding
hands again."

     The idea that some people can not redeem themselves to everyone
else, keeps us comfortably numb in our righteous hate, as long as we
hate the proper people.

     It creates a state of eternal unforgivingness in everyone else that
was harmed by the bad guy, which acts as a yoke around their neck
sinking THEM to the bottom of the spiritual sea.

     This yoke alone will eventually turn any 'good' person into a 'bad'
person just like the one he hasn't forgiven or tried to understand and
help redeem.

     People can only redeem themselves within a supportive context that
allows that they do and in fact insists on it.  Part of that context is
they get as many lifetimes as they can stand to do it in, on an array of
different planets and places to be.

     Eventually everyone comes clean, owns up, and becomes civilized and
worthy of the inward state called 'heaven'.  At that time however they
have also, in the same breath, mastered 'hell', and can hold both in
their hands with equal aplomb.

     That is called enlightenment.

     People actually only end up in 'hell' when they themselves are
trying to send something or someone else to hell forever.  Since it
can't actually be done, they end up in hell themselves, its quite
automatic.  It's like the recoil of a gun, no way around it.

     Eventually they see the folly of their ways and give it up and take
up a more enlightened life.  It might take them 1000 lifetimes though.

     Hell is not some place you go after you die, hell is someplace you
live after you are reborn.  So is heaven.

     Worse though are the religions that teach that deeds do not
determine who goes to heaven or hell, but mere acceptance of ideology,
doctrine or particular prophet, messiah or savior.

     No matter how good the Jew is, if he doesn't accept Christ on his
death bed as his savior, off to hell he goes.

     We call these Cults of Personality or the Cult of the True

     We call them Cults of the 'True Believer', because the fate of a
being after death depends only on what they believe, not on the inherent
goodness or love in their heart, the quality of their lives, or the
repentance we all feel for our sins once we recognize the craziness of
our ways and the ill effects they have had on the Cosmic All.

     Wisdom is contained in 4 words.


     Wisdom comes from recognizing WE HAVE SINNED, not that Christ died
on a Cross, is our Savior, or is the Lord incarnate.

     Wisdom comes from understanding the WAGES of sin, our own
wages that we deliver to ourselves for having sinned.

     Wisdom comes from understanding that salvation is salvation
from those wages, to suffer no more for what we have done.

     Wisdom comes from the understanding that it is OUR GRACE that saves
ourselves, not and never anyone else's.

     Wisdom comes from understanding that no one can die for our sins,
not even ourselves, that we nail ourselves to our own crosses, and that
we choose grace when we are tired of hanging out on one.

     All of these bigoted and very unwise religions are particularly
odious in that they condemn a person to hell FOREVER for the sins of one
life.  That is just hideous, vile, unspeakable and insane, there are no
other words for it, no matter what the miscreant has done, or how bad,
or to how many.

     The people who worry most about other's getting their just desserts
forever and ever, live in the cult of INNOCENT VICTIM, namely themselves.

     The sanest religions are the ones that teach we get born again to
come back and live life in the mess that we made.  It is unfortunate
that we forget what mess it was exactly that we made, but this is part
of the mess that was made, mass amnesia alloyed with delusive religions
of hate and eternal damnation.

     We have all had our hand in the web of lies and suppression that we
live in across millions and millions of years not just on Earth but
elsewhere.  It just has all come home to roost here for us now.

     What each being needs to ask is, 'Why am I reborning again?" and
"Do I want to be reborn again?"

     To the second, most would answer quickly, no way, this place is
terrible, I can't imagine anyone wanting to be here once let alone

     But a little reflection will show that as long as one is being
reborn willingly, with one's own choice, as horrendous as that might
seem, it is highly desirable to be able to come back and continue with
very long term translife time goals.

     Earth is quite a canvas to express one's artistic love on,
especially if one has an unlimited amount of time to do it in, assuming
the religious nutcases don't blow it to Kingdom Come.  Even if they do,
it can be rebuilt, or we can move on to other planets waiting for

     Don't take that glibly, it won't be a happy day if the Earth is

     I trust you have all seen the new version of 'On the Beach'.

     Although in present time it looks like the religious nut cases are
our worst enemy, in fact the incoming asteroids are.  If the retrograde
forces of ignorance and bigotry were in fact to overthrow the forces of
civilization and return Earth to a dark age suitable for 1000 years ago,
they would soon be wiped out totally by one of the many asteroids that
have Earth's name on them.  So there is some Justice operating here.

     "Why did humankind invent the zero?"
     "To better describe themselves, after the Big One hits."
      Zero left."

     If we are being reborn in an ocean of amnesia, one can ask where all
the new beings are coming from, since the population is expanding.  The
Earth is like an intergalatic city, people can and do move around from
lifetime to lifetime.

     Although Earth is an intergalatic 'hotspot' at this time in the
universe's unfolding, it is also an egress terminal for those seeking
enlightenment.  Thus Earth has the very best and very worst of what the
entire universe has to offer in the way of people coming here to be
reborn and the waiting line for bodies is very long.

     And it's not like it is well organized outside the body, it isn't,
things are more like a wild west free for all.  Thus who gets what body
is a real story to tell.

     That many if not most fall into the trap of delusive religions of
hate and eternal damnation is unfortunate, but that chance is part of
what they knew they were buying into when they chose to get born.


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