On Fri, 3 Sep 2010, Thaddeus Slamp wrote:
> 1) You might want to find a way to not make this message sound anti-semitic.

     Anti Semitic?

     Wow, talk about halluincating psychotics.  Well I guess a Jew can
find anti Jewishness in anything, even something utterly unrelated.

     And anyhow since when did anyone elect Jews a protected species?

     I rake the Christians, Jews, Muslims and Nazi's over the coals
continuously.  The Jews are going to beg or threaten out?

     How about the Jews are the biggest bigots in history, they are the
chosen ones and everyone else is the unchosen.  That's WHY they are so

     Proof?  Concentration camps.

     "Yo, you to ze left, you to ze right"

     They are the chosen one's all right.

     Perhaps the ultimate anti semitic comment would be the full
disclosure truth about the Jews.

     We may all be bozos on this bus, but there sure as hell are no
chronic innocent victims.

     And the Jews wear those stupid little targets on their back of
their heads.  I guess if someone is going to take a pot shot at you, you
might as well show them where to shoot.

     "The Jews have left swasticas painted on my door, and the Nazi's
have left flaming crosses on my lawn, I collect both with relish.  The
only ones who left me alone were the Christians, they were SURE I was
going to hell.  But I had made friends with their snake, as I found that
it too was God in carnation." -Adore

     What's the difference between a Jew and a pizza?

     Pizza's don't scream when you put them in the oven.

     What's gooey, green and disgusting and hates Jews?

     A Snotzi.


     "If the Jews keep it up, they gonna become Christians.

     If the Christians keep it up, they gonna become Nazis.

     If the Nazis keep it up, they gonna become Sweet Old Ladies.

     And if the Sweet Old Ladies keep it up they gonna become Jews

     Eventually all become marbles on the thetan plane." - Adore

     Why did the Arabs invent the zero?  So that they could better
understand themselves.

     Actually it turns out the Persians discovered the zero, I guess
they wanted to better understand the Arabs too."

     In present day we use the zero to understand the collective
intelligence of our world leaders.

     Did you know that Christmas celebrates the fact that the majority
of the world is going to hell forever because they do not toe the party
line of the minority?

     Frankly we don't care what race, creed, color, religion or sexual
preference you are presently afflicted with.  You have our condolences.

     "If I have offended anyone by my writings herein, my excuse can
only be High Anti Majesty.

      For the crime of High Anti Majesty, I repent in dust and ashes,
and am behumbled and aghast.

      I beg for the gentle mercy of Imperial Majesty of Grand and
ExCaliper design.

      I am told I get it, if I give it." - Adore


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On Fri, 3 Sep 2010, Thaddeus Slamp wrote:

> 1) You might want to find a way to not make this message sound anti-semitic.
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>>  The I-AM as Creature usually fights the good fight, he first
>> takes the side of the bad guy against the good guy. If he loses, he
>> takes the side of the good guy against the bad guy. As he continues
>> to lose in each role he continues to flip flop back and forth until he
>> is a marble rolling around the drain to hell.
>>  Eventually he becomes a bug eating off the crud stuck to the
>> sides of the pipe that leads from the drain on down. That's where
>> this universe is, stuck in muck on the side of the pipe. The colony
>> of human bug infestation is called civilization.
>>  The I-AM as Creator takes the side of whoever is losing, the
>> Creator is more interested in continuing the play of the game, than in
>> any side winning, which is a loss for the Creator. The Creator is
>> interested in having and playing GAMES, winning or losing the game
>> causes a loss of the game.
>>  The Creator is not good nor bad, the Creator is Divine, its
>> intent is Comedy.
>>  Divine Comedy is the interplay of make wrong between good guy and
>> bad guy.
>>  The Creator is an Artist.
>>  Existence is its canvas.
>>  Good and Bad are its paints.
>>  The Creature IS the Creator in carnation.
>>  Thus Justice reigns at all times, as the Creator has exactly what
>> it created for itself to play in.
>>  Homer